Figurative Language In Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms

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As the third quarter comes to a close, it’s an important time to reflect on the quarter and the year as a whole. In the past two months, I have been able to learn how to write a whole new type of essay, the synthesis essay, and improve my reading comprehension skills through reading A Farewell to Arms and multiple choice practice sets. With these new skills and the knowledge I have gathered from the first semester of the class, I feel like I am well on my way to take the AP Language & Composition exam in May. Overall, the third quarter has shown remarkable growth in my writing skills and in my ability to interpret and analyze literature.
This quarter, I was able to learn how to write a synthesis essay, which helped to build my writing skills.
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Through reading this book, I was able to improve my ability in analyzing and comprehending literature. The activities that we did in class really helped me to better understand the book. Colleen, Emily, and Molly’s lesson allowed me to realize how Hemingway’s description and lack of description contributed to the book. Through showing scenes from the movie of A Farewell to Arms, I saw how a lack of description can cause several different interpretations of one scene. Spencer, Jensen, and Rayan’s lesson on figurative language showed me the importance of figurative language in Hemingway’s novel. Lastly, through my own lesson, I saw the importance of foreshadowing in the novel. I saw how the weather set the scene for what was going to happen in the rest of the chapter. I saw how Hemingway’s style of foreshadowing differed from authors we have studied in the past. The activities and lessons that we did in class during the book definitely enhanced my understanding of the novel. The Socratic circle at the end of the book also deepened my understanding of the novel. Through the discussion, I realized how Hemingway skips passed the happy parts of Henry’s life such as his vacation and the winter months with Catherine. I also noticed how Hemingway was an ambulance driver during World War I just like Henry and that the story might actually mirror his life. The discussions and activities definitely furthered my understanding of A Farewell to

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