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  • Descriptive Writing in Literature Essay

    against walls of silence.” We can picture a man who is screaming so loudly that his voice can be heard across town almost begging to find a challenger, but his calls are unanswered and the silence of the town shows how serious this man is. Descriptive writing is a great way to narrate a story that way there is no room for misplacing the feeling that the author is trying to show us (Crane, 2007). The second poem that I have chosen is “I dwell in the Possibility” by Emily Dickinson. This poem is

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  • Essay on Descriptive Writing Samples

    quelled by steely glances from several of the teachers, and they are replaced by the ominous tinny chime of the bell, forcing all the children out into the merciless rain. Commentary This student confidently fulfils the requirements of the descriptive task. The individual scenes are well observed and the whole piece is structured around a sensible time frame. SSPS aspects are handled with assurance and the vocabulary is extensive. This work deserves a mark of 20. AP/JF/W40(10) Page 2

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  • Narrative vs. Descriptive Writing Essay

    Narrative writing tends to be written in a first person point of view. The narrator is attempting to bring the subject and the events to life in order for the reader to relate and share in the emotions and experiences the author is portraying in the writing. Another reason is narrative is appealing is the writing can be real or imaginary; the story can be relevant to the past, present, or even future events. In the narrative essay, “I want a wife” by Judy Brady (1971), writing written from a wife’s

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  • Essay about The Descriptive Writing Style of John Steinbeck

    that-just kind of feel it. Maybe oil isn't getting' someplace. Maybe a bearing's startin' to go. Jesus, if it's a bearing, what'll we do? Money's goin' fast" (90). It is a passage like that, which makes the writing style of John Steinbeck like nothing else. The next major characteristic about the writing of John Steinbeck is the way he describes the people he writes about. In the first chapter Steinbeck shows the severity of the situation of the farm workers by the way he describes the men after they

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  • An Example of Descriptive Essay

    Descriptive Essay 1) Definition: Descriptive essay is one of the many types of writing styles that provides a detailed description for a particular person, place, memory, experience or object. Descriptive essay is purposely created so readers can readily imagine its particular subject matter. It focuses on the five senses which are sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. 2) Example: Spring Everyone has a comfortable place to escape to for relaxation. They go there when they need to be

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  • Narrative and Descriptive Essay

    smile on me, I always wanted to thank her. ( “The action was so graceful and inclusively benign.” ( “The last way narrative is different from descriptive writing is they both captures the audience attention and give detail information about the essays. It appeals to your sense of smell, taste, hearing, seeing, touch. “My judgment is that rich undergo cruel trails and bitter tragedies

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  • Descriptive Essay

    exactly? Do we live it every day? I can’t possibly be drifting back into a make believe story, but yes this is where I want to be. In this story, the one I’ve never heard before I suddenly realize that I am the one telling it, I am the one that is writing it. This story feels so real; it feels like one of those novelties you pick up at the bookstore and start reading. You end up buying it because every time you turn the page you want to read more. The more I think there is no story at all. This could

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  • Compare and Contrast: the Advantage of Narratives over Descriptive

    Descriptive writings evoke emotion. In descriptive writings are in free form while in narrative writing, are more structured. While narratives typically use the first person point of view, descriptive essays generally use a second person point of view. Narratives are interesting because they tend to be written in different voices either first person or third person. Typically, narratives are written in first person. Writing in first person gives the essay personality. In “I Want a Wife”, the author

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  • Writing and Essay

    rapidly for your essay. What is freewriting? Freewriting Freewriting means writing privately and writing without stopping. Just write whatever words come to your mind or whatever you want to explore at this moment. Don’t worry about whether your writing is any good or even whether it makes sense. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. If you can’t think of the word you want, just put in a squiggle. Keep on writing and see what comes. Changing topics is fine. Follow your mind or the words wherever

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  • Descriptive Research Design

    REPORT ON DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN: SURVEY & OBSERVATION Submitted By- Under Guidance Of- Roll No- 31 to 40 (SD-1) Prof. Maninder Singh Neha Mittal Neha Vij Pooja Rehani Priyank Agrawal  Introduction To Research Design  Introduction To Descriptive Research Design  Descriptive Research Design  Advantages

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  • Descriptive paragraph Essay

    in shipping. The blond wood has been chipped and gouged to gray, particularly where the pick guard fell off years ago. No, it's not a beautiful instrument, but it still lets me make music, and for that I will always treasure it. In the next descriptive paragraph, the student writer focuses less on the physical appearance of her pet than on the cat's habits and actions. 3) Gregory by Barbara Carter Gregory is my beautiful gray Persian cat. He walks with pride and grace, performing a dance

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  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Essay

    in Europe will have to take the same exact exam in which the original students was given, so the analyzer can take the sampled information of the 400 European students and compare and contrast the data of the 400 American students in which the descriptive statistical data was taken . The analyzers inferential statistics will ascend through credible sampling which on occasion, may sustain sampling error. Therefore the analyzer must estimate each parameter and test his or her statistical hypotheses

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  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Paper

    2009). Statistics is usually divided up into two main categories, and that is descriptive and inferential. Both are very beneficial to the researcher or psychologist and help them to, better understand what it is that they are trying to collect information. Statistics take complex data and put it in a way that is simple so that anyone that looks at research that is done can specifically identify what it is that they are looking at . It also makes it easier to compare data to other data which

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  • The Writing Style of Elie Wiesel

    The Writing Style of Elie Wiesel In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel uses a distinct writing style to relate to his readers what emotions he experienced and how he changed while in the concentration camps of Buna, during the Holocaust. He uses techniques like irony, contrast, and an unrealistic way of describing what happens to accomplish this. By applying these techniques, Wiesel projects a tone of bitterness, confusion and grief into his story. Through his writing Wiesel gives us a window into

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  • Essay Writing Forms and Styles

    authors must determine their purpose, consider their audience, establish their point of view, use dialogue, and organize the narrative. A narrative is usually arranged chronologically.[16] [edit]Critical A critical essay is an argumentative piece of writing, aimed at presenting objective analysis of the subject matter, narrowed down to a single topic. The main idea of all the criticism is to provide an opinion either of positive or negative implication. As such, a critical essay requires research and

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  • Analysing Children's Writing Samples

    Critically Analyse Student Writing Samples Analysing children’s writing is critically important because it allows teachers to have an understanding of what the child knows already, and what he/she needs to build on with their writing (Stewart, 2012). In the paragraphs ahead, two samples have been chosen and have been analysed using the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the Western Australia First Steps Developmental Continuum. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards have established

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  • Promoting Literacy Development Through Writing

    Entry 1: Promoting Literacy Development through Writing 1. Instructional Context Genesis is a ten year old African American female and is in the fifth grade. She lives in a low income neighborhood with her Grandmother whom has sole custody. While Genesis’ Grandmother would like to play a more active role in her granddaughter’s education, she works a full time job and has health problems that prevent her being able to drive. Genesis was in my fourth grade Read 180 class and is with me again as

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  • Writing Essay

    coherent. Essentially, “experienced adult writers [understand] the revision [stage] as a recursive process” (Sommers 143) that constantly goes back and forth between different stages of the writing. This greatly contrasts with the student writers’ writing process. Furthermore, student writers are often caught writing with an excessive amount of “obvious padding” (Roberts 5). This describes the students who use multiple words to say something which can be expressed in fewer words. Paul McHenry Roberts

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  • Writing Paper

    effectiveness of bleach?" A hypothesis would state, "I predict heat will diminish the effectiveness of bleach." * Sponsored Links * Instant Grammar Checker Correct All Grammar Errors And Enhance Your Writing. Try Now! Before Writing * Before writing a hypothesis, the researcher must determine what others have discovered about this subject. On the other hand, a research question requires less preparation, but focus and structure is critical. For example, a researcher

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  • The Evolution of Writing Essay example

    They are looked at being the first system of writing on the planet. Originally, each symbol represented an object or person, and was made to be a graphical representation of that thing. Cuneiform writing began as a system of pictographs. Over time, the pictorial representations became simplified and more abstract. Clay tablets were where cuneiforms were written on which symbols could be drawn with a blunt reed for a stylus. The name cuneiform came from the impressions left by the stylus, which

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  • Technical Writing Fundamentals Essay

    manual is direct in purpose and reaches the intended audience by covering the common topics or questions by consumers. The integrity of qualifications for the writer is unknown, but the information presented by the author is technical and very descriptive. The accuracy and reliability of the source of

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  • Revising is the Key to Writing Essay

    How can this essay help me progress as a writer? Why am I writing this essay? Anyone can write an average paper, but it’s when you understand yourself and dig deeper inside your own mind that you produce a masterpiece. One learns to write by examining and revising his or her own work and from editing the work of others. Its hard to actually discover when you changed as a writer because its happens in small changes over time. Most likely, a writer doesn’t just wake up one morning and become

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  • Purdue Owl Essay Writing

    before writing your paper will make organizing your thoughts a lot easier. Whether you follow the suggested guidelines is up to you, but making any kind of outline (even just some jotting down some main ideas) will be beneficial to your writing process. Contributors:Elyssa Tardiff, Allen Brizee. Summary: This resource describes why outlines are useful, what types of outlines exist, suggestions for developing effective outlines, and how outlines can be used as an invention strategy for writing. Types

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  • An Individual's Reflection on Academic Writing

    Another Step of a Long Process: Studying English Academic writing is an art of expressing and transforming thoughts and ideas into physical form to deliver information logically and scientifically. This skill needs to be refined and practiced constantly regularly. After three months of taking ESL 273, I have accumulated various experiences in writing advanced sentences and organizing academic essays which are really necessary for me to perform well in the next English course, ESL 5, as well

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  • Essay on Writing Guide

    editions. I hope you will take the time to thoroughly review this guide, and I suggest you keep it handy so that you may refer to it as you tackle your writing assignments. Leonard Glantz Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 2 Writing for the MPH: a W/Rite of Passage A message to BUSPH students A recent BUSPH graduate compared her experience writing an International Health paper with an arduous ocean voyage. It was the year of the film "Titanic" and images of shipwreck and disaster plagued her

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  • College Level Writing Essays

    I have made in my writing. Last year, my objectives for writing were to impress my professors and to receive grades of “A” on each essay that I wrote. Although these objectives still apply to my current writing, I have additional objectives that have taken priority over those two. Now, I try to write honestly without over achieving. If my essay is based on another written piece such as a book or an article, I spend more time familiarizing myself with the material before writing my essay than I have

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  • Creative Writing Essay

    Essentially, the audience in Creative Writing is unlimited. Since the subject, purpose, and audience being addressed in Technical Writing are limited to nonfiction, with the purpose of instructing or educating a technical or non-technical audience about technical subjects, the voice used to accomplish this goal is restricted. Clarity, brevity, and accuracy are integral to the voice being used in Technical Writing, especially when the writing addresses complex technical material. When

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  • Essay on The Importance of Academic Writing

    and try to maintain an impersonal and dispassionate tone throughout the entire paper. Irvin( 2010 ) Secondly, according to the Ritter (2002) if you want to be good at academic writing, you ought to spend time organising the paper you are working on. So, having a clear structure is a good place to start. Your piece of writing should be divided into paragraphs and in cases when it is required, it should also include subtitles, or even sub-paragraphs. Paragraphs are formed when related statements that

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  • The Writing Process Essay

    proud of their writing. A writer must be able to read critically, but constructively. She must have a cool eye when surveying her work; willing to prune with a heavy hand knowing that the end result may be a manuscript that may look torn up and worked over. Most writers underestimate the amount of rewriting needed. The amount of rewriting that is done before the reader sees the finished product is often lost on the student who is reading it. Good writing is essentially rewriting, writing and rewriting

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  • Steps in Grant Writing Essay

    The grant writing process is similar as it will need a lot of research. The first part of the grant writing process is to find a grant. The second part of the grant writing process is to make sure it is a grant that this organization can apply to. Reading the guidelines of the grant is critical, as that is how the organization will know if it is eligible, as well as knowing all the due dates and what is expected to be explained in the application. The third part of the grant writing process is to

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  • Essay Business Writing

    plays an intricate part in the way other businesses view and perceive your company. When writing any form of written communication, it is best to have an outline or general format. Most companies have their own business format that they want their employees to follow . For example, "A company might have a particular way of presenting a salutation or they might use a specific letterhead" (Writing@CSU: Writing Guide, 2004, p. 1). The letterhead or return address is the very first thing that goes

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  • Essay Writing Style is Important

    flaw; the rules and examples are simple, yes, but they also lack explanation. Where Strunk and White succeed in producing a quick summary of writing rules, they fail in providing adequate justification for the conventions that they are supporting. The first chapter is called “Elementary Rules of Usage,” in which they show students the “proper” rules of writing, such as how to use linking verbs, proper pronouns, and participial phrases, but do not explain to the reader why these rules should be followed

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  • Free Writing Strategy Essay

    learned to identify different writing styles and make connections that weave texts together; this helped me develop a deeper understanding of the novels. When I look at one of my freshman level novels and see clean pages, I realize that I did not actively read the book. I guess you could say that I have learned to read with a pen, which has drastically taken my writing to a new level because I am able to connect back with my initial insights marked on the page. Writing had always been one of my

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  • Professional Writing Essay

    Advanced word usage (conversational yet professional, positive, courteous, inclusive and familiar to the reader) is important in writing. Use of active or passive voice, emphasis through style, coherent sentence structure, coherent paragraph structure and placement of the main idea within the message are all used to set the tone and shape the reader’s frame of mind. The most important thing is to format the document and design the content of your message with the reader in mind so that they will

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  • The Basics of Teaching Writing Essay

    to understand. With an understanding for the importance of good writing skills, it is apparent the importance of this instructional unit. How It Relates to Appropriate Theory for My Discipline The instructional unit is created using research based teaching theories. As a language arts teacher, it is important to be aware of the theories and practices that are deemed effective and essential in the writing classroom. Writing is best taught through direct instruction using examples, practice

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  • Personal Writing Evaluation Essay

    of all when it comes to writing and school in general. Even if I am given a 3 week notice ahead of time, I will always wait till the last minute to do the assignment. I’ll admit, I’m very lazy when it comes to school work, but I feel that if my assignments had to do with stuff that I was interested in, I would probably not be as lazy and just get into it quicker. By taking English MO1A, I hope to learn how to turn my weaknesses into strengths so I can improve my writing. I want to learn how to focus

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  • Writings in Accounting Essay

    which is writing facilitates her most indeed. As a young member in financial field, she must pay more attention to her work and finish several kinds of genres of writing to achieve much more progress in her position. Therefore, I will talk about several principal writing genres to give the freshmen that firstly come to university with majoring in financial risk management as following. The complexity of writing in financial risk To start with, we should concentrate on the academic writing about financial

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  • The Art of Letter Writing Essay

    generation with this exciting discovery. If this can be done, there is hope that letter writing will not be completely swallowed by technology. Because of the use of digital cameras, webcams, social media, and text messaging, there are those who will argue that letter writing has become obsolete. However, these devices usually run on an external power source or battery that can become an inconvenience at any time. Writing a handwritten note is much more self-satisfying through its sheer simplicity and

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  • Scholarly Writing Skills Essay

    Revisiting important areas, based on the analysis, theory and viewpoint is essential to quality scholarly writing. Repeating previously published information does not improve the body of knowledge (p. 9). The author does not offer an objective tone and appears to be repeating information read or heard by a certain source. The audience may not perceive the information as factual research, but merely a rehashing of previously published or verbally expressed information. Critical-type readers will

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  • Writing with Personal Style Essays

    Basically, when one is knowledgeable about the principles and rules of writing well, they shall not need to follow crude writing rules of someone else to create a competent text. Strunk and White left the lasting taste that in order to write well, one must follow the given guidelines and then others will be able to understand the work that was produced. Essentially, the advice given is to write to the standards of the day. For example, authors in the Romantic period of literature, all seemed

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  • Essay The Writing Process

    my paper is ready for the first draft I will take an hour or two to sit down at the computer or in a quiet area to begin writing more. If a pencil and a pad of paper are preferred rather than a computer to construct first drafts, use that instead because it will work too. It depends on peoples own preferences. I like to use computers because I can type faster than writing free hand. It is also very easy to copy and paste words or complete sentences around, rather than having to write them down

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  • Essay on Writing and Myself

    that what they meant was which audience I was writing my papers for.  There would be times where I would write something amazing down but not target the right audience, which were my English teachers.  This made writing for me very difficult in my English classes and I was constantly asking for help from others to overlook my papers.                 In UNIV104, I think one of the most important things I have learned so far is that when I start writing, I usually don’t have a definite idea of where

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  • Writing as a Therapy Essay

    know my story. It is our natural tendency as humans to want to be with someone and writing gives us a sense of closeness to whom we are writing to. In my letter, I would apologize to my family and friends for everything and anything I have done in my life to inconvenience them. I would describe to them how I feel about them and how I want to be remembered. I could very much relate to “I Am Writing Blindly” because I can understand the need to put thoughts on paper. In times when

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  • Research on Prescriptive Grammar and Its Comparison with Descriptive Grammar

    Due to these reasons, people look forward to a better way to prescribe the language and resolve the dispute in language usage. The origin of the word “grammar” comes from Greek gramma, which refers to reading and writing (Dykema, 1961, p. 455; Martin & Rulon, 1973, p. 41), and English grammar is strongly influenced by Latin language in the Middle Ages. In eighteenth century, Latin language is considered to be the language used by the best educated people. Since the expansion of Great Britain Empire

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  • Essay on Personal Writing and Memories

    Sometimes when people are in situations where they are angry, scared or sad, writing can give them a place to release your anger, fear, sadness, and other painful feelings. Feelings are powerful and they can hurt you to the core. For example, if someone breaks up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they are really sad or mad about the situation they can write to release those feelings. Gene Fowler quotes “Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form

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  • Essay Writing Step by Step

    pollution on children’s health The effects of air pollution on respiratory diseases in urban children The effects of air pollution on the prevalence and severity of childhood asthma in urban areas (most specific) 5. Choose a writing strategy: To communicate ideas to readers, writers employ many types of strategies, such as description, narration, comparison/contrast, definition, classification, argument/persuasion, analysis, and evaluation. The strategy (or “method” or “mode”)

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  • Analyzing Hardy's Writings Essay

    The social dimension is never absent in his writing. • There is a correlation between the texts included here and Hardy’s vision of Wessex and the English countryside. Many of the texts are set in that imaginary world of Wessex, an Anglo-Saxon name given to the kingdom developed in a large area of south and south-west England prior to the Norman Conquest. • Woman and feminist issues are central themes in the texts of Hardy. Thomas Hardy was keen on describing the Victorian hypocrisy in relation

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  • Essay Writing for Dogs

    Each body paragraph uses specific details, such as anecdotes, comparisons and contrasts, definitions, examples, expert opinions, explanations, facts, and statistics to support and develop the claim that its topic sentence makes. [edit] Tips When writing an essay for a class assignment, make sure to follow your teacher or professor's suggestions. Most teachers will reward creativity and thoughtful organization over dogmatic adherence to a prescribed structure. Many will not. If you are not sure how

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  • Personal Essay - Reading and Writing

    space and time. Only when dawn glimpse through my window, would this timeless eternity be shattered. I would wait until night to start my writing trek, and "night" means the night before the assignment is due. This way I can finish the essay in one attempt instead of having to span over a course of days which would cause me to lose track of what I was writing and the essay would end up looking partitioned.

    When it comes to reading, I can honestly tell you, "I love reading". I read tons of

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  • Southworth's Brilliant Writing Essay

    When Willa Cather visited Emma Southworth's home in 1901, she was surprised to find that the author was "no mere mercenary"; rather, Cather recognized the drive behind the heavy writing schedule, the late nights, the rarely-missed deadlines. Southworth believed that fiction should serve a moral purpose, and once wrote that "The novelist--the popular novelist--has a hundred-fold larger audience than the most celebrated preacher, and therefore a tremendous responsibility" (DU

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