Internship Experience Reflection

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During my discussions with Joanne about the patient-trainer relations, there were boundaries that needed to be placed between patients and trainer to be professional. There were certain times when the patient would get too comfortable with the trainer and they would take one step further to get personal information of the trainer from the internet. It is important to avoid giving out personal information to the patients as it is confidential and we would want to maintain the line of professionalism.

Through observation, the adolescents were more resistant to exercise. With Joanne’s guidance and my observation skills, I acquired the skill to be firm to the adolescents when needed and I’ve learned through my colleagues that exercise should be
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Through these conversations, I discovered how powerful it was for patients to have the opportunity and trust to share their feelings on these important issues, such as their interests, their favourite past time, daily physical activity etc.

One of the most important skills I acquired during my internship experience was developing a reflective practice. By taking time to think about my experiences at the gym, I could formatively assess aspects of my skills that had been going well and think about ways to change things that had not been working for the patients. It was easy to get caught up in the chaos of the patients during exercise sessions, or lack of sleep, or some other uncontrollable variable.

It was an edifying experience to recall what I have done and see how I had developed as an exercise trainer during the past five months. I know I have so much more to learn and I think recording down my experience on a journal will help me maintain best practices I will want to reuse in the future. A close examination of my practice required me (and will allow me in the future) to be
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I feel that I can experience more things working as an intern in an actual working environment as it is far greater than being in a classroom and learning through the internet or worksheets.


This internship experience changed my worries about my capabilities into beliefs about what I can and will do. Over the course of the semester, I went from an unknown outsider to a contributing member of KKH sports medicine. I also developed a keen understanding of how creating community facilitates healthy physical and social growth. Under Joanne’s mentorship, I could test out theories, make mistakes, and learn so much about how to foster a successful exercise session.
My internship experience will continue to have a profound effect on me long after I graduate from Republic polytechnic.
I finished my time at KKH with a better understanding of how I overcome weaknesses and develop my strengths to be the best colleague, Exercise trainer, and person I can

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