Reflective Essay About Myself As An English Writer

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Writing has always been a part of my life that I have both fond and not so good memories about it. Starting in the early years of elementary school, I can remember teachers emphasizing us to be creative in our writings so that they would stand out from the others in the classroom. Some people may think that writing is just to get through an assignment and on to the next one; however, it has always had a way of enveloping me into the writing process since high school. Throughout my English classes in high school, I grew from being an average writer, to feeling like I was excelling at my work. The process that I went through was possible because of the English teachers that I was fortunate to have my later years in high school. Through my high school days, my teachers really encouraged me along the way to become a more confident writer after getting tore down. Making the transition from middle school to high school is a big change in itself. I was ready to take on English classes with all that I had because English was by far my favorite subject throughout school. As I walked into English class, I felt like it would be an alright course. The year continued on and the teacher of my freshman English course kind of dulled my passion for writing. For example, I would have a question about a writing we were doing at the …show more content…
My senior English teacher really motivated me and gave me the confidence back that I desperately needed in my writing. Writing became natural to me again and I felt like it prepared me for what to expect at the college level. My teacher would always tell me how great my writing was and also give corrective criticism to help me improve along the way. Starting to enjoy the assignments and writing again really helped the words flow when I would begin a new paper. Without my teacher’s help, I would not be as confident in my writing headed into

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