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  • Museum Observation

    The world sees museums as a place to go to be entertained or to learn about something. One of the world’s most popular museum resides in the upper west side of New York City. Aside from it being a tourist spot, it’s also one of the biggest museums and holds a huge collection of artifacts varying from different times of history. An approximation of the amount of artifacts is, “8 million, but many curators will privately admit that this is most likely a guess.” (Preston, :176). What people don’t know about this museum is the actual history of those artifacts shown on display. To a typical visitor those small trinkets of stuff behind glass is nothing really significant, but to the culture it belonged to those things could mean much more. In this…

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  • Art Museum Essay

    The San Jose Museum of Art mission states that it“reflects the diversity of cultures and innovative spirit of the silicone valley through exhibatition programs scholarships and collection”. I checked the validity of this statement by meandering through recent exhibits list on the art museums website. I came across multiple exhibits that showcased the diversity in the Silicone valley. Thre Photography and Inherited History of India, which showcased from beginning of Febuary to the beginning of…

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  • The Museum As Context Analysis

    The publication “The Museum as Context” by Amy Tucker analyzes the environment of the museum and how culture and context is changed depending on the environment art is presented in. The purpose of art exhibitions is to show the audience an organized presentation of particular art pieces. The question raised in this chapter is whether the organization of the presentation is precise to represent each piece of work and does this representation distort the meaning of a piece. There are many ways art…

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  • Museum Of Photography: The Role Of The Museum

    The role of Museum There are serval reasons that why people visit the museum. First, museums make people feels good. Not only there are lots of things that people can go and discover it, but also they can have a truly memorable experience with lots of happiness because they enjoy the time that they spent at the museum. Even though people do not like or interest in art or history, they can still find something that will grab their attention. For example, the museum usually has “interactive”…

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  • Cleveland Museum Analysis

    The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913, and after many years of planning and construction the museum officially opened in 1916. Industrialists Hinman B. Hurlbut, John Huntington, and Horace Kelley bequeathed money for the construction and to sustain the art museum. The endowment left over one hundred years ago still continues to support the museum today. By examining the mission statement of the museum, we can better determine if the museum delivers on the mission’s promises . Mission…

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  • Museums As Learning Environments

    Museums as Learning Environments Museums serve as learning environments by providing information about specific subjects through exhibits. People visit museums to learn and experience new information. Every museum is focused on a particular subject, whether that is natural science, history, or culture. One visits a museum based on what one wants to learn about. If a particular person is very interested in the history of Native American’s then he/she will seek out a museum that provides…

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  • Smithsonian Museum Construction

    Smithsonian museum is one of the world’s largest and diverse collections of American Indian. Smithsonian museum is located in Fourth Street & Independence Ave., S.W. Washington, D.C 20560. The architecture of museum is curvilinear. The museum designed in collaboration with tribes and communities from across the hemisphere. The architecture design process beginning in the early 1990s, the National Museum of the American Indian opened dialogues with Native communities and individuals across the…

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  • Sistine Chapel Museum

    Like Crarys description of the stereoscope, which, according to him, its a better representation of the modern period of photography. This reflects the scientifically based idea that an optical experience is based as much on the body as it is on the machine. So in other words I can say that the museum is the machine that makes up move and see things in one particular way, but what if instead of us moving across the machine, the machine moves around us. Spaces that change, works of art with out…

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  • Museum Of Coastal Carolina

    The Museum of Coastal Carolina The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. A man by the name of Stuart Ingram had a vision of sharing his knowledge of the nature and science of the coast of North Carolina. Mr. Ingram turned that into a reality and in May of 1991, the Museum of Coastal Carolina was opened to the public. The organization added a planetarium, a separate museum from the Coastal Carolina museum, focusing on aspects of the earth and the universe…

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  • Denver Children's Museum Analysis

    Denver Children’s Museum. The Denver Children’s Museum (at Marsico) houses over 20 hands-on exhibits for children and their families to engage in. The museum’s philosophy encompasses the importance of creating an environment where both children and [their] adults learn through the use of play (Brenkert, 2012). Some exhibits include, but are not limited to: Art Studio (includes paint, crayons, clay, etc.), Teaching Kitchen (cooking), Kinetics! (motion and gravity), Village of Healthy Smiles…

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