Occupational Therapy Skills

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Everyday tasks that are carried out by most people can be taken for granted, including getting dressed or even combing the hair. However, these jobs can become difficult for individuals suffering from mental, social and physical health problems. Occupational therapists can help them get back to having a satisfactory quality of life.
The primary role of an occupational therapist is to provide a service to improve and maintain patient’s skills that will help them with their day to day activities resulting in enhancing their quality of life. They can identify the difficulties and strengths to achieve the set goals while working with various medical conditions, learning disabilities as well as mental health conditions.
The core principles of occupational
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The communication between both sides can also help build up the motivation for the clients that are finding it difficult to make any progress and are getting frustrated and disappointed due to this; this also allows to build up the patients and determination enabling them to adapt to the individual’s needs and personal lifestyle. It is a profession that is centred around helping people with their challenges which show how important and helpful these relationships with the patients, communication and the team work with the professional teams are; this can also be very …show more content…
As well as the professionalism, another quality which can be suggested to be important in this sector is communication, having the sense of humour and being approachable. These assets can help the patients/clients feel comfortable and assist them to ease into the therapy with more trust. Patience was also recognised to be one of the most important qualities required for an occupational therapist. Working with people who have disabilities, illnesses or injuries can be frustrating for the patients themselves as well as the therapist. However, these therapists should use the patient quality to help motivate themselves and the patients as well as to provide the professional and the best quality care that everyone deserves. This ability introduces compassion as the therapist should be a strength for the patients as well as be sensitive to the patient’s needs. It can help earn and improve the trust and respect from the patients and their loved

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