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  • Do Children Who Bully Their Peers Have Play Violent Video Games?

    Bully Their Peers Also Play Violent Video Games? A Canadian National Study." Journal Of School Violence 12.4 (2013): 297-318. Education Source. Web. 27 Oct. 2016. Video games provide a variety of experiences for people of all ages. Games can be played on various platforms including the computer, hand held games, and gaming consoles. Children and adolescence can be exposed to violent content through video games and it may affect the way they behave. Playing violent video games regularly can increase

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  • The Removal And Mitigation Of Recess

    human beings, we are made to move and explore. These actions are not only ways to navigate our environment, but also ways of communication and education. They give us, as human beings, simple scenarios and incredibly complex situations, simultaneously, to observe, learn from and talk about amongst ourselves. These aspects of the human experience are also vital to our connection to our planet. Without movement, we are crippled and are trapped within our own walls. Without adventure, we confine ourselves

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  • Graduation Speech : Mandatory Recess At Risk

    child, I remember recess being my favorite part of the day. It was a time to relax from schoolwork, socialize, and play with friends. As a child I could not imagine a day without it. However, the world of education is changing. With the pressure on schools to raise their standardized test scores, more and more schools are reallocating time in the school day to meet these academic concerns; hence, putting recess at risk. Despite these concerns, it is important for children to have recess in their daily

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  • The Rules, Premise, And Game Play : How Does It Function As An Economic Model?

    Part 1: Description of the Rules/Premise/Game Play (How Does it Function as an Economic Model) (Describe how the game’s rules, premise, and game play can be understood from an economic perspective.) Settlers of Catan is a trading game in which players build capital and harvest resources. The game functions as a closed economy, in which opportunity costs, price of a good, and access to a good are

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  • The Article ' Our Football Story ' Should We Let Our Son Play Tackle Football '

    The article “Our Football Story: Should We Let Our Son Play Tackle Football” is written by Michael Lupton. Lupton writes about the growing issue of parents believing that football is too dangerous for their children to participate in. Lupton believes that parents should definitely allow their children to participate in tackle football, and uses research to prove it. The research is unbiased and published by medical professionals. Research shows that youth tackle football simply isn’t as dangerous

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  • Recess Back Into The Curriculum Of Schools

    further concretes the idea of bringing recess back into the curriculum of schools because students can benefit a very significant amount from a break, and from a bit of exercise. Recess promotes good behavior during classes and more attentiveness. Classes after a good recess program have less disruption (London et al. 58). This means that a lot more can be learned in the classes after recess, when children are a bit more energetic due to recess. Without recess, about half-way through the school day

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  • Video Games Effect On Aggression And Violent Behavior

    The controversial issue concerning whether or not video games have an effect on aggression and violent behavior has become more challenging with time. Initially, no identifiable negative behavior was found in individual who played video games. But after shootings and murders carried out by video game players emerged, research began (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). The concern over the influence of video games led to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board in 1993, after lawmakers held

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  • The Game Of The Varsity Basketball Game

    my mind is to get ready for the “important” game coming up right after this one. My coach thought if I played the first part of the junior varsity basketball game, I would be better prepared for the varsity game to follow—the game that really counted; I agreed. I thought to myself, “I’ll play a quarter or two, get used to the hoops and court, then rest and prepare.” The game started, and as a starting varsity player, I was expected to dominate the JV game. I strutted up and down the court like I was

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  • The Game Of A Football Game

    One by one we all marched off the bus and walked to the bench while mentally preparing ourselves for the game that was about to be played. I sat down on the grass next to the bench and began to put on my socks and shinguards. It was a beautiful, sunny, and hot day. I wouldn’t have normally minded but playing in a soccer game while it’s hot isn’t the most fun thing in the world. This was my first time playing in a varsity game and of course it just so happened to be the district finals game. Since it

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  • Video Games And Violent Games

    In 2014 there was a popular game named “Flappy Birds” this was created by “Dong Ngugen”. This game entails 50,000 per day however this game was taken down due to addiction. Dong Nguyen said “I can’t take it anymore my life is not as comfortable as before and I am loosing my sleep over this game”. Not only did this affect him but others also due to addiction so many serious incidents occurred. Resulting from this game a 17 years old boy stabbed his brother 17 times in the chest because he had a higher

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  • Why We Need Violent Video Games

    Introduction: In the article “Why We Need Violent Video Games”, the author, Ethan Gilsdorf, states his opinion that violent games help people with negative emotion to express and abreact, and also a safe way to release people’s fighting instinct. However, the author does not provide enough supporting evidence to persuade readers that violent games are safe and harmless outlet. Summary: In “Why we Need violent Video Games”, Ethan Gilsdorf starts with a murder case in Sandy Hook Elementary School

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  • Video Game : Video Games

    Blog 19 – LeoVegas puts classic slot games back under the spotlight These days it seems that most online casinos only concern themselves with the modern approach to online slot game play. Flashy, sizzling, and usually featuring video game like graphics, it really isn’t a shock to see that these games simply command attention. However, while these games are certainly deserving of the plaudits, a thought must be spared for the format that came before. Before there were video slots there was (and still

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  • Summer Vacation : A Period Of Extended Recess

    In essence, summer is a period of extended recess for children to relax and engage in their self interests. Over the course of a school year, kids are forced to learn about material that does not address their passions. Summer vacation provides students with a broad range of experiences that allows them to explore activities that they would never encounter in a classroom setting. While school is in session, children are given limited time to partake in tasks such as sports, art, drama, socializing

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  • The Game Of The Basketball Games

    This game was one of the biggest basketball games of the season. The gym was packed with people. We were playing Royal High School, like us they were 3-0 in conference at the time. A win would set us on top with a one game lead in the conference race. We knew that it was going to be tough because they were a fairly good team, that had a couple really good players. Yes those two players were good, but they didn’t always play clean and fair, as we knew from playing them the season before. We were still

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  • The Tale Of A Boy And His Friends And The Game They Play Together

    Let me tell you about Homestuck “Homestuck; The tale of a boy and his friends and the game they play together.” Is the official summary of the webcomic Homestuck as said by its creator, Andrew Hussie. Just this explanation of the comic, while accurate is barely enough information for a new reader. The comic consisting of now over 9,000 pages, has intense plots, multiple climaxes and over 165 characters. In Homestuck one is able to empathize with fictional characters, fall in love with stories,

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  • Keeping Recess in Schools Essay

    considering, if not already applying, the removal of recess for elementary school students. Having recess has scientifically proven to play a substantial part in the social development of a child, their physical health, and the amount of attention they pay in the classroom. For example the Tennessee Board of Education says, "It is the position of the NASPE that all elementary school children should be provided with at least one daily period of recess of at least 20 minutes on length" (National Association

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  • The Game Of The Games

    the game of the season the game we had all been working hard to play and win, we had made it to the finals in regionals, win one more game and we are going to state. I put on my uniform and headed to the softball fields, nervous but ready to play. It was a home game, home games were always the best because everyone came to watch. We started warming up for the game, our first thing we did was throw the ball back and forth for a while, after that we got a little bit of hitting practice. Then we had

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  • We Must Be An Act Of Kindness

    it as if God sent his only son to us not only to die for our sins, but to serve us. We should not only repay God for that, but also all his creations. For every human, animal, and piece of nature deserves respect and kindness from all of us. If we all just did a small act of kindness daily our world would be so much better. Something as simple as holding the door for someone could make their day better. When we receive an act of kindness from someone it should become a chain reaction. If that

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  • ‘Theatre Should Be About the Way We Live Now, Not the Way We Used to Live’. Discuss This Statement, in the Light of the Production You Have Seen, to Show Your Understanding of How You Think the Impact of the Play Has

    The performance we saw of Romeo and Juliet directed by Rob Salmon was designed to appeal to a contemporary audience; attempting to show characters that one would expect to see in the local area, a key example of this could be costume worn by Lady Capulet. Throughout the performance Lady Capulet was wearing clothes which could be considered some what provocative, with a very bold leopard print, a statement in society that is often considered to be ‘wild’ and suggestive of being sexually available

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  • Baseball Is The Game That We Know As America 's National Past Time

    TITLE Baseball, the game that we know as America’s national past time, is a game that started out as a recreational activity between friends and neighbors and grew into the professional sports league we know today as Major League Baseball. It is believed that the game of baseball was created out of two British games that that were played by the early colonists, Cricket and Rounders (Fischer 5). Cricket was a game played with a flat bat, ball and two wickets. The game was played on a rectangular

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  • Observation Report of a Child at Elementary School Recess Essay

    Observation Report of A Child At Elementary School Recess This observation is of a 10 year old male child during his lunch recess at an elementary school located in the South Bay area. The student participates in a day treatment program for children with emotional/social difficulties. The length of this observation was approximately forty five minutes. For the purpose of confidentiality this student will be referred to as John. In the first section of this observational analysis a brief

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  • Impact of Recess on Classroom Behavior Essay

    Impact of Recess on Classroom Behavior When comparing the amount of time American children spend at ‘recess’ during the school day, you will see, that it is considerably less than the amount of time given by other countries. Japanese schools typically have a 10-20 min recess period between 45-min lessons or 5-min breaks between lessons, with a long play period after lunch. In Taiwan, schools typically have many recess periods during the day; children are also given 5-6 min of transition

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  • Video Game Addiction: Do we need a Video Gamers Anonymous? Essay

    Video Game Addiction: Do we need a Video Gamers Anonymous? Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighter are familiar names to nearly all of us. They are all best selling games of major video game consoles. Over 9.8 billion dollars were spent on video games in the United States during 2001 alone, and video game consoles are present in 36 million homes in the United States (1). With the increasing amount of time that people are spending on video games, one is left to wonder if

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  • We Spent More Time For Football Games

    cheering on our football team. Looking back, it seems like we spent more time getting ready for football games than we did for the prom. Our faces caked with blue and gold paint, pom-poms in hand, and three layers of socks to protect our toes from the chilly Wisconsin wind—we were ready for the game. The crowd belted loud chants, jeered the refs, and roared as the final buzzer sounded. Well… almost all the games went like this, until the one game in particular changed my life forever. Friday, September

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  • The Game Of The Ball Game

    Our daily wiffle ball game was about to start. There was a wiffle ball game every evening behind the apartment complex I lived in. The game was played in a luscious green grass field with a monstrous hill in left field. The usual squad was myself, Ricky, Justin, Michael, Jonathon, Latrell, and occasionally Greg but his parents usually make him stay inside and play monopoly or some other dumb board game. Our teams were always different from the last game. This time I was teamed up with Ricky and

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  • The Games And Sports Games

    today. Game Selection FanDuel provides a solid selection of daily fantasy baseball game types for to enter. You can choose from: Tournaments - (also known as GPPs or Guaranteed Prize Pools) these games offer large payouts for the top finishers Leagues - these games vary from 3-100 players with varying prize pools depending on the number of entries. You can also create your own league to invite friends to play against or challenge players from across the country. Head to Heads - Play against a

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  • Why Do We Watch The Big Game?

    Why Do We Watch the Big Game? Every year millions of people worldwide gather around their television sets on the first sunday of February to watch the two best football teams clash on the biggest stage. The event has become an unofficial-holiday in modern american-society. Friends and family come together on this day to watch the big game. Super Bowl parties are now an annual event, where there is food, friends, and of course football. Almost every single American participates in this annual festivity

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  • The Physical Game Play Impact The Player 's Bodies The Dark Lights And Misty Fog On Game

    Over many years of great athletes in the NFL,there have been many of questions of how severe or how the physical game play impact the player’s bodies the shiny lights and misty fog on game days what are you truly left with headaches on top of confusion bouts of rage and depression are somethings a few of the NFL retired players when the lights are off and the skies are clear retirees are left with many unanswered question that they don’t have A journal released by John J. Medina PhD. published

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  • Baseball Play : A League Of Their Own, The Perfect Game, And 42

    differences present. The term ideology is also associated with politics and its platforms. In the films: A League of Their Own, The Perfect Game, and 42, different types of beliefs and cultures are examined and emphasized. Essentially everything is ideological. Filmmakers use the sport of baseball perfectly to convey their message to the audience. Baseball plays a major role in the American culture, as it is a national pastime. The effective use of baseball is due to the fact that it resonates deeply

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  • Essay about Recess Games

    Recess Games Better safe than sorry. An expression Americans are exposed to and familiar with, especially parental figures. Adults who are new to the parenting game live by this guideline. A parent or guardian’s sole concern is the safety of their children. Their actions will probably be based on texts read or on first-hand experience, but instinctually, parents will play the safety game. It is this instinct and concern for young students’ safety that is causing school districts across the nation

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  • Analysis Of Ender 's Game Plays A Major Part Of The Novel 's Plot

    Buggers in Ender’s Game plays a major part of the novel’s plot. The characters, setting and plot revolve around the ploy to develop children to become soldiers to kill the buggers when they attack. The paranoia is what makes the story revolve around a child named Ender Wiggin, who was allowed to survive because he was the perfect combination of his siblings, Peter and Valentine. Ender’s balanced personality is what will make him the perfect commander to kill off the buggers. What if the buggers

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  • We Eat, Sleep, And Breathe The Game Of Football

    In America we eat, sleep, and breathe the game of football. Embedded in our minds at a young age most kids begin playing football competitively, for fun, or simply just watching the game as early as 4 years old. Football is a game that brings people and families closer in America and puts smiles on their faces. For example every thanksgiving there is a NFL football game played every single year. Where tons of families across the country gather around eat great food and watch grown men’s bodies get

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  • Should Recess Be Incorporated Into Every Child 's School Day?

    nationwide have cut recess" (120). Millner also exclaims that, "Prisoners get more time out on the yard than the fourth-graders at my kid 's school" (119). Recess seems to be an activity of the past as schools move toward a more work based curriculum for young elementary school students. Students should feel like students not prisoners; therefore, it is important that recess be incorporated into every child 's school day. Despite the need for more academic learning time, recess should still be a valued

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  • The White Family Plays A Dangerous Game With Risks

    The White family plays a dangerous game with risks that result in deadly consequences. The suspense is created when the White family, Mr.White, Mrs.White, and their son, Herbert, sit in their secluded home awaiting a guest on a dark and stormy night. The guest arrives, his name is Sergeant Major Morris and he brings stories of his travels in India and also that he has a special gift; a monkey 's paw which is able to grant three wishes to its owner. The man no longer wishes to possess this item so

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  • Is Where We Live A Play By The State Theatre Company And Is Written By Vivienne Walshe

    This is Where We Live is a play by the State Theatre company and is written by Vivienne Walshe. It follows the stories of Chris and Chloe, two teenagers stuck in a remote rural town in Australia. This essay will discuss the themes, issues and characters from the play and how it reflects Australian Society as well as having personal connections to myself. The issues in the text were pressure from family as Chris’s dad is putting pressure on him to do well in school and in life. For example, Chris’s

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  • Video Games : A Violent Game

    2015 HomeComposing ProcessSummary/ AnalysisCritical Thinking EssayBibliography Violent Video Games In the 1960s, video games were introduced into the fast paced world of which people live in. For the most part, people would say this is a good thing. As society has taken on many changes, the gaming world has also. Some of those changes have not been the best of changes. I can remember when a video game served as much needed babysitters for many of the families that had both parents working all the

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  • Not Less And Less Time For Play By Peter Gray

    In the article entitled, “Give childhood back to children: if we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less”, Peter Gray writes about how children nowadays are getting less and less time for play. He writes about how detrimental this lack of freedom is for future generations and their ability to be well-adjusted, moral, and creative adults. In gray’s article, he also describes the increase of depression and anxiety in children. The article

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  • Video Games : A Video Game

    Dejmal English 102 November 30, 2014 Violent Video Games Almost every kid has played a video game throughout their lifetime. For some playing video games give them a thrill, others it is a way of learning. Video games are a huge debate in the political and scientific world. With violent video games there are ongoing studies to see if it really causes kids to be violent. With the amount of violence in the games today it is easy to get caught up in the game and see themselves as characters in it. Parents

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  • Video Game : The Game Industry

    The computer game industry is getting bigger everyday with people buying new video game consoles everyday all around the world. The video game industry began back in 1971 with the release of arcade games such as Pac-man and Pong. People began to get addicted to arcade games and would spend long periods of time playing them in the arcade. People would spend so long playing arcade games because they were easy and enjoyable to play. The first commercially successful video game was Pong, it sold over

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  • Ethics And Technology Do Come Into Play When We Start Talking About The Universities

    Ethics and technology do come into play when we start talking about the Universities. Today we live in an age of change brought about by very quickly emerging technology. People throughout history have had to deal with the consequences of technological advancements. It is important that we make good choices to minimize negative social, environmental, and economic impacts of careless enjoyment of technology. Regardless of how well intended, innovation and development of new technology have an ethical

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  • How Player Behaviors Change Due For Prior Performances, Practice Drills, Game Play, And Tournament Competition

    study will examine a youth girls’ soccer team as they learn basic skills and teamwork through practice drills, game play, and tournament competition. 2. Situation A. The focus of the paper will be 10-year old girls from low, medium, and high skill levels. There are various levels of motivation throughout each player, but as the season progresses, so does motivation within the them. B. We will target behaviors of players who are highly motivated and those behaviors of player who appear not to be motivated

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  • Does The X Or Y Chromosome Really Determine What Role We Will Play?

    Does the X or Y chromosome really determine what role we will play in society? Are women only on this earth to be the caregivers to their husbands and children. Not so long ago, women’s role in society was mainly just that, woman took care of the home, and family. Men’s role was to be the bread winner, then would come home to a serving wife. Crystal Eastman, discusses in her essay, “Now We Can Begin,” that women are more than just being a caregiver, and Eastman called for the social gap between woman

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  • The Effects Of School Recess On A Child 's Life?

    School Recess on a Child’s Life? Daily school recess can have both a positive and negative impact on a child’s life. Depending upon the way school recess is designed for instance; if the time allotted for recess is adequate and if it is not removed completely from the school environment due to a wide range of factors, will constitute for what type of influence school recess will have on a child. Teachers, principals, parents, doctors, and child advocates all approach the concept of recess by regarding

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  • The Play Of The Game

    It Takes a Team Down. Set. Hike! The first play of the game is underway, and it ends with a loud crack from the collision of two players. You can smell the Vermont autumn air. It’s cool, but the turf below our feet is warm. We’re on defense first, and ready to make statement. But it won’t be made on this drive, the next play the running back goes up the middle and he’s gone. Second play of the game. Touchdown Burlington, and their home crowd explodes. Our coaches keep telling us to stay focused

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  • Video Games : A Video Game

    September we got told about our I.B. project and were given some example ideas. None of them seemed appealing to me, and I thought about what to do, I had so many ideas of what to do and found the one that best suited me which was to create a video game and have people play it around the world. I knew video games from the back of my mind so to create my very own video game and have people play it would be outstanding. Although it did have a flaw, I had no experience in making video games. I had a

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  • Kids Should Play Video Games

    Kids Should Play Video Games Nowadays, Technology is one of the most important resources that humans are using in their daily life. Since computers were invented people have found the most useful purpose for themselves. From personal computers that help people to do their assignments everywhere to small consoles that allow people to play video games. Thanks to those amazing inventions today kids can enjoy and learn from something that old generations could not, which is huge advantage. However,

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  • Video Game Addiction : Raising Your Hand If You Play Video Games

    Video Game Addiction Raise your hand if you play video games. A little history on video games is that video games first came out in homes in 1972, according to the book Before the Crash: Early Video Game History (Wolf, 2012). I think many of us are aware of video game addictions but may not think much of it. Video game addictions are a serious problem with many consequences. Video games, especially in college, can be a break from your classes or just something fun to do in your free time. Limiting

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  • Video Games And Its Impact On The Game

    experiences. Without the changes in video games to adjust to the times, I doubt they would be as popular as they are today. To draw more and more people to video games, many changes had to be made to the way they are played, and the graphics. The games themselves have changed from cartridges to discs to cloud-based storage of the games. In addition to the games being changed, the ability to save game data on a certain device, rather than on the game itself has been a major change in the industry

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  • A Critique Of Why We Need Violent Video Games

    October 2016 A Critique of “Why We Need Violent Video Games” Video games have undergone an amazing evolution in terms of development and game play. The first video game was a simple one similar to Pong. Modern video games are elaborate and have three dimensional graphics, complex story-lines, and impressive soundtracks. They offer a multitude of options for game play. Depending on a persons viewpoint, it is either fortunate or unfortunate that some video games are violent even graphically so. People

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  • Why Do They Play The Games And What Effects Does This Activity Have On Them And Their Community?

    a week playing online games. Why do they play the games and what effects does this activity have on them and their community? One of the major benefits of playing an online game is the community and the friendships developed. When a player first loads an online game, he or she starts talking with the other players. After a while, the players get to know each other and they form a supportive community just like communities are formed on other teams. Last year I started to play “League of Legends [which]

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