Essay on Population Explosion

  • Prison For Profits By Carl Mollins

    mass incarceration rates in the United States. It does nothing for prisoners and does not save taxpayer money. In Carl Mollins’ article “Prison for Profits”, Mollins makes several assertions to support the privatization of the country’s prisons. Mollins argues that public demand for sterner action against crime and harsher punishment of criminals resulted in laws that increased prison time for inmates. This legislation demanded by the public resulted in an explosion of the prison population in the United States. The explosion of the prison population has resulted in an explosion of prison costs that can be controlled by the privatization of prisons. The fixed per prisoner per day charged by private prisons is cost effective while providing proper care to prisoners. Finally, Mollins emphasizes throughout his article the positive aspects of the profitability of the private prison industry and it prospects for growth. While legislative enactments have increased lengths of incarceration, an explosion of prison population and prison costs, neither the legislation or its effects were caused by public demand. While private prisons do save money and result in profits for the owners of the prison companies, they do not provide proper care for prisoners. In the “Prisons for Profit” article Carl Mollins argues that the creation of private prisons reflects the public’s demand for sterner action against crime and harsher punishment for criminals . He further states that politicians…

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  • The History Of The Manhattan Project

    had the ability to split an atom’s nucleus and trigger an extremely destructive explosion. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, hesitant at first, agreed to the creation of The Manhattan Project with the goal of harnessing the newly found power source and developing a nuclear weapon. The United States had finally entered the global nuclear arms race, but many still had their reservations. Joseph Rotblat, a physicist that left The Manhattan Project and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts for…

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  • The Disasters And Causes Of The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

    and another that was severely damaged in a hydrogen explosion. The three reactors melted down due to the tsunami wiping out the Emergency Diesel Generators(EDG). The purpose of the EDGs were to supply backup power to run the cooling systems in the event of an earthquake. Since the tsunami went over the plant’s seawall it wiped out the EDGs which caused the reactors to be unable to cool themselves. Reactor one melted down at a temperature of 2300 degrees Celsius. On March 12th there was an…

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  • Survival Is Your Business: Engineering Ruins And Affect In Nuclear America, By Joseph Maco

    argues that the Unite States government used tactics during the Cold War to incite a level of fear in the American population about a possible nuclear war. Masco writes, “I show that the early Cold War state sought explicitly to militarize U.S. citizens through contemplating the end of the nation-state, creating in the process a specific set of ideas and images of collective danger that continue to inform American society in powerful and increasingly complex ways” (362). According to Masco’s…

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  • Case Study: Lack Of Ethics In Chernobyl Engineering

    Lack of Ethics in Chernobyl Explosion When people think about catastrophic disasters that have occurred throughout human history, one of the first things that come to mind is when the titanic sunk due to flaws in engineering design. Later in time, another tragedy took place which resulted in countless losses of life, thus causing the public to be exposed to a large quantity of radioactive particles. The event that took place was named Chernobyl. The town that was evacuated remains a barren…

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  • Essay On Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

    Chernobyl’s explosion from nuclear reactor 4 is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and was the first and only disaster to be classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale until the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster (NEI, 2016a). Due to the explosion in reactor 4, high levels of radioactive contamination was released on to the ground and into the atmosphere spreading over all countries in the northern hemisphere (UNSCEAR, 2012) Background…

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  • Argument About Abortion

    she had to think and overcome any adversities to make that decision. People who do not support abortions also can sympathize with it when understanding her story. In contrast, other people who support abortions sometimes feel wrongdoing if someone has done it to many times and underestimated its impact. How abortions affect our society? People think abortions are murder, but on another hand, it contributes to help a country sustainability. For example, the abortions curb the population…

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  • Disparity In The Prison Population

    to Pettit and Western (2004) “The U.S. penal population increased six fold between 1972 and 2000, leaving 1.4 million men in state and federal prisons by the end of the century”(p. 151). This enormous prison population makes the U.S prison population the largest in the world as of today. The prison population explosion that happened during the time period of 1972-2000 was caused by many factors, however this population was disproportionately that of minorities. During the 1980’s there was a…

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  • Reasons For The Increase Of Human Population

    Increase of Human Population Ever since the industrial revolution occurred in the 1800’s the total human population has been increasing and still is increasing. Our human population is said to be around 7.3 billion people, scientists have predicted that in the next 10-20 years the human population will increase and reach around 10 billion people. Of course each country has a different human population there are counties with huge number of human population and others with low number of human…

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  • The Importance Of Safety In Engineering

    small difference between draft and reality can lead to engineering disaster. For some engineers who hold the speed as the highest goal, they had left several sever disasters caused by flaws in their engineering design; from their unforgettable experience, engineers put more thought in to the design before crews start construction. For example, engineering students can learn from some well-known catastrophes involved Tacoma Bridge’s collapse, Space Shuttle Challenger explosion disaster, and the…

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