Socrates Purpose Of Life

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Throughout history, people have asked what is the purpose of life? Many people would have different purposes; however, they would generally be the same. Some people would answer that the purpose of life is money and property, while others would say the purpose of life is happiness and family. Despite having different purposes, they question the purpose of life. Before his death in 399 B.C.E, Greek philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”1 In order to live a fulfilling life, Socrates believed that one must examine self and the world around. Through movies, Socrates death, YouTube clips and even my personal experience, one is able to see the importance of life and the future. In American Beauty2, Click3 and The Bucket List4, …show more content…
Toward the end of Socrates life, Socrates realized how much of an impact he had on other people 's life and the legacy he was going to leave behind. Throughout Socrates life, he would question the universe, Gods, and the meaning of life. Socrates did this by holding discussions with everyday citizens. Many people started to see Socrates 's viewpoint in these discussions and question past beliefs like mythology. As this revolution of ideas, theories, and questions started to grow, it slowly started to upset some people. In particular, the group of people who were upset the most were the elders and sophist because they feared that their old beliefs and ideologies were slowly fading away. As a result, Socrates was put on trial and was sentenced to death. On his death bed, Socrates 's facial expression lacked sorrow or regret, which probably meant that he examined his life and would love to live his life for eternity.5 Socrates knew that death was inevitable and everyone would die one day. Socrates also knew that throughout his life he had lived a happy life and was ready to move on, which is seen from him pointing up to a higher

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