Management And Management: The Importance Of Management

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Management is a concept people sometime in the business industry do not realize how important it is in the success of an organization because without good management a company will fail. Our textbook states “to be successful, every organization needs good managers”. First of all we should define what management is and our textbook defines management as is “the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources”. Managers essentially have fives roles they perform and those are set objectives, organize, motivate and communicate, measure, and develop people. All these roles managers perform help run the business as smoothly as possible. Setting …show more content…
This is important because any successful company need to use planning to come up with goals and how to obtain them because without goals there is nothing to keep employees try to keep improving they will just do the bare minimum. Organization is used when management is assigned people tasks to achieve their planning goals and to split up all the work. This is important so not one department gets stuck with too much work and to improve and not one person feeling overloaded with too much work. Leading is used to motivate employees and give them a reason to work hard to achieve the company 's goals. This is important because is management can motivate all its employees goals will be reach faster and work will more than likely be done better because the employees are motivated to do so. The last thing that must be done is by management is controlling. Controlling is watching how your employees are doing and making sure they are working so the company can hit their target goal. This is important because if management does not use controlling they might not notice they are falling behind from their target goal and by the time they notice it is too late. These four functions are very important for management and how they keep an organization running at a top level. Every top level company has management use these four …show more content…
If we look at all successful companies like Disneyland they all have teams of managers who are leading the company to success because they are knowledgeable in what they are doing and now how to keep employees motivated to reach the company 's goals. There are also companies who hire managers who were very good workers but are not fit to be managers and in those cases we see companies performances dramatically drop because management can 't communicate properly to their employees. Another important thing management must be able to do while running a successful company is to listen to employees and know the importance of getting input from their employees. If managers do not listen to employees and what is going on with them you will more than likely lose employees or have workers not performing at their

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