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  • My Teaching Experience Essay

    the kids were out of control. Being the daughter of a stickler elementary teacher, I think I must have inherited the “get control of your class” gene. As I called the class down, every student hurried to their chair, ready to listen for further instructions. The Spanish lesson went well. As I left the substitute teacher made the comment, “you are a natural, just like your dad.” Was I really that strict? Oh no, I thought, I’m acting like my dad! Weeks went by each week better than the one before. The last lesson finally came; we did an art project, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, a Spanish holiday. We made pasta necklaces! The kids loved the art project and gave us a gift to thank us for all the lessons. It was such a great experience. That was when I knew with out a doubt, I was a natural born…

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  • Teaching Experience: Dr. Best Teaching And Learning Experience

    Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience. Dr. Best and I discussed…

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  • My Teaching Experience: Life Is A Series Of Experiences

    Henry Ford once uttered, “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this.” There are so many experiences and events that we face and go through in our everyday life in which we don’t have the time to think of how it has influenced us positively or negatively. Similarly, going to school in New York was full of experiences like a rollercoaster where it had ups and downs. Teachers, and other staff members always knew me as a…

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  • My Teaching My Experience: Reflection And Refraction

    one as teachers have to modify our lesson so students can fully understand the concept being taught. I also feel that when time is an issue I as the teacher have to modify and sometimes simplify the activities so all the things that need to be taught in one class can be taught. In addition, when delivering my lesson I learned that it is important to know all the concepts that we are teaching in order to not miss anything when teaching a lesson. Furthermost, I feel that sometimes I add so many…

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  • The Importance Of Opinion Planning, Classroom Management And Teaching Experience

    classroom management and teaching practice. I have been placed Ryde Secondary College that partially selective high school that mean mathematics classes is operating in two different categories such as selective classes and normal classes that is consists of local students who lives in their catchment areas and commenced on 20.July 2015. I have withdrawn on 10th Aug that decisions made by PEU. During my prac, I have taught Yr 7(ME) , Yr7(MC)-one lesson only , Yr 9 (MC) class and Yr10(MC) one…

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  • Teaching Experiences

    what meaningful teaching is I interviewed two different teachers. First, Mrs. Cox is a self-contained third through fifth grade special education teacher with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of Special Education. Then, I interviewed Miss Mundy an inclusive first grade classroom teacher with five years of teaching experiences. Although there are many differences between Mrs. Cox and Miss Mundy, such as year experience, classroom settings, and grade levels, their answers to the…

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  • Teaching Experience Teaching Statement

    Teaching Statement Teaching Experience My first experience teaching in classroom was during my senior year in college, I started learning the dynamics of teaching and learning as a volunteer chemistry tutor. As I helped other student’s puzzles over basic concept of chemistry, I gained tremendous amount of knowledge in an attempt to answer questions evolving from the discussion. That experience actually helped me to understand the teaching and learning are inseparable. Teaching Assistant: After…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Experience

    I have over ten years of teaching experience which includes teaching in both the United States and abroad. My work experience also involved teaching both ground and online classes. My experiences have taught me how to be flexible in differing environments and prepared me to deal with students of diverse backgrounds. Positive *Patient: I work diligently to make sure my students get the best and most appropriate education. Working with diverse populations has taught me to allow students…

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  • Teaching Experience Reflection

    I think here, in the mission statement, what we do is what teaching is all about and what being a student is all about, if that makes any sense. Because we are able to teach in so many lessons that they are not going to learn. Teaching moments, that are so much bigger than the classroom. For me, you learn all about the kids and their relationships and their struggles and what they are going through and you can actually help them with their family issues or their breakups and all those…

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  • Teaching Experience In The Classroom

    I was asked one time, if given a super teaching power what would it be? Instantly I replied telepathy, because if I could know the many needs of my students, I could design appropriate instruction that would best fit their needs. With proper instruction the classroom environment is supportive of diverse learners, students are actively engaged in the lesson, and students’ ideas are respected and explored. Without this great respect for learning, the students’ problem behaviors emerge and become…

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