Zaleznik: Compare And Contrast Management And Leadership

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Leadership and Management are two philosophies that use interchangeably. However, this paper will discuss and the differences and similarities between the two concepts. Therefore, the understand the meaning of the two words is imperative.
Management: a manager is a person in an institution who is qualified for leading out the four roles of management, including planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
Leadership, on the other hand, a leader any individual can become a leader because the basis of the leader is to the personal qualities of the leader. As leadership primarily means the “ability to lead or to direct people” towards a planned goal, critical of the skills expected of a good leader is their ability to navigate social relationships successfully. Now, nevertheless, the theory of leadership has developed with the times. However, they are related, Authority is a quality which impacts individuals, while Management is a command of overseeing things in an ideal way. Due to the between availability between the two terms, numerous individuals have perplexities in perception the two terms. In this way, here we begin the contrasts amongst Leadership and Management.

A good leader, use to be known as being powerful
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Managers adopt the process, seek endurance and control, and instinctively try to resolve problems immediately, seldom before they fully understand an issue’s consequence. Leaders, in other hands, endure the chaos and lack of structure and are willing to delay closure to understand the issues more thoroughly. In his article, he argues that business leaders possess significant the way they conceive similar to the artists, scientists, and other creative intellectuals than they do with managers as mentioned manager act quickly when there is an

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