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  • First Day Of School Essay

    Wake up; it’s the first day of school. I woke up to my aunt and mom standing at the end of my bed. I thought to myself, wow already in fifth grade, it has come so fast then I opened my eyes when I realized my aunt was talking to me. Why would my aunt be here just for the first day of school? She would never be at my house this early in the morning, especially just to wake me to say happy first day if school. There was something else, but they weren’t telling me what. Then, my mom said Allison your dad was in an accident this morning and being taken to the hospital. At first I felt like I was dreaming still, at least I was hoping it was still a dream. I wasn’t sure how to wrap this around my head, I mean I had just woken up I was still half asleep. Once I sat up and completely woke up they both began to explain to me the details that they were told. Apparently my dad had been riding the night before with his date (my parents were divorced). Something went wrong and they went off the road, it was a while before a group of people went by and found them on the side of the road unconscious. The ambulance was called and they were taken to the hospital where they found that my dad was in a coma with a possible fractured neck. This was all being told to me as I was getting ready for my first day of fifth grade in my mess of a room as I was only 10 years old and didn’t really care much about cleaning. In addition, to what they had told me before they went on about how he will not…

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  • The Importance Of Extending The School Day

    Extending the School Day Americans always seem to be in a rush, getting to work on time, taking their children to school, making it to doctors appointments or simply just running errands on a daily basis, teenagers are always on a rush as well, managing to get to school before the bell rings and trying to get to class on time. The bell rings, barely audible due to all the loud talking, students are not in their seats yet, meandering around the classroom as if they were still out on their lunch…

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  • Extended School Day Essay

    average high school day at the American public school is 6 hours long, there is roughly an hour for each class. While an hour seems to be an adequate amount of time for each lesson it does not account for interruptions, delays, or announcements made in each class. If these delays were counted, then a class would only be 36 minutes averagely; this is not enough time to teach a new lesson and have students understand it fully. The school day should be extended so that a class can have a longer…

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  • The Importance Of The Last Day Of School

    Mrs. Hubbard said that that end of school procedures start about 2 to 3 weeks before the last day of school. The end of year procedures are hard on teachers but not because of exams they have to get ready for standardized tests. The standardized tests in Virginia are called SOL’s. These tests aren’t given at the very end of the year but a couple weeks from the end. This means that all of the content for the year has to be finished earlier. About a week before the last day of school both lesson…

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  • The Importance Of An Extended School Day

    my high school is the lack of extended school day activities to help improve literacy for our struggling students. With our stagnant test results that our school has shown over the last few years on our state standardized tests, we need something in place to help our all of our struggling students reach proficient levels for graduation. There are programs already in our school day designed to improve reading skills. Read 180 program is used on our campus for our truly low level reading…

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  • Virtual School Day Essay

    and people are just starting their day. Well, contrary to a typical snow day, students still have to get up to do schoolwork because school was not canceled, it was transformed in a virtual way. The idea of virtual classrooms taking place when there is too much snow on the ground first became a test trial in Bergen County of New Jersey in 2014. In this case, since it was a trial, Pascack Valley Regional High School planned to try this experiment on a wintery “snow day” in February of the school…

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  • Argumentative Essay On School Day

    The unfortunate truth about the standard school day, is that it fails to appeal to appeal to a more personalized form of education. As a result of this neglect, massive amounts of time, money, and resources. The very attainable solution to this pressing issue, is the formation of an education system that is unique for each student. Whether you are a student, parent, or faculty member, the structure of the standard school system impacts people’s lives in some manner, even if only minimally. This…

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  • Essay On Longer School Days

    “After World War II, the United States had the number one high school graduation rate in the World. Today, we have dropped to number 22 among 27 industrialized nations” (“Statistics- The Education Crisis”). Society’s technology is advancing faster than American people can keep up with. (2-3 sentences leading up to) Even though people think education would consume time for family and extracurricular activities, intelligent individuals would develop better career choices, a better rounded country…

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  • Big Day At School Essay

    The night before the big day to go to school, I was in my room in my green bed, laying down and staring at the walls and everyone else was in their room or in the living room watching TV. That nigh is really hot and it was raining outside with really loud and there were thunders outside. That day I could not go to sleep because I was thinking about how my school would look like. If I would like my classmates and if I would make any friends that I could understand and if they would understand…

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  • My First Day Of School

    She was 9 years old and it was her first day of school. Her family had just moved into America this summer. Her family moved in here for better education and more opportunities. Unfortunately, her father had died of heart attack two months before they moved to America. Her family moved in with her mom sister until her mom finds a job and house. Her aunt registered her for public school and even dropped her off for the first day. She was very nervous how the teachers and her classmates will be.…

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