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  • The Disembodied Voice Of A. J Ayer Character Analysis

    Voice 1: ...and therein our problem lies, free will exists. It is your fault that you chose to talk to me about this. Voice 2: No, no, no. All of our actions were determined beforehand because of the natural order of things. This conversation exists because of previous causes, and the causes had causes, and so on. Free will does not exit. Voice 1: I cannot bring myself to believe in such a thing. Obviously, there are multiple choices to make at any given moment and all the decision making happens in our “brain” we ultimately decide what we do. Voice 2: Don’t make me lau- Voice 3: Why not both? Voice 1 and Voice 2: What? Voice 3: I asked, “why not both?” because isn’t it entirely possible that both exist? Voice 1: Right. And who might you be? Voice 3: The disembodied voice of A. J. Ayer, obviously. I’m here to tell you why you both are seeing things too black and white.…

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  • The Complexities Of Fate And Free Will In Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow

    In Mary Doria Russell’s novel The Sparrow, the complexities of social and structural sin, as well as fate and free will are evident. In class, we defined free will as making the conscious decisions of the choices in one’s life, and fate as very one-dimensional, where one’s outcome is already pre-determined (Theodicy PPT). In a story where God is present, it is hard to decide whether following what you believe to be Gods path is fate or free will, which is challenged in The Sparrow. Furthermore,…

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  • Existentialism And Free Will

    in the tactics of free will. According to Meriam Webster dictionary free will is the power of making free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by an agency such as fate of divine will. To those who know and understand the concept of free will still have a tendency to question if free will exist or not. Free will is the basis…

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  • Mars And Human Free Will In Virgil's The Aeneid

    soldiers die on the warfront during final battle between the Latins and the Trojans. Bloodshed at all costs, yet ruthless Mars prolongs the chaos while being the source of it as well. The other deities sit in the halls of Jove, looking down on the mortals. They are “filled with pity”(X.898) while watching the mortals fight a battle manipulated by the gods themselves. Amidst the chaos, I will argue that humans only have a superficial free will because the choices they make always becomes…

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  • The Concept Of Free Will In Milton's Paradise Lost

    To determine whether or not Satan has free will in “Paradise Lost, first we will broadly define free will to determine a clearer definition of what Milton considers as free will. According to the Oxford Dictionary, free will is “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion” (Oxford Dictionaries Language Matters). In “Paradise Lost,” because the notion of free will seems to contradict what we consider to be freedom, we will first…

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  • Descartes Criteria For Making Mistakes

    for how mistakes are made and avoided. Second, I will present Descartes’s first proof for the existence of God in the third meditation, and in the process present the steps clearly and distinctly, exactly as Descartes understands them. Thus, Descartes cannot be making a mistake when he proves the existence of God. Descartes argument for making mistakes in his third meditation in Meditation on First Philosophy is that human beings can make errors, even though God gave them perfect faculties.…

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  • The Concepts Of Fate And Free Will In Oedipus Rex

    Fate can be defined as something that is destined to happen and is beyond our control. Free will, on the other hand, is being able to act freely without being constrained by a predetermined fate. In Sophocles’ tragedy, Oedipus Rex, the concepts of fate and free will are very prominent throughout the play. In ancient Greece, fate was considered to be a reality outside of an individual that determined his or her life and represented an unstoppable force. The ancient Greeks believed in fatalism,…

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  • Subjectivity In Jean Paul Sartre

    Before you can understand what Jean-Paul Sartre refers to as despair, anguish and abandonment, moreover condemned to be free, you should first understand the meaning of subjectivity. Furthermore, you need to understand that individual feelings (sadness, happiness, etc.) are not the objective in Sartre’s reason. Hence, you seem aware of the concept of existence precedes essence, however you abandon the notion of taking responsibilities of your choices by choosing ignorance; in turn, you…

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  • Isaac Newton's Third Law Of Physics

    the doctrine of determinism is not universally true. Philosophers who advocate for this view of (or rather lack thereof) causal morality are known as Libertarians, not to be confused or associated with the political ideology of the same name. Between the two beliefs of determinism and indeterminism there sits the doctrine of compatibilism. The specification of compatibilism is that “determinism is logically compatible or consistent with what is said to be a single idea of freedom that really…

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  • Freedom In Albert Camus The Myth Of Sisyphus

    Since the human appeared in the planet, he has started trying to create or search meaning of their lives. Freedom which is the essential part of people’s lives had been also confued with that kind of dilemma. Are we really free? Are we as a human being really care about meanings of our freedom when we make decisions? Those questions always made people to think about freedom as a philosophic concept. Albert Camus, one of the greatest philosophers and writers of 20th century is famous for his…

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