Cultural Differences Essay

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  • Cultural Similarities And Differences

    Despite our cultures being continent apart, there are similarities and differences on how communication works in our cultures. The goal of the assignment is for two students of different background to interview each other and learn what is alike and distinct between their cultures. Leslie Leanos is the person that I interviewed for this essay. She is from a Mexican-American background while my background is Vietnamese. We came up with five questions and recorded our answers on the document. We then analyzed the responses and evaluate them based upon what we have learn in the course. The essays consists of my analysis of the similarities and differences of the responses of Leslie and me. Body Paragraphs Leslie and I share similar attributes.…

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  • Cultural Differences In City Street

    Like each place in the United Kingdom, City street in Cardiff is the place it is today because of the differences which identify it. I am going to take a look at some of these differences, for example, homeless, ethnicity, and disability and talk about how these influence individuals live on City street. I will begin by talking about the homeless and how that effects on the group, then to ethnicity and disability. One difference in City street is John Arthur's story in Connecting Lives (The…

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  • Cultural Differences In China

    Culture The word culture has many different meanings. For some it refers to an appreciation of good literature, music, art, and food. The role of cultural awareness is being aware of many cultural data which is devoted to one country. As we know, each country has its own culture, customs and traditions, stereotypes, gestures and like these. In some written papers, we can see the truth which the culture was waken up in the east and the western people learn the culture from the east, therefore we…

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  • Cultural Differences In The Toraja People

    Concerning the Toraja people of Sulawesi, Indonesia and the resentment the grew toward tourist when it came to altering ceremonies to attract tourist, Scollon and Scollon present the reasons for the resentment in the form of four cultural differences. These differences are ideology, socialization, discourse, and face systems. These four cultural differences served as motivation and explanation for the rejection of tourism by the Toraja people. Scollon and Scollon describe ideology as the groups…

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  • Cultural Identity Differences

    Individuals should always take cultural identities into consideration and how identities can pose significant differences from culture to culture. Understanding different identities such as styles of communication and values is essential, especially when communicating with other individuals of an intercultural nature. Given the diversity of language, values, and practices in the world, it is important for individuals to first grasp what the person’s communication and values entail, as…

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  • Hofstede Cultural Differences

    3. The Cultural Differences Between China and America From the Perspective of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions 3.1 The Power-Distance(PDI)Reflected in The Joy Luck Club PDI is used to indicate the degree of acceptance of people in a culture for inequality in the distribution of power. In general, Asia has a higher PDI, the usual reaction of Chinese for inequality is to endure, to obey the authority, and they are educated to obey their parents. While Western countries have a lower PDI, they have…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Cultural Relativism And Morality

    1) Benedict think that morality is when you decide something is right with approval of society and it is something that people in one place create their own culture. Subjectivism is when morality is accepted depending on what each individual think is right or wrong and conventionalism is that morality is accepted based on what society this is right or wrong. She is auguring for the latter. 2) according to Pojaman the different between culture relativism and ethical relativism is…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Culture And Society

    Anthropologists have been trying to theorize the difference between culture and society since the founding days of the field. While doing this, patterns have arisen in both the differences and similarities of the two concepts, as well as their relationship to technology. Through a thorough reading of the Wolf and Keesing articles there exists fundamental differences between culture and society. As Keesing states “Cultures are a system of shared ideas. Thus, culture can be referred to as an…

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  • Cultural Differences In Rudy Puana

    What is cultural differences? Cultural differences is the way they do things, look/appearance or the way they dress, and their personality or they way they are and what they do to make their character to come out. What is the book called? What is it about? Who is the main character? Red-headed hawaiian and the main character is Rudy Puana and this book is about him having red hair but a full blooded hawaiian it also talks about how Rudy grew up as a kid,teen,and young adult and how he goes…

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  • Cultural Differences In HR Practices

    Culture and the understanding and respect for individual and/or group behaviors and attitudes must be a consideration when approaching HR practices such as motivation, recruitment, employee-employer communications, and performance and reward systems. Organizational cross-cultural competency, or the ability for employees to understand their own culture as it relates to other cultures to successfully reconcile differences, is a key challenge to HR practices. As the world gets smaller and cultural…

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