How to Write a Synthesis Essay

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  • How To Write A Fast Food Synthesis Essay

    Humanity, especially the people of the United States of the America, depend far too much on their secret enemy corn; on the other hand, we humans are our own enemy since we misuse corn by creating corn-based sweeteners and feeding our livestock corn. Corn itself did not desire to destroy our health and environment from the inside, for plants and most other living things exist to survive and to carry on their genes to the next generation, so their species may continue to thrive until the next day. Instead of blaming corn itself for the country’s troubles, such as the growing rate of obesity and other health problems, the country should turn to the food industries, consumers, and government for the true mastermind, for tools--such as corn--cannot operate themselves. Someone must handle them to produce an outcome. First, the food industries should accept their role in contributing to the country’s troubles, for they created, advertised, and pushed their corn-based products in the market. If they cared about the health of their customers and environment more than the profit, then they would produce higher quality products that did not misuse the properties of corn. Second, one should also condemn consumers for not taking care of their health better. There is no excuse: one knows that fast foods are unhealthy, and thus, unhealthy foods will affect one’s body negatively. Obesity and heart diseases are some instances of those negative consequences. Finally, the people should glare…

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  • Figurative Language In Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms

    as a whole. In the past two months, I have been able to learn how to write a whole new type of essay, the synthesis essay, and improve my reading comprehension skills through reading A Farewell to Arms and multiple choice practice sets. With these new skills and the knowledge I have gathered from the first semester of the class, I feel like I am well on my way to take the AP Language & Composition exam in May. Overall, the third quarter has shown remarkable growth in my writing skills and in my…

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  • Synthesis Essay On College English

    subject that I have never been too good at so, coming into college English I was very nervous. I have struggled in the past to perceive the correct tone and organization in my writing. That was my main focus from my first paper, the synthesis essay, to my last paper, the RBAA essay. My synthesis essay, “World Plagues,” analyzed essays about plagues during two very different time periods. “World Plagues” explained the different recourses that were available and how people handled the epidemics…

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  • My Portfolio Reflection

    My portfolio illustrates how I have gradually evolved from a high school level of writing skills to a beginner level of college writing. In the beginning when I started this writing class I was totally confused how to reach a college level of writing skills and practices. Then I slowly started to learn the correct way to setup an efficient personal writing method that I felt comfortable using but did not overwhelm myself with the amount of work at once. To forge this personal writing process, I…

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  • Synthesis Analysis: When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be

    Looking back on the semester and the essays I drafted, the one that stood out the most was the synthesis analysis essay. It was in this essay that I studied and analyzed John Keats, “When I Have Fears That I May Cease to be” and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s, “Mezzo Cammin”. My main purpose was to assess and reflect on common themes between the two poems, as well as finding background information that aided the authors. By taking this approach, I was able to discover direct links into the…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Kennedy's Inaugural Address

    Dear, Kimmie During my revision process I realized how much I have grown as a writer, I went from someone who was just good enough to get an A in every other English class, to someone who had to try his butt off for the A. This in turn let me learn more in an English class than I ever had before and also let me grow into the prospering writer you see before you today. I learned many things this year that helped really push my writing to the next level that it needed to go, in order to be at…

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  • Second Synthesis Essay Examples

    For the 2nd Synthesis paper I believe it would be in the best interest to expand the first synthesis paper I wrote earlier this semester. The topic was very interesting to me and although the paper was a finished product it definitely could have been further expanded. I am motivated to go back and add to the first paper because the medias impact on children minds was a really interesting topic and I would like to further expand my knowledge on the subject. I believe by exploring the benefits the…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Evolution Of My Writing

    a paper or essay, is a key strategy I used to perfect my writing. As I would prepare to write a paper that was significantly lengthy and required much review I commonly use outlines. These outline allowed me to form a skeleton for each paper which then were extended upon to form the full paper. This allowed me to change ideas and therefore large portions of the main projects simply through quick adjustments of the outline. In the project one synthesis I wrote my own outline to assist myself in…

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  • English 1302 Reflection Paper

    I learned is research since we had to find a lot of information for our papers. The course demands the student to write fifteen assignments, which means that almost every week there was a paper or a brief assignment to complete, thus making the class a laborious process. Although the course was going to be challenging from the beginning of the semester, the professor helped us alot even though we met in a classroom once a week. This class was not easy at all and I found various…

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  • Applying My Reflection

    to address the prompt and also strengthen my grammar and word usage. I made progress from the beginning of Lord of the Flies where I struggled with addressing the prompt and getting the main point across. I strengthened the weakness of not addressing the prompt by attempting to write thoroughly explicit bullet points for the writing prior to forming the rough draft. I then worked on ways that I could repair that mistake which then leads to attempting to make the prompt be addressed in a creative…

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