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B. Competitor Profile – Excalibur Fun, Monroe, LA
Some of the major competitors of an indoor playground would be similar indoor recreational facilities which provide entertainment to the same target market ( age group of 7 - 15 ). Some good examples would be indoor facilities like skating, bowling, or entertainment facilities with different kinds of games for kids. ( A. Mullik ) A major factor of such a firm to be a major competitor would be cost effectiveness. Some large amusement parks like the DisneyWorld, or the Six Flags wouldn't make the cut because even though they are famous brands, and these facilities are a kid's "dream come true", yet they are expensive, not available in every city, and not an entertainment facility where parents
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Excalibur is the very epitome of affordable entertainment for kids. Its target market is almost the same as that of an indoor playground. Indoor skating and bowling attract adults as well, but Excalibur is mostly for teenagers or kids - the same target market as that of an indoor playground. Excalibur has many features that makes it so much attractive to kids. One of the most exciting feature of Excalibur is the Lazer tag. Kids can compete by themselves or in a group. Lazer guns are provided with vests and the vest lights up when shot. The battle zone is filled with Neon type ballistic polymers which is even more enhanced by the fog machine. Many types of games are available like the one which one group has to take over the other groups home base station. Scores are announced after a game, and the winner is awarded tickets which can redeem gifts. Another super fun feature for kids, at Excalibur, is Go-Karting. There are three tracks for the whole family to enjoy. The main track has single cars as well as double cars for two kids. There is also a side track for kids who haven't reached the height of 54". Kids also can ride in the mini tracks and electric cars. There are different cars with different colors and features which add to the fun of Go Karting at Excalibur. Another fun game available at Excalibur is the "Climb the castle". This one is for teenagers. In this game, a 24 foot castle …show more content…
Many schools offer sports to children but many kids not be comfortable playing in a competitive level. Plus, the younger generation today has their own way of entertainment - PlayStation, XBox, and Internet. Even though these new technological advances might have their own advantages but yet they are also addictive and unhealthy. ( Brown, S. L., Nobiling, B. D., Teufel, J., & Birch, D. A. )An indoor playground might be an answer to these problems which provide best of both worlds - parents can see their kids getting part of activities that would bolster their health and social skills and kids get their entertainment plus chance to meet new people and make new friends and improving their social life. The target market of an indoor playground is huge - all the teenagers and toddlers of the city. There is a huge opportunity for profit and growth if such a business venture is planned and executed properly. Since indoor playground can be the answer to so many parents' headache that their kids are not socializing or are being stuck in their homes playing PlayStation or chatting on Facebook, the potential of growth can be immense. The advertising of the company would be done through television and social media - two of the most important technology that kids spend most of their time on. (SZEKELY,

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