Argumentative Essay Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed in School

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    only when objects aren’t in the way. Quite unstable when running at this stage. * Can manoeuvre large boxes and toys. * Without help, the child is able to come backwards down the stairs. * With aid the child can walk downstairs normally. * Instead of always sitting, the child now also squats and kneels when playing. * With practice using both hands will also become a day to day skill, holding objects and toys with both hands comes with practice. The physical development of the child changes dramatically in short periods of time whilst they master old skills and discover new ones. Development at this stage is like all other aspects of growth and is largely down to the individual. The child generally will be much more mobile and in some cases be able to run. They are able to manoeuvre around the house much more efficiently, although stairs may in many cases still pose a formidable obstacle. Communication * Will scream to be noticed. Also the child will scream to get something it wants. * The child will point at an object of interest or what it would like. * Has the ability to say a few short words. * Tries in some instances to have conversations, although it won’t be understandable. * Whilst unable to pronounce and say many words, the child now understands much more of the conversations taking place around it. For instance, simple instructions like ‘give me your toy’. * Points and recognises named people and toys. 18 Months …

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