The Influence Of Recess Games And Egocentrism

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When younger kids play recess games like tag, infected tag, and so on helps kids cognitively and physically . Cognitively it can teach them empathy and not to be egocentric. Physically it helps them improve their gross and fine motor skills. Recess is the time for kids to get active and play with each other and explore one’s boundaries. It may seem like kids are just playing tag with their friends but it’s more than that it can teach the kids not to be egocentric. Egocentrism is thinking only for oneself, this part of Jean Piaget’s preoperational theory. Where kids start to learn symbolic thinking. Like thinking about others and how they feel about certain things. So for say while you are playing tag at recess you push down a kid. Do you laugh at him or apologize. At the beginning of this stage you lake the frontal lobe development to think about how you would if you were in the situation. So that is how recess can help teach kids empathy and not to be egocentric. …show more content…
All of these recess games help kids improve their gross and fine motor skills drastically. When you playing a competitive game like tag or four square the objective is to win. So to win you need the best motor skills like running, jumping, and throwing. The only way to improve your motor skills is to play and be competitive with other kids during recess. But if there wasn’t any recess for the kids to get out and play their motor skills would not be good. That is why we need recess for the kids to play and compete to improve their motor skills and be able to run. Recess also helps kids stay in shape and prevents obesity in young

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