Reflective Essay: The Fisherman And The Jinnee

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My Personality
The fox represents my intelligence. Foxes are considered intelligent animals due to their cunning nature and their ability to hide, build their dens, and protect themselves. I can relate to this I use my intelligence for doing homework, studying, and when taking tests.

The image of a person helping another shows a helping hand which represents my kindness. In society, there are people who show kindness through helping people with disabilities or are handicapped. Those who show kindness put others before themselves or give thanks by helping one out. I show kindness by helping others, being kind, and by returning the favor.
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I have read many texts from ancient cultures such as the Mahabharata and “The Fisherman and the Jinnee”. From this texts, I learnt about the cultural beliefs of many cultures. My Freshman Year Experience
The mixed up Rubik’s cube is used to represent how difficult entering freshman year was. I was having a hard time figuring out about how to start acting and I should show myself. I used the Rubik's cube because each color represents my emotions and my changes and it being mixed up represented the confused state I was in when I first entered high school. The image of one light bulb off and one on represents how different freshman year was from my middle school years. When I first entered my freshman year, I noticed how different it was compared to middle school. Because of this I saw everyone else as a lit bulb and myself as an unlit bulb which relates to the picture.

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