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  • Mutual Funds Advantages And Disadvantages

    Decision is taken by the fund manager so the investor can’t interfere in the decision making process of a fund manager. 4. As lots of scheme are available in the mutual fund so investor faces the problem for finding a best scheme in which he could invest. 5. Dilution of money. 6. Some of the mutual fund managers are not experienced enough to explore all the opportunities in the market. Role of SEBI SEBI stands for Securities and Exchange Boardof India. SEBI Act was passed in 1992. SEBI has been inspecting the stock exchanges every year since…

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  • Sahara India Case Study

    On June 2011, former SEBI member KM Abraham even wrote a whistle-blowing letter to former PM, blaming that the Finance Minister and his advisor were trying to force SEBI chairman to manage high profile cases. When it comes to reality all that matters is financial cost and ethics no longer remains a matter of personal opinion. 80% of the Indian economy relies on corporate sector and has a great contribution to the GDP. Presently India figures the seventh most corrupt country in the world as per…

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  • Corporate Governance Of Tata Motors: Case Study Of Tata Motors

    Independent Directors have confirmed that they meet the ‘independence’ criteria as mentioned under Regulation 16(1) (b) of the SEBI Listing Regulation and Section 149(6) of the Act. All the Directors have made necessary disclosures regarding their directorships as required under Section 184 of the Act and on the Committee positions held by them in other companies. None of the Directors on the Company's Board holds Directorships in more than 20 companies, including 10 public companies and none of…

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  • Unit Trust Of India

    In any case, through expert administration, UTI Mutual Fund recovered its beat at the end of the day and accomplished a blasting market from that point. UTI Mutual Fund is the biggest shared asset administration supplier in India and have resources of around ` 35,028 crore as has been computed in 2006. Unit Trust of India was at first isolated into two expansive divisions in particular UTI Mutual Fund and an ostensible undertaking of the same. Be that as it may, later on UTI Mutual Fund was…

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  • Mutual Fund History

    So as to enhance degree of competitiveness and provide the investors with wider outlets for investments, Dave committee recommended that private sector should also be permitted to sponsor mutual funds through asset management companies. Accordingly, the government permitted entry of private sector in mutual fund business. Mutual Fund Regulations came into being in 1993 and SEBI was empowered to regulate and control all mutual funds except UTI. The first private mutual fund, Kothari Pioneer, was…

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  • The Importance Of Corporate Governance In The Modern Economic Scenario

    In the mid 1990s, the first CGD initiative by CII was taken, it listed all the basic governance disclosure techniques. Mr Bhasin then moves on to the Clause 49 of the listing agreement given by SEBI. The first Clause 49 was introduced in 2000, it talked all the basic Corporate Governance practices, like the committee for audit, addressing of grievances, and the reporting made mandatory. By the late 2002, five broad themes arose on the basis of the revised and improved additions. 1. Independence…

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  • Social Work (Related Work In Progress)

    human behaviour based on the data extracted from user interactions with a social media platform (Facebook). In this study a large group of volunteers (86,220) filled out a questionnaire along with sharing their social media data (Facebook Likes). The study then compares personality judgements made by humans with computer-based judgements, solely derived from these “Likes”. As a result the “computer models need 10, 70, 150, and 300 Likes, respectively, to outperform an average work colleague,…

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  • Internal And External Factors Affecting Pricing Strategy

    price protection systems to link the price of the finished good to the prevailing cost of production • Marketers shift their focus from sales volume to reducing cost and increasing profit margin • Buyers Different types of consumers- individual or corporate can exercise control over the marketer and influence the pricing decision. Nature of buyers and consumer behaviour also affect the consumer behaviour. Large scale buyers have a lot of bargaining power with the company and they can influence…

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  • Global Depositary Receipts Case Study

    with the listing norms of an overseas stock exchange. Secondly is a preliminary meeting with different global investment or merchant bankers before deciding floating a GDR issue. Then is authorization by the broad of directors, organizational meetings for issuer company gives the necessary details about its company, and legal and accounting due diligence on issuer company. After that, the shareholders approve the proposed of GDRs by special resolution passed at the general meeting which valid…

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  • The Statistics Of Directors Attendance In Board Meetings Of SBI And Icici Bank

    governance objectives such as transparency, integrity and accountability. 2. ICICI Bank Ltd has incorporated a conventions of best practices in corporate governance. The corporate governance structure is based on an efficient independent board, whistle blower polity and tab in is den trading. 3. Both SBI and ICICI Bank adhered to the principles of corporate governance by having different persons for positions of CEO and chairman. 4. The positions like independent director, financial expert…

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