Reflective Essay: Why I Hate Writing

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“Oh my gosh! I hate this! I don 't want to do this!” The screaming thought that always came through my mind when my teachers told me to we had a writing assignment. I especially hated it when they would give it a back grade after hard work and stressing it. They all would tell me it had a good potential but that it was not up to their standards. I needed to work on grammar, my wording, and what not. I really hated it. I know it was to make me a better writer but I did not feel like it was helping. I thought I would not make it through high school.
However, I did not always hate writing. When I first learned to write my name I was so proud and happy. Then of course when I got to school there they’d teach us to make sentences. It was fun because
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This will be some good times; classes will be great different teachers unlike the mean fifth grade one. English class was my first class and every Monday and Friday we had to do a writing assignment that was at least one paragraph. Although they weren’t for grades I still got very hard criticism. She would tell me that it had potential but I had so many errors. I would get so irritated and frustrated especially because I would try to get help after school. My mom bought me a grammar book to help me. Yes, I got a little better but still not enough. My grades no longer slipped. I would maintain a B. However, I knew I could do a lot …show more content…
I fell in love with writing all over again. I won’t lie, my grammar is still not perfect but at least I have a better understanding of the rules. At first I thought it was to hold back how we wanted to write but it was to help make the paper more understanding; for it to be more polished. I really do thank my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Bubp, for her help. Instead of struggling so much through high school writing like I did in middle school, it was actually so much easier. The ways to be able to brain storm idea and then organizing them helps when having to write research or reports. For example I thought I was going to have a hard time writing this paper itself. I had no idea what I was going to write. But once I started it just came and I flew with it. I write so many poems now because of my eighth grade English teacher. I am able to write what I think and believe, not for just myself but for writing assignments. I honestly thank my eighth grade

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