The Importance Of Management In Nike

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As Tom Peters said, management is about arranging and telling while leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. He clarified the difference between leader and manager. A manager’s job is often described as providing everything his employees need to successfully accomplish their jobs. In contrast, a great leader, usually is be chosen by people, is to help and lead people to achieve a common goal. Both methods are very important in business.

Management involves four basic jobs: planning, organizing, controlling and directing. (Leadership vs. Management, 2014) It is a organization and coordination of a company in order to achieve certain objectives. A good manager can make employees more effective.

Leadership, as a critical management skill,
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The average Nike salary ranges from approximately $14,500 per year for Retail Sales Associate to $204,850 per year for Sales Lead. (Payscale, 2016) According to Maslow’s theory, this considerable amount of salary can satisfy their employees’ basic needs. People work in Nike do not need to worry about their living standard. They can better focus on their works and to pursuit other needs. A way that Nike used to motivate their employees is giving them a large discount in their stores. The discounts are great 30 percent in store and 40 percent in a employee only website. In this way, Nike would have more people are willing to work in Nike and be …show more content…
For Parker, he likes to celebrate the fact that ideas can come from anywhere and he believes that little side projects can grow into billion dollar franchises. This can enhance motivation and decision making in employees who enjoy it. (Lebowitz , S, 2015) One key characteristic of him is keep asking hard questions and prompting people to go find answers. Coming up with solutions boosts employees' self-efficacy and confidence that they can help solve organizational problems. Relentlessly questioning his employees is a way to ensure that people never get too comfortable with one way of thinking. Moreover, it would seem as though he wants employees to start questioning themselves and their own work. Under this kind of leadership, employees in Nike can keep changing and creating, and they can always find what is not enough and their

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