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  • 9/11 Descriptive Writing

    displayed on 9/11. To bring across the message writing styles such as descriptive sentences, diction, pathos, and ethos are used. Initially, descriptive sentences were used to develop Burke’s piece. Descriptive sentences include immense detail to help develop the piece. One example of descriptive is “Now injured and bloodied, the four office workers climbed out from beneath the debris”. This excerpt displays descriptiveness with “Now injured and bloodied” it makes it so the audience can picture four adults battered, bruised, and cut up climbing towards safety. One can picture ruble and a mess of clutter around them as they “climbed out from beneath the debris”. To illustrate, descriptive writing is “breathing dust, they gazed about in the pitch of darkness”. With this, the audience can picture someone gasping for air reaching around helplessly trying to feel for a way out in the darkness. Due to the author’s use of descriptive writing, the audience is…

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  • Descriptive Writing: The Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

    By: Eastlyn Koons After re-reading all of the previous stories, I picked the story that had what I thought, the best examples of descriptive writing. Putting all these thoughts in account, I chose“The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst. All throughout the story, there is so much description. The first page is a great example. I do not have enough space to put down the whole entire first page but I can give examples. Examples such as, “The flower garden is prim, the house a gleaming white, and the…

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  • Rooster Descriptive Writing

    Yellow, about three foot tall, very fast, and my worst nightmare. The protector of my grandmother's hot, sticky, dirty farm a place that I dread to go. Some people fear clowns, insects, rodents, but my fear is a big yellow rooster. This rooster that I fear is no ordinary rooster, he’s leaner and meaner than any other rooster i’ve ever seen. In the next few pages I hope to tell you about this rooster and how I overcame this beast to make me the person I am today. Life for me wasn’t always filled…

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  • Airplane Descriptive Writing

    The phone rings at 2 a.m. We get news to immediately catch a plane and travel across the globe to be part of a last minute wedding, not knowing why everything is happening so suddenly. I had just entered my senior year of kindergarten, which felt like a huge transition for me since I had spent my first year of school crying every single day, pretending to be sick, grabbing onto my grandmother 's blouse and not letting go until the teacher would let her stay with me. Now I have to go on my first…

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  • Burma Descriptive Writing

    The cloud mist lifted and the landscape unraveled from beneath. Roads slithered across the great expanse of the Earth. They coiled around subdivisions, a series of homogenous fixtures when viewed from above. The checkerboard squares of green terrain waned amidst the approaching urbanization. Even from 10,000 feet in the air, the giveaways of the West were discernable — a Wal-Mart here, a baseball stadium there, the occasional backyard swimming pool. Subtle chatter, inclined bodies, oohs and…

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  • Street Descriptive Writing

    I may not know a lot of things -- in fact, I don 't. But I know that kids love to run fast, and it can pour with rain while the sun is out, and I know that lonely is a much bigger word than the number of letters it takes to spell it. I live with my mother on a street with a Do Not Enter sign on the corner. My mother is old, and although I love her, it is often like living alone. Except without the privacy. The street is a quiet one because of that sign, sometimes so quiet -- especially at…

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  • Descriptive Writing Lolita

    A hot summer afternoon it was. Julia, my host at Innisfree HawalBagh (Uttarakhand), showed me the walk way to Kosi river. Walking down was comfortable under the shade of deodar trees on a sunny blue sky day. As soon as I reached the river, I could not resist myself from a swim. I saw few ladies from the nearby village, filling water. The water was cold and the day was sweaty, giving me immense pleasure to swim. I am a water baby. I did not notice the minutes passing by as I kept enjoying in my…

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  • Park Descriptive Writing

    I get off the bus, earphones in my ears. I open the door of the metro building, I enter. Head down, my palms are sweating and my heart is beating fast. I can do this. Mom told me to keep walking, head up high with a confident look on my face, like I know where I’m going, so no one would spot me as an easy target. So I try. I walk towards the entrance to the metro trying to look confident. I look around. I spot the metro sign, indicating were the entrance is, and I start walking towards it. I…

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  • Hammock Descriptive Writing

    The blaring sun forced my eyes to squint, leaving me with no other choice but to grab my sunglasses. The penetration of it interrupted my usual day dreaming. It was early afternoon in the middle of summer, and I was more than appreciative of the beautiful weather. It was not too hot, nor too cold, which put me in a calming state of mind. However, my eyes felt the effect of the radiating sun. Still squinting, I let out a sigh as I sluggishly leaned over the hammock. With my arm flailing around, I…

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  • Seahawk Descriptive Writing

    My first day on the Seahawk has been anything like a pleasant cruise down the River Thames. I woke up in that cramped box called a room. It is rodent and insect infested (Wortis 18). It has such a low ceiling that when I awakened this morning I hit my head on it. I was planning on leaving the ship except when I went to the deck we were in open sea. I thought we must have left hours before (Wortis 25). At that point in the morning I felt as if there was a ship sailing in my stomach (Wortis 26).…

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