House Descriptive Writing

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The restless storm roared through the icy dull sky. The emptiness of the night was soon filled with the sound of heavy raindrops, as they splattered fiercely on the pavement. It was slightly peculiar, as the rain never fell to this extent in the summer. I was making my way home from school in the city, with my clothes and blonde hair drenched.

My last resort was a dilapidated barn I found refuge in –around ten kilometres away from my home the last of the paint chips from the old barn door fell into the puddles of mud as I lugged it open. Flies, which were embedded in the dried out dung, were buzzing irritatingly. The hay stacks in the far corner looked like a comfy place to rest for the time being, as my body was unusually exhausted and aching all over. Moreover, I felt a little unnerved hearing the muffled sounds of the hastening mice along the barn floor. I lay down on the haystack; I heard the sound of the beating rain cascading off the tin roof. As the night proceeded my back began to ache even more; it was a restless night, my eyes were darting around the darkness of
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Silence filled my ears, a creek in the barn door or the sounds of the mice – sounds were now not known to me. I felt so isolated in my new world. At first, I didn’t know how to work my wings but I had to get around by simply flying. I tried to keep my balance, as I launched myself of the haystack to find some breakfast. It was very daunting having to adapt to my new way of getting around. After numerous endeavors I soon got the hang of it; I felt like I was gliding along like a leaf caught in the breeze. In fact, enjoy the sensation of being able to fly and see things from such a height. Soon after, I found myself feeding of mouse droppings- a bit different to my normal jam and toast. I had no teeth, so I had to find a way to slurp up my

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