Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing

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During high school, I have learned and improve my writing each year. I was able to apply everything I learn in my writing, in each assignment I was able to notice a growth not only in my writing but also the way I elaborate my ideas. Throughout high school I was able to write different types of assignments that show my improvement and progress in my writing. When I started high school, I did not have a lot of knowledge about how to improve my writing. One of the writing assignments I had to make during freshman year was a creative essay. When I review my assignment I notice that I had a good idea, but I was not able to explain it. I was just writing facts instead of also adding evidence to support each idea. During freshman year I had …show more content…
I have less grammar errors, and I am able to do a well structure and organize essays. During this year I had to do a lot of essays not only for my English class but also for my college 's applications. Doing college’s essays were complicated because I had to do a lot of them in a short amount time. I never had done an essay for a college before, so I wanted to make sure I did the best I could. When I started my essays I had a lot of problems of explaining my ideas because the questions for the essays were not that specific, so I had to be more creative with my writing. When I did my essay I try to focus on how the questions relates to my personal qualities and take a specific angle. I also try to be honest with the information that I wrote in my essay so it can be more personal. The experience of writing my college essays really helps me because I was able to write a good personal essay and see a different side of my writing abilities. In my 12th grade English class I had to write a social issue research paper, and I had to choose my own topic. I wrote about granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. For this essay I knew I had to research a lot about my topic and find a lot of facts that supported my opinion, For me it was hard to find resources that had enough information for me to use and that it was valid. For this paper I effort myself to write a very informative and well

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