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  • Teaching Experience Teaching Statement

    Teaching Statement Teaching Experience My first experience teaching in classroom was during my senior year in college, I started learning the dynamics of teaching and learning as a volunteer chemistry tutor. As I helped other student’s puzzles over basic concept of chemistry, I gained tremendous amount of knowledge in an attempt to answer questions evolving from the discussion. That experience actually helped me to understand the teaching and learning are inseparable. Teaching Assistant: After graduating college, I took a position as a teaching assistant at university of Colombo where I taught general chemistry and analytical chemistry labs. I was appointed as a tutor for physical chemistry, and General chemistry. In 2008, I have joined the Open University of Sri Lanka where I expanded my teaching skills. I was tasked with teaching different chemistry laboratory classes such as organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry. The process of explaining chemistry concepts to first year undergraduate students in a way that is meaningful to them was challenging but extremely fascinating. The key is to start from the known to unknown and make connection to day-to day chemical related events. In the process I developed the ability to present complex chemical process in a simple logical manner that helps students make connection between science and “real life”. I was satisfied with my teaching methods until I began my PhD program at Texas Tech University (TTU). From the…

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  • Teaching Experiences

    To get a better understanding of what meaningful teaching is I interviewed two different teachers. First, Mrs. Cox is a self-contained third through fifth grade special education teacher with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of Special Education. Then, I interviewed Miss Mundy an inclusive first grade classroom teacher with five years of teaching experiences. Although there are many differences between Mrs. Cox and Miss Mundy, such as year experience, classroom settings, and…

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  • Teaching Experience: Dr. Best Teaching And Learning Experience

    Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience. Dr. Best and I discussed…

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  • Teaching Mentorship Experience: My Teaching And Mentoring Experience

    Teaching and Mentoring Experience Teaching has been a fundamental component of my academic training. I have been actively involved in teaching undergraduates and mentoring both high school and undergraduate research students throughout my doctoral and postdoctoral work at the City University of New York (CUNY). I taught General Chemistry (I & II) laboratory courses and recitation sections at Queens College of CUNY for three years and General Chemistry laboratory courses at the City College of…

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  • Teaching Experience: My Best Teaching And Learning Experience

    procedures and practices that we use in the classroom or online and this is not an easy task. Stories open up communication with the students and can identify you as a teacher. Stories can be viewed from different viewpoints and perspectives, depending on your belief and value system. Telling stories invite others to see you as a teacher and can reveal to us as teachers, how much we know and don 't know. Keywords: understanding, teachers, communication, classroom, online teaching,…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Experience

    I have over ten years of teaching experience which includes teaching in both the United States and abroad. My work experience also involved teaching both ground and online classes. My experiences have taught me how to be flexible in differing environments and prepared me to deal with students of diverse backgrounds. Positive *Patient: I work diligently to make sure my students get the best and most appropriate education. Working with diverse populations has taught me to allow students…

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  • Teaching Experience Reflection Paper

    Diabetes Education Community Teaching Due: April 13, 2014 Diabetes Power Point at QCP This diabetes power point was presented at an adult community center in Queens, New York called QCP. This power point highlights the importance of educating yourself on disease and more specifically diabetes. Unlike other diseases that can be managed using only medication, diabetes requires day to day knowledge of the disease including nutrition, exercise and different levels of medication. Type II…

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  • The Importance Of Community Teaching Experience

    Community Teaching Experience According to Maurer and Smith (2013, p.17), “teaching is the process of imparting cognitive knowledge, skills, and values.” So, nurses have a special role in caring for the ill and preventing diseases due to their knowledge of many skills. More so, a community health nurse has special opportunities to foster human development and capabilities through client education. Furthermore, a primary responsibility of community health nurses is teaching to promote health.…

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  • My Personal Teaching Experience

    really opened my eyes to the idea of this, as I was comparing my videos I could easily notice strong and weak points. Although it is early in the teaching journey this critical analysis of myself will allow me to grow early and break bad habits early on. When analyzing my two personal teaching episodes a lot of things stick out immediately. In my first episode I seemed nervous and was lacking confidence when speaking to my students; which is a given considering it was a first experience…

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  • My Teaching Experience Essay

    and help him “get ready” for the new school year. My dad is a teacher and always encourages me to follow my dreams. I have seen the power teachers have over students. I remember somebody asking my dad what he taught. My dad responded, “I teach children of all shapes and sizes. I teach the child with the house key around his neck. I teach the boy who walks in everyday with a new pair of Nikes. I teach the child who goes home to an empty house and calls to…

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