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  • The Removal And Mitigation Of Recess

    human beings, we are made to move and explore. These actions are not only ways to navigate our environment, but also ways of communication and education. They give us, as human beings, simple scenarios and incredibly complex situations, simultaneously, to observe, learn from and talk about amongst ourselves. These aspects of the human experience are also vital to our connection to our planet. Without movement, we are crippled and are trapped within our own walls. Without adventure, we confine ourselves

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  • Keeping Recess in Schools Essay

    considering, if not already applying, the removal of recess for elementary school students. Having recess has scientifically proven to play a substantial part in the social development of a child, their physical health, and the amount of attention they pay in the classroom. For example the Tennessee Board of Education says, "It is the position of the NASPE that all elementary school children should be provided with at least one daily period of recess of at least 20 minutes on length" (National Association

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  • The Effects Of School Recess On A Child 's Life?

    School Recess on a Child’s Life? Daily school recess can have both a positive and negative impact on a child’s life. Depending upon the way school recess is designed for instance; if the time allotted for recess is adequate and if it is not removed completely from the school environment due to a wide range of factors, will constitute for what type of influence school recess will have on a child. Teachers, principals, parents, doctors, and child advocates all approach the concept of recess by regarding

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  • Recess Back Into The Curriculum Of Schools

    further concretes the idea of bringing recess back into the curriculum of schools because students can benefit a very significant amount from a break, and from a bit of exercise. Recess promotes good behavior during classes and more attentiveness. Classes after a good recess program have less disruption (London et al. 58). This means that a lot more can be learned in the classes after recess, when children are a bit more energetic due to recess. Without recess, about half-way through the school day

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  • Physical Education Budget Cuts

    Physical activity has shown a decline in the education system starting from elementary school through high school affecting recess, physical education, and after school sports. Not only are the children affected likely to have an increased amount of health problems, but the learning process resulting from the children's inactivity is also being affected. Accompanying the lowered levels of physical activity children are involved in, the pressure of the academic acceleration expectations by their peers

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  • The Day Of School At Maple Syrup Elementary

    7 The bell rang for recess and all of the kids ran outside to play the games they loved to play. Patty Pancake watched with excitement as Bailey Bagel and Barry Biscuit played tether ball. Page 8 Patty waited and waited hoping to join in and play a game she too loved to play. But Bailey Bagel and Barry Biscuit would not let her play. This made Patty Pancake very sad. Page 9 Patty Pancake watched Ken the Kountry Potato, CeCe Cereal, Eric the Egg and Huckleberry Ham play four square. She waited

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  • The Evolution Of The ' Cool ' Kid '

    his school work. I remember the days of recess being some of the most fun I’ve had at school. All of the days outside seemed to roll into one. It felt somewhere between a warm summer day and a crisp autumn noon. There were dew drops on the grass that all had just about evaporated into the baby blue sky. The sun was shining bright overhead, with the occasional puffy white cloud to cover it every so often. The only thing wrong with recess some days were when we happened to be on the smaller of the two

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  • How Does Play Affect Our Lives?

    was about play, stating how a person needs play in their life to have creativity. Today in the United States we have the lowest grades in math reading and science, we are last in health care, we have the worst businesses and the US has the saddest and most depressed people in the world. The video talked about how the people of the US is handicapping themselves due to lack of creativity in their lives, we are more focused on being serious and what others think of us rather than what we think of ourselves

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  • Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem

    older. Childhood obesity has increased highly over the generations. In my opinion there are three causes for this problem which include, not enough physical activity at home or in schools, food habits, and genetic. Before we can talk about the causes of childhood obesity we must know what obesity is. Obesity is when you have too much body fat for your height and weight. Too much body fat especially around your heart can cause life threatening effects if not reduce. Doctors check their patients

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  • Revenge As A Revenge Tragedy Of Shakespeare 's ' The Merchant Of Venice '

    Revenge in Hamlet In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare once said, “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” (BrainyQuote). When he says this he is talking about how it is natural for people to bleed when they are pricked, to laugh when they are tickled, and to die when they are poisoned. In the last part of this quote, he also says that it is natural for people to seek revenge when

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Tips Of Bullying In My Middle School

    me because of what I wore or because I wore glasses. In sixth grade, we had a reformist for a homeroom teacher. Ms. P was as hard as you can get for a teacher especially when it came to giving us schoolwork. There were a few instances when she smiled, but none are memorable. She was definitely a good teacher just strict as if she was in law enforcement. LOL. She gave us project after project to do. Every week or two, we had a project or book report to do. I'd spent countless hours in the evenings

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  • Analysis Of Lev Vygotsky 's ' The Work ' Of Children ' (n.d.), “play is often called the ‘work’ of children”. There is a plethora of things that children learn from play. First, play provides growth in all developmental domains. This developmental growth includes cognitive, emotional, physical, and social domains (“The Importance of Play,” (n.d.). Cognitive development includes language skills and combining different ideas to create new ones (Sohn, 2015; “The Importance of Play,” n.d.). Emotionally, play can provide children with

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  • Early Childhood Education Past and Present Essay

    have influenced present ideas and practices related to early childhood education, we must first decide where we would like to begin. I will start with the ideas of Aristotle, because I believe his ideas on “mimesis” or imitations are evident in the evolution of early education, and will always be an integral part of effective learning. Once we understand that children learn and practice what they see in others, we begin to realize the need for dedication and devotion from parents and teachers. Aristotle

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Friendship ShouldnT Be Hard

    told us it was time for recess and all of us kids ran outside to play soccer or swing or just run around doing everything there was to do. I walked out and plopped myself down onto the curb and waited for my friend. As I waited my other friends were asking if I wanted to come play with them but I turned them down and patiently waited. When she finally came out for recess we only had ten minutes left of recess. We ran over to the last open tire swing and hoped on. While we swang she would say mean

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  • The Instrument Of Slavery For The Spirit

    I used to play a game when I was in fourth grade that served as a study guide to a test that worked like this: Two students would stand in front of the classroom, listen for the teacher to ask a question, and try to write the answer faster than the other person on the whiteboard. Each time you beat your classmate in speed or knowledge counted as a point. The person with the most points was allowed to leave to recess early while the students who showed signs of struggle during this game were made

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  • Video Games Effect On Aggression And Violent Behavior

    The controversial issue concerning whether or not video games have an effect on aggression and violent behavior has become more challenging with time. Initially, no identifiable negative behavior was found in individual who played video games. But after shootings and murders carried out by video game players emerged, research began (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). The concern over the influence of video games led to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board in 1993, after lawmakers held

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  • A Toddler Lacks Proper Social Skills

    A toddler lacks proper social skills. A child screams and fusses uncontrollably until handed his mother’s IPhone. A teen gets hit by a car walking through a street texting. Two boys obsessed with a video game kill 12 students in a high school shooting. These are not the only cases; many of today’s tragic events derive from a lack of social understanding of others, which is learned at a young age. Our childhoods are a critical time and serve as the foundation for the rest of our lives. Recent technologies

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  • Narrative Essay About Baby Hippos

    gotten out of the cafeteria after eating a delicious hamburger with ketchup and chips when all my friends got the idea to play tag. “Guys how about we play on the swings, there’s no one there.” I said trying to convince my friends to play something less physical since I had just finished eating a hefty lunch. “No come on, let's play tag we can play on the swings tomorrow, we did what you wanted to do yesterday, besides it's not like those old crusty swings are going anywhere, they will be here tomorrow

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  • Essay on Association Football and Davies Middle School

    year and a half and I love it. We work together not only as a team but like a family through our losses and wins. All we have done is improve. They have helped me become a better soccer player and we have become an excellent team with my optimism and teamwork. Another activity that I am involved with in school is S.W.A.T or Students Working to Advance Technology. We work together to come up with new ways to inform our student body about the events going on at Davies. We are always helping each other

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  • Family Is The Most Influential Socializing Agent

    that plays a key role in youth today would be popular culture and the media. Media is been pushed children at such a young age. “Increasingly, advertisers are targeting children as early as possible” (Benokraitis, p.73). Growing up my parents didn’t really let my siblings and I watch much TV or play on electronics. If we asked to watch TV, my mom would tell us to just read a book or something, which at the time seemed unfair, but now I appreciate what she did because I really enjoy reading. We weren’t

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  • How Play Is Crucial For Stress Relief, Social Interactions, And Overall Mental

    Play is a common activity performed for enjoyment rather than practicality. It has been observed in humans and animals alike. Children seem to enjoy and partake in play more often than adults. Through experiments and observation, psychologists have learned that play is crucial for stress relief, social interactions, and overall mental well-being. Examples can range from games of tag, LEGOs, video games, and the use of imagination to weave games. Play evolves as we age, turning from racing toy cars

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  • Narrative Essay : The Means Of A Woman In My Life

    what their last name was. At recess none of the girls would associate with me considering I always spent the majority of the time playing sports. For example, during recess one of my close friend’s boyfriend and I were playing basketball together and it had started an assortment of drama. Through out grade school, I was the tomboy. For instance, I never wanted to dress up or do my hair. Everyday I would wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I always wanted to play sports with the boys. Finally

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  • Brynn's Dream Analysis

    Do you think you could help me and practice with me”, Brynn suggested to Sydney. “ Yeah of course but since when did you actually want to play. I mean you ask all of these questions about basketball but you never mentioned anything about you playing”, Sydney told Brynn. “Well I have always wanted to play I just never got around to actually trying to play.” So Sydney told Brynn they could meet up at her house because she has a basketball hoop in her backyard. Brynn went back home and told her

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  • World War II : An Invisible Enemy

    time for recess and I decided to show off my football talent of launching that baked pig skin as far as I could without any effort at all. I had a great arm that was a God given talent that was passed down from my Pa. My father practiced with me all summer long since 6th grade meant I could try out for football and try to walk in his footsteps as the town football star. I decided to start up a quick game of football and I made sure I designated myself as QB among the boys. As we began our game all the

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  • Transitions Are An Integral Part Of The Classroom Procedures

    the times during the day when children move or change from one activity to another. These actives could include entering in the classroom, moving to different centers, going to lunch or recess and even going home. Transition times have to be planned carefully and implemented early, because by minimizing transition, we can then maximize the time children spend engaging in developmentally appropriate actives. The transition times that I observed where going to the bathroom, and changing actives in a third

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  • Why I Should Grade 8

    you 're truly going to like grade 8 because you go to a live sports game in Toronto. You do that in grade 7 too, still the game that you watch in grade 7 is a level lower than the actual professionals that obtain millions of dollars. This year we 're going to see the professionals play. This is excellent because if you love sports and know a lot about the sport you are going to love who is playing the game and who is watching the game with you which is your friends. Another thing is you get to hand

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    Monday through Friday you would be able to find Garth, Gavin, Grey, and I squeezed into Gavin 's Blue Ford F150. We were usually jamming out to some rock song with the volume turned up way too loud. Besides the drive to and from school kindergarten was filled with a series of events. This was the year I had my first kiss. It was truly romantic, it was behind the sandbox during the last recess of the day. Needless to say, Miss. Hortness was not impressed. First grade was the year I had to transition

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  • My First Day Of My Fifth Grade Year

    Brittney. We were together every day from the time we met in fifth grade. Every recess period I could guarantee I would be seen with her on the blacktop playing four square or playing kickball out in the field. Mia had her two other friends, too, who I did not know very well at this point either. Although I had been avoiding them for a couple weeks, one day I had the urge to make some new friends, be brave, and say, “Hi! Wanna play the snake game with us?” Snake was a horrible game where we would make

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  • Notes On ' Kill A Mockingbird '

    it was time for dinner. As we were out and about I noticed how his left arm was slightly crooked and looked a little funny when he was standing up. When he was about thirteen he broke his arm at the elbow, but he was not concerned about it much as long as he could still play football. Thinking about when he broke his arm brings me back to how we got into this town of Maycomb anyway. My father, we call him Atticus, is a successful lawyer in our town and is the reason we are living in the more wealthy

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  • My First Field Experience At Hope College

    Elementary school on Thursday at 8:00 in the morning nerves started to build. I told the secretary that I was a freshman at Hope and was here for my field experience with Mrs. Vogelzang. She kindly brought me to her classroom but when we arrived she wasn’t there. Low and behold we look left out of the classroom and there she was, Mrs. Vogelzang. She knew instantly that I was there for field experience. She welcomed me with open arms into her classroom. She told me a little about the kids and how wonderful

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  • My Childhood - Original Writing

    inside the house because I was eager to go back outside to play games with my friends, eager to share my day with them. Unlike other girls in my elementary school who had a girl friend groups, I grew up with mostly boys my age in my neighborhood and we’ve been best friends as far as I can remember. Since I spent most of my childhood around boys, I wasn’t interested in playing with barbies and dolls. Rather, during school recesses, we would play tag, basketball and soccer, which excites me way more

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  • The Importance Of Creativity Throughout Middle School And High School

    grow up and that they are to be ready for what life throws at them in high school. Their creativity is smashed right into the ground. Throughout middle school, along with high school, the teachers seem to be more worried about how we look to the state rather than how we are doing in school. They just want us to test well for the state tests as a substitute to broadening students’ creativity. Students have another thing coming once they are in college. They are told to think outside the box and to

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  • Football Forever Has Changed My Life

    during recess in elementary school was one of my favorite highlights of my life so far. We would pick teams and I would never go first, but I’d always be closer to the front if not in the middle of the picks. This was not a big deal to me as a child, but as I grew up later in life I always wanted to be that kid that was known as the “Number one Pick”, the person everyone would fight for first and that was what drove me to play rec football in middle school. In Rec we would be able to play different

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  • Video Games : Video Game

    Video Games Video games. You know, the games you like to play on your phone, or on your tablet. Those little games that you find almost no enjoyment playing, but just because you have to wait for the bus for another five minutes you open it up. Wither it is “Angry Birds” or “Trump Dump”, you have most likely played a video game. There are a million topics in the world to write about, but I have chosen to talk about video games. Why? Because I believe that in-between presidential debates and football

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  • One Beat At A Time

    great and was excited about being at school and getting to spend time with her friends. “Ba bum, ba bum, ba bum” her heart continued to thump along. She always looked forward to recess time when her and her best friend Kaylea would do gymnastic tricks on the playground. “Ding! Ding!” Finally, it was time for recess. Alix and Kaylea rushed outside to their regular meeting place. “Hey Kaylea, look what I learned how to do last night” stated Alix as she did a cartwheel with one hand. “Wow, that’s

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  • Child Study - Educational Observation of Development of a 5th Grader

    he has many challenges related to his ADHD, he displays an aptitude for math, enjoys reading, loves computers and is full of random facts that he adores to contribute. His general health seems fine however we have noticed that he spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom on occasion. We suspect that he may have digestion/constipation issues, however this is unclear and only speculation, as his younger sister is known to have these issues. He is on ADHD medication and takes that daily. He chooses

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  • Childhood Obesity Is Increasing Year Of Year

    generation of children in which their parents are expected to live longer (Jackson, R. 2012). This is a trend we must work together to reverse. If we don’t, we could see one third of children developing diabetes in their life (learn the facts, n.d.). That being said, in order to begin the process of reversing the trend of childhood obesity, we need to look at the population affected, what we already know, where are the gaps, as well as the possible solutions. Population Affected Obesity in children

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  • Elementary Schools Should Overt Focus On Teaching Respect And Morality

    Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s beliefs vary in some other aspects, it is clear that during elementary grades, students start to make sense of what is good or bad, follow rules, respect authority, and act in accordance with appropriate social norms. Therefore, if we want our students to fully develop their character in order to become responsible citizens and to avoid contributing to social problems in the future; respect, morality, and other related principles should be taught as early as elementary grades. These

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  • Lesson Plan

    entrenched. H – Hug yourself. Prevent stress and burnout by focusing each day on what you are accomplishing and not just on what is frustrating. To help you implement the TEACH guideline, we have put together the next section that elaborates, clarifies, and expands on these five essential principles. We have divided them into three segments: • The Needs of All the Students – The essentials for every student in every classroom Link to this section • The Needs of More Challenging Students

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  • The Union Of The Civil War

    had a majority in Congress, I was baffled. It reminded me of days in elementary school, when we played football during recess. When picking teams, there were always those stubborn kids that wouldn’t want to play for a team that picked them. You agreed to play, knowing we would draft teams, yet some would only play if they got on the right team. The southern states acted as a fourth grade boy at recess. They enter the election, and if the democrat wins, all is good. If the republican candidate

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  • Mickey Mantle Essay

    not hit him. His Dad was one that taught him how to switchhit. His dad and grandpa always got some games going after school with some of Mickey's friends (Falkner 22).The people who taught him how to play the game were his father and grandfather. He practiced with them for at least 2 hours a day (Falkner 23). Mickey played sports and games whenever he could. He just could not stay away from the game of baseball. The one sport that Mickey did not want anything to do with was swimming. The reason why

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  • Theme 1 : Ladson-Billing's White Teachers / Diverse Classroom

    connecting with your students on a personal level outside of the classroom. As in, showing compassion outside of academics and making sure that the concern in your students is genuine rather than using a position of power against them. It’s important that we remember that teaching occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Any moments and interactions that are shared between us and our students are opportunities to provide knowledge on a subject they may be curious about. Ladson-Billings discusses

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  • Sports And Its Impact On Sports

    66% of boys and 52% of girls play organized sport in the united states ( Families in the American society place a significant value on sports and many of their lives revolve around it. From attending professional sports games to a child’s little league practice, it is so important that it cannot be missed. My view on sports is very similar to the functionalist point of view. I place a high value on the concept of competition, achievement, fair play, and individualism. The roots

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  • Elementary School Graduation Speech

    have left many of us still trying to catch our breath. As we looked forward to all the challenges that lay ahead of us, it did appear a little daunting at times - a huge mountain that lay ahead of us to climb. But my, what a wonderful year it has been. A year of challenges met, mountains climbed and summits conquered! To our young Ladies and Gentlemen seated in front of us tonight listening to our elementary school graduation speech - we are immeasurably proud of each and everyone of you. There

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  • Personal Narrative : Being A Teacher

    horrible this day would be. I would have to deal with screaming, bratty kids all day and I was not prepared. My daughter on the other hand, was very excited that I would be joining her in school. So my daughter and I got ourselves ready for school. Once we arrived at the school I noticed how happy most of the children were to be at school but, then again some of the children cried. I was hoping the crying children were not in my daughter’s class, thankfully they were not. Once I walked into the class

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  • My Field Experience At A Public Elementary School

    where I work. I chose to observe two first grade students who are in the same class. One of these students, Zachary, is a seven year old boy who has been identified as “mentally retarded”; however according to Kirk, Gallagher, & Coleman (2015), “today we use the term intellectually and developmentally delayed”. The other student, Joel, is also a seven year old boy who has been identified as being developmentally delayed. During the course of my field experience, Joel was officially labeled as being

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  • Nature vs. Nurture: Parental Promotion of A False Dichotomy Essay

    socialization. Scientists realize there are significant roles of both nature and nurture in personality; however, nurture’s role in adolescent development of gender is the concern of this paper. As parents, we want our children to succeed and have opportunities that we may not have been privy to. In order to do so, we often want our children to live normal and fulfilling lives that conform to society. This leads us to the question: as a heterosexual parent, how (1) 2 am I imparting the false dichotomy of

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  • Personal Experience With Physical Disabilities

    Throughout this semester we have read many readings from the ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, to more modern ones like Descartes, and onto current era philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty and Gayle Salamon. One that I particularly took a liking to was Gayle Salamon. While we read many readings on phenomenology and differences in people, I was most able to connect with what Gayle Salamon wrote. I have personal experience with physical disabilities in which her topic is. Although my

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  • Physical Fitness And Its Effects

    when the American school system deemed that more academic hours were more important than recess breaks and physical education classes. Children at a young age became sedentary while at school and that usually followed them home as school homework took precedence after school. Home video game systems were also a negative cause for people becoming sedentary for hours as it took no physical energy to play these games; the gamer diet wasn’t nutritional, usually consisting of fast-food, unhealthy snacks

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  • Essay On Falling A Little Short

    signed me up to play for a boys baseball team. It might have been weird that I was a young girl who played third base, but it was even weirder that I excelled. Ever since then my father has claimed that playing on that team with a bunch of boys made me into the athlete that I later became. After my season with the baseball team I began playing for a traveling softball team from Latta, Oklahoma. Not much was different about the games, but I remember being completely appalled by the game of softball.

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