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  • Teaching Experience Analysis

    1. How does it feel teaching today compared to when you first started? Throughout the years, did you learn any new teaching methods? If so, which one was the most efficient? What has been your favorite aspect of teaching all these years? There is a lot more challenges and expectations related to the students. For example, I’ve noticed that children have more needs nowadays than years ago when I first taught. I have to teach a lot more using different modalities and do a lot of small group instruction so that has been a big change. When I first started doing guided reading groups as well as guided math groups; when you do those things, you’re meeting with a smaller group of children who have homogeneous needs. You have the ratio between students…

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  • Peer Teaching Experience Essay

    In Hugh and Future’s peer teaching session, they had taught Chinese and music with the learning aims of learning how to write several Chinese characters and how to construct basic rhythm notes with pen-tapping beats. For the first twenty minutes, students learnt Chinese, specifically how to write basic characters and how to pronounce them with interesting stories and a humorous, yet informative supplement video. After watching at video, students assessed their learning by themselves through the…

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  • Teaching Experiences

    what meaningful teaching is I interviewed two different teachers. First, Mrs. Cox is a self-contained third through fifth grade special education teacher with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of Special Education. Then, I interviewed Miss Mundy an inclusive first grade classroom teacher with five years of teaching experiences. Although there are many differences between Mrs. Cox and Miss Mundy, such as year experience, classroom settings, and grade levels, their answers to the…

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  • Teaching Experience In The Classroom

    I was asked one time, if given a super teaching power what would it be? Instantly I replied telepathy, because if I could know the many needs of my students, I could design appropriate instruction that would best fit their needs. With proper instruction the classroom environment is supportive of diverse learners, students are actively engaged in the lesson, and students’ ideas are respected and explored. Without this great respect for learning, the students’ problem behaviors emerge and become…

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  • Experience 5 Years Teaching

    emerged, included: experience (years teaching), the teacher’s perceptions of students, training, the type of service models, and the demographics (rural socioeconomic). Experience-Years Teaching: According to this article, years teaching experience plays a factor in impacting on teachers’ beliefs about ELLs in their mainstream classrooms. In addition, the author included studies done by researchers that support this notion and found that: the more years teachers worked with ELLs, the more…

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  • Essay On Micro Teaching Experience

    When planning the micro-teaching experience, it is essential to ensure the activities are suitable while also remaining engaging and meaningful to the target and incidental audience. Students from the year one class at West End State School and a diverse range of students from the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital are given the opportunity to participate in a performing arts experience planned by QUT preservice teachers. As we are unaware of the specific ages of the students from the hospital, we…

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  • My Experience: A Reflection Of The Classroom Teaching Experience

    Reflection About Classroom Teaching Experience Being an educator is a challenge and a new learning experience each time. As an educator, I am entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the way students think and feel in the classroom. I have always wanted to be an educator and share my experiences with the new generation of nurses. When I was assigned to work with professor Lynette Rayman to do my classroom teaching experience, I was thrilled because the topic I chose was chronic kidney…

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  • Community Teaching Experience: Diabetes

    Community Teaching Experience According to Maurer and Smith (2013, p.17), “teaching is the process of imparting cognitive knowledge, skills, and values.” So, nurses have a special role in caring for the ill and preventing diseases due to their knowledge of many skills. More so, a community health nurse has special opportunities to foster human development and capabilities through client education. Furthermore, a primary responsibility of community health nurses is teaching to promote health.…

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  • Reflection Paper On Teaching Experience

    ACTUAL TEACHING EXPERIENCES Day 1 It was a dream, a dream come true. I was really excited and at the same time nervous. It was the reality being in my pre-service training, new faces, new environment and a lot of experiences to develop myself and my teaching skills. This is the day that I first met my cooperating teacher. She is Ms. Mary Kristelin joie C. Esmen. She is beautiful, still young and I feel that she is kind. At first, she wants me to feel comfortable with her. She gave me pieces of…

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  • Personal Experience: My Experience As A Teaching Assistant

    My first placement took place at a special educational needs (SEN) secondary school where I was employed as a teaching assistant. My duties were varied as I would often help children who struggled with the work because of their disabilities but also perform menial tasks such as photocopying. However by doing all of this I gained valuable experience of working in a school, knowledge of learning difficulties and improved upon many of my transferable skills. Communication skills Throughout my time…

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