Purpose in Life Essay

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  • My Life: The Meaning And Purpose Of Life

    Pablo Picasso once proclaimed, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away,” a statement that resonates strongly with me. While many search for an astounding revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, I believe that it is a simple as Picasso stated: to find our gifts and put them to good use. I have been blessed with compassion and an affinity for science, gifts which lead me to trust that my purpose in life is to become a doctor. While there are a great number of people who knew from the time they were children that they wanted to be a doctor when they grew up, I was not one of them. Rather, my desire to go into medicine was born as a result of the culmination of my life experiences thus far. Until I was in seventh grade, I did not possess much of an interest in science; I was more of reader. However, that year, my school hired a new science teacher and because of her, I fell in love with biology. My passion for the subject has only grown since then, which makes it impossible for me to imagine a future for myself that does not involve science. When contemplating my future, the other component I cannot see it without is the ability to help others each day. Together, these two desires have pointed me towards a career in medicine. Once the thought of becoming a doctor first crossed my mind, I knew it was meant to be. On the surface, it fulfilled my desire for a stable job that aligned with my interests. However, I soon realized…

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  • Purpose Of Life Essay

    11. What is PURPOSE of Life? • Not all terrestrial humans are without a ‘gut feeling’ that LIFE HAS TO HAVE A MEANING! There is wide range of questions, usually with implying answers, on True Purpose of Life, IF there is one, in formulations such as: ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘What 's it all about?’, ‘Who are we?’, ‘What is the reason to live?’ ‘What is the purpose of one 's life?’, ‘What are we living for?’, ‘What is the origin of life?’, ‘What is the nature of reality?’, ‘What are we…

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  • Purpose Of Life Essay

    can ask of anyone is for them to define is , 'What the meaning of life is? '. It stirs the subconscious to wonder that perhaps there is a particular ultimate objective of your life. In order to reach that breakthrough a person will need to reach the affirmation that there is a game plan for them to satisfy in this lifetime, they don 't just exist to exist. To do so each individual must choose from among the reasons of what they believe their life purpose behind existing is. This will be…

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  • The Bhagavad Gita And The Purpose Of Life

    Ian L. Montesclaros Professor Andrew Reinsch Religion 231 December 8 2016 The Bhagavad Gita and the Purpose of Life Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered if my existence in this world had a purpose. Was I born with an obligation to fulfil? Does everyone have the same purpose? Because of my curiosity, I wanted my topic for my research to be on the purpose of life. In this paper, my goal is to reveal the purpose of life using the Bhagavad Gita from John D. Smith’s the Mahabharata as my primary…

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  • The Purpose Of My Life Essay

    ”What is the purpose of my life?”….”Why does God created me?” There are probably millions of people ask these question every day. In fact, all of us tend to forget the answer of these question because of different problems we are facing today. We exist because we have different purpose in our life and it’s important to know the purpose why God created us. Life is very meaningful whether we want it to be or not. Even though we are living in a world where we are all sinners, indeed life…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of Life

    love and mercy, grace and many other qualities that the Lord our God has exemplified in us, his children. “The meaning of your life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”-Pablo Picasso. Although that it is proclaimed in evolutionary psychology that biologically speaking we are just composed of many cells working all together towards just sustaining the life force that is within us. Even though not a biblical view we can see that as people, our purpose in life is to find…

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  • Socrates Purpose Of Life

    Throughout history, people have asked what is the purpose of life? Many people would have different purposes; however, they would generally be the same. Some people would answer that the purpose of life is money and property, while others would say the purpose of life is happiness and family. Despite having different purposes, they question the purpose of life. Before his death in 399 B.C.E, Greek philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”1 In order to live a…

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  • Nietzsche: Meaning And Purpose Of Life

    If life had a purpose, then why do people still question themselves? The meaning or purpose of life is constantly being questioned by individuals every single day and for some, they never find the answer to it. This question is such an important question according to several of my classmates, yet when I asked them why they didn 't have an answer to it. I then continued to ask people around the school, in my church, in my youth group and anywhere else that I had the chance and was astonished to…

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  • The Purpose Of A Mature Christian Life

    Continuing to research and understand why recreational drug use can not coincide with a mature Christian life, we must understand what a mature Christian’s purpose is. There are many people who think that one can be a mature Christian and still be involved in earthly pleasures, but this false idea is disproven by 2 Timothy 2:4 when it states, “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” Through this statement,…

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  • Existentialism In Grendel: The Purpose Of Life

    A struggle to extract a purpose to life in a hostile and unsympathetic environment raises the question: Is life created, accompanied by intrinsic meaning, or is meaning shaped by what one conceives of his or herself? Grendel was tormented by his inability to discover his purpose and by the hostility of his world. In the environment, the least consciously intelligent of animals are confined and limited by their instinctually bestial obstinacy. Grendel views them as a component of his hostile…

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