Importance Of Middle Childhood Development

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Register to read the introduction… Increased skills allow for team sports and similar activities for interested children. * Skating, skipping and bike riding are typical skills gained during middle childhood. * Flexibility, balance, agility and force will all improve during these years as gross motor skills further develop.

Communication Communication at the age of 13-14 is quite complex, their use of language, expressions and general communication are at a high level. Having an intelligent conversation with the child is easy and would be like talking to an adult. A number of differences however would most notably be their limited vocabulary.

Moral * Talk about issues of concern to their particular age group (substance abuse, unprotected sex, violence, romantic relationships, bullying and discrimination, friendships) * Kids in this age range begin to see contradictions in the world and in religious and spiritual beliefs. Many will confront and question these contradictions. * Some question or reject their childhood beliefs as they move beyond black-and-white
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* Learn to drive, increasing their independence. Social, emotional and behavioural * Have the capacity to develop long-lasting, mutual, and healthy relationships, if they have the foundations for this development—trust, positive past experiences, and an understanding of love * Understand their own feelings and have the ability to analyze why they feel a certain way * Begin to place less value on appearance and more on personality. Lots of identity exploration goes on at this age, leading to some real insecurity as teens try on different personas. Friendships can become intense, and first love interests often develop. Older teens pull away from their parents and require greater independence -- and increased physical independence (travelling alone, driving, etc.) leads to increased social independence. (Rebellion is a way of life, often taking place through music or media selection.) Kids this age can be very secretive -- often they have nothing specific to hide, but they do have a desire to make mistakes or triumphs on their own, away from parental

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