The Road Essay: Long Years Of Life

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Life is like big open ocean. An ocean 's tide is almost constantly in motion. Most of the time the big sea is never calm. There 's an occasional storm once in awhile and it almost feels like the ocean could be reckless and somewhat dangerous. But there is the tide of life. The tide has carried me through life 's great adventures and disappointments. In my 15 long years of life I have experienced many different things, some of them happy, some of them sad, and some of them are mixed emotions. Some of the emotions are just sarcastic remarks. This is an autobiography of my past and my present and what I predict and hope for in my future.

My Name
I know what you 're thinking. How could such a person like myself get
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A street or a sidewalk? The street is something you follow and drive on. It is helpful sometimes but it could also be dangerous and untrustworthy I think a sidewalk would be easier to forgive. Why? Because a sidewalk is merely a bystander, it’s an just an addition to a road and even though it 's connected to the road it 's not as guilty. It 's whole point is to make people feel safer. The road however is easier to accuse, the road has a lot of weird twists and turns which leave you wondering how innocent could a risky road be. Roads have proven to be very rough and dangerous causing lots of deadly collisions and car accidents. Why would you forgive a guilty road? Which is smarter? A clock or a calendar? Reading and telling the time has been a very valuable asset in our world. Even though a calendar has proven to be very useful at times. I think a clock is simply smarter. The clock does what it is told to do, it tells the time of day and night which is a helpful thing that all clocks should do. It might even have an alarm. The calendar serves its purpose no doubt but it requires help from an actual person, for example, when you mark down important events and cross off days in the month, you are technically doing all the work. If something is smart shouldn’t it at least be innovative? Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? A question would be more easier to talk about because you’re simply asking a detailed question but an answer would …show more content…
A familiar 7:27 a.m is visible and a faint radio is easily heard throughout a small bedroom. “...mid 60s along with winds coming in from the coast with heavy fog in Hayward. “Traffic jams on highway…..closed due to roadwork… of this weekend looks-”. The radio swirled into an endless buzzing. From the cloudiness of his hibernation he managed hear the irritating noise and silence the radio with a blind effortless slap to what seemed to be an off button. He blinked at the blinding ray of sunshine streaming through his window. It was just his luck that it happened to land on his eyes, nowhere else, like it wanted to blind him. “Urrgh it can 't be morning already” he muttered, it felt like he 'd gone to sleep a few minutes ago. He groaned as he recovered from his short coma and threw the blankets off his body, and flicked the curtains shut. The entire room was plunged into a translucent darkness

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