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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    Alicia Becker was the name of my mother 's grandma. My mom spent a lot of time with my Grandma Betty’s parents. She went to visit them every weekend and they always stayed with herfamily when they came to Bismarck overnight. Grandma Betty’s mother was very important to my grandmother, she was the matriarch of the family. A lot of people say my Grandma Betty is just like her very loving, but very tough. Great-Grandma Becker had to work very hard to take care of her family. She had 11 children and

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    When I look at every generation of my family, I notice that there are both similarities and difference in the way we were raised. In my family, it always seemed that the older generation wanted to make the lives of the younger generation better than what they had. This can especially be seen in the way my maternal grandmother, my mother, and I were raised by our parents and how we have gone on to live our lives. Each of us grew up in a different time, but many of the core ideals in our family have

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  • My Grandmother, My Mother

    Jennie Mae Allen is my grandmother, my mother’s mother. When I go to see my grandparents in North Carolina my grandmother she has a; great spirit, big on her Christian faith and despite her health challenges has amazing grit. My grandparents raised three children my mom being the eldest, my Uncle James and the youngest my Uncle Tony. The oldest, my mom, has three children me being the oldest, my middle sister who is fifteen Mya and my youngest sisters Michaela who is six. My Uncle James has two

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  • My Grandmother Is The Type Of Person

    It has taken me almost twenty-one years to realize how extraordinary my grandmother is. She is the type of person you might read about in history books. When I was fifteen my grandmother told me a story I will never forget. It was the heart breaking story of her life. She grew up in post war communist Poland. “When I was three, my five year old sister and I would walk miles across a forest just to get a pint of milk from the soldiers” she told me. Life in Poland after World War 2 was tragic for

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  • My Life With My Grandmother

    woman Queen Latifah. Thought-out my walk in life, I have made gruesome and pleasant decisions, on relationships and the way I carry myself in life. Now that I am in college, I have been thinking about getting an edgy, rough cut. On the hand Michigan weather makes you wish there was long hair down your back. Let’s learn what relationships contributed to the decisions I basic my life off of. They say that opposites attract, yet my grandmother and mother don’t attract. My whole life I’ve had an unpleasant

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  • My Story Of My Grandmother

    I love to read, I started young. My aunt Eshe brought me story books from her childhood. Old and seriously withered, and when I was little I loved them so much. My favorite one was about a young maid. She lived in a house with her evil step mother who was so harsh and strict. She couldn’t leave unless it was to work, she had to clean the whole house and cook the meals. Then in the end a handsome prince liberates the maid from her sorrow. In the book he was drawn to have blond hair almost close to

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    In this paper I choose to interview my grandmother. I thought that her experience with adulthood and different changes that happen in her life would be an interesting story to share and know more about. Saadia is 76 years old and she is my paternal grandmother which I lived with her all my life before I got married and move to the United States. My grandmother is from Morocco. Her parent never send her to school. When she was a little girl she lost her father and when she turned to the early adulthood

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    When my grandfather passed away in 2008, everything changed. However, it wasn’t the actual passing of my grandpa that impacted me the most; it was the influence it had on my grandmother. My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease, and his last few years were very difficult. It got to the point where my grandmother was unable to care for him in their home, so he stayed in a nursing home for a while. When his days became more and more numbered, we decided to bring him home so he could be in a nice, familiar

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  • My Childhood Of My Grandmother

    the most was losing my grandmother and my great grandmother the same year. Ever since I could remember both my grandmothers were always in and out of the hospital with fighting cancer, getting really sick, or breaking a bone. I never knew what was happening since I was so young. On my 15th birthday I was explained to about my grandmother only having 6 months or less because she was dying from cancer. She was the closest person to me. Most of my life was always my and grandmother and I. When I didn’t

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  • Personal Narrative : My Family And My Grandmother

    During the summer of 2015, my family and I had traveled over two thousand miles via plane to Honduras. My mother had planned this trip to visit our relatives in Honduras. This trip was not unlike any of my previous visits. The hot weather was just as sweat inducing as I had remembered. Its foreign roads were as bumpy as the last time I had been on them. Even the local cuisine was equally as mouthwatering as my last meal made in Honduras. Honduras had not changed. I had changed. I was older now, more

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  • My Father And My Grandmother

    My father went to high school between 1968 and 1972 in a town called Fowler, CA right outside of Fresno. I went to high school between 2010 and 2014 in Clovis. FAMILY COMPOSITION My father was the baby of three older siblings. First was my Aunt Mary who was 14 years older than him and passed away when he was 17 at the age of 30. Second is my Aunt Anne who is exactly nine years older than my father (they have the same birthday) who married her husband Fred when my dad was 15. She had her

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  • My Childhood Of My Grandmother

    As a young child, at the age of 9, I was always in the care of my grandmother because my parents worked from eight in the morning until around seven or eight at night, so after school my grandmother and I would spend quality time together. It was only me and her most of the time because my older sister always had practices for some type of sport. My childhood was memorable due to my grandmother, so there wasn’t much I couldn’t be happy about. We usually got along very well, but everyone has bad days

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  • My Amazing Grandmother Is Perfect

    My Amazing Grandma Most people could say that the perfect grandmother does not exist. I actually disagree. What I know for a fact is that my grandmother is perfect. My grandmother is perfect in every way; the way she dresses, the way she moves, the way she behaves, the way she speaks, etcetera. Sometimes, I just think that it could be great, if I could be a little bit of what she is. Her great personality is full of other amazing qualities. I’m going to start by describing the way my grandma looks

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  • My Great Grandmother Of My Grandmothers Side

    another to have a relationship. My great grandmother of my grandmothers side, whom I addressed to as GeeGee, was from Warners NY. She was a very humorous person, and always voiced her opinion. She was one of seventeen children. After her mother passed away from a car accident, GeeGee had been given the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings. She also never drove a vehicle day in her life, and died from old age in her late nineties. Her husband, my great grandfather, went to war in

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    The oldest living relative in my family is my Grandmother Lou on my mother’s side. All of my other grandparents on my mother and father’s side have passed on. I called my Grandma Lou and asked her about my ancestors. She proceeded to tell me about how we have a book that goes way back and traces our ancestors but, sometime admit the chaos of life, it has been misplaced. My Grandma Lou said she would tell me the most she can remember about my ancestors and hopefully that will do. He was french man

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  • My Family And My Grandmother

    Interviewing my family including myself was interesting. I found fascinating stories and a taste of what it was like in the past. From interviewing my grandma, mother, son, and including myself I realize so much. I have noticed that there are many similarities, yet differences in our lives. Understanding each four generations is the best way to explain family life and what it was like to live in these past generations. I first interviewed my grandmother, Throng Sytha, she is 94 years old and still

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  • Personal Narrative : My Grandmother Of Six Grandchildren

    I was laughing in class with my cousins on a hot summer morning. “Get to work!” shouted Mrs. Scott in a very serious tone. Mrs. Scott is my grandmother, a very caring woman who is all about intellect. Every summer, she would set up chairs, tables, and a portable chalkboard in her backyard for my siblings, my cousins and I to make sure we were taught to the best of our abilities.     Summers with my grandmother was a hassle. She is a grandmother of six grandchildren, a Christian who is very dedicated

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    My grandparents worshiped my aunt who was only 10 months younger because to them she was prettier. Due to this she looked for love in all the wrong places. She was only sixteen years old when she got pregnant with her first child. Shermyra’s father left when my mom was only 5 months pregnant. My sister Shermyra was born on December 22, 1988, the day before my mother’s 17th birthday. Much of my views on relationships are based on those of both my mom and my grandmothers. Many of their children

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  • Generational Interview : My Grandmother

    Generational Interview My grandmother is 77 years old. Grandma stated that she grew up in Dallas Texas as a child and moved to North Louisiana at the age of seventeen and married my grandfather. My grandparents were married for fifty- eight years. In her early twenties, she graduated from Louisiana College in 1969 with a bachelor 's degree in education and, for about a year before I was born, worked as a Math teacher for the North East Senior College, in her new hometown of Saint Martin, Louisiana

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    visit, including me, I have two grandparents left. Both of them are grandmas their names are Monica Provost and Marlene Tauzell, who is my step grandma. Grandma Marlene I do not see a lot maybe once to three times a year because she lives in the cities with other relatives, while my Grandma Provost I see all summer but she leaves to California for the winter with my mom’s side of the family that lives there. Our Grandma Marlene is 79 and is very active in getting around, is socially active with her

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    morning like any other Saturday morning at least, that’s what I thought. My three daughters and I were living with my grandmother while I attended licensed practical nursing school. My middle daughter, Sharon, had missed school on that Friday. She said her stomach hurt and that she wanted to go spend the night with my sister (her aunt) so I let her. So this particular morning it was just the two girls Kiersten, Chasity, my grandmother and I at home. We were all sitting around laughing and talking, and

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  • Personal Narrative : My Grandmother Lived With My Mother

    Age I was sixteen years old when my maternal grandmother died from COPD. At that time, I was a sophomore in high school. There had been deaths in the family prior to my grandmothers passing, however this was my first experience with a death of an immediate family member. Location My grandmother lived with my mother since I was a toddler, and she let the family know that she was afraid of dying alone in a hospital. I’m not sure whether or not my grandmother had a desire to die at the time of her

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  • My Grandmother Of The Kitchen

    conversation with my grandmother. I was sitting at the kitchen table while my grandmother was in the kitchen cooking. Just being in her home reminds me of a summer breeze that 's filled with so much warmth. For those who don 't know my grandmother, she is a very nice person, but also private. My grandmother always bestow me with her words of wisdom every time I am there. Out of curiosity, I asked my grandmother a question. Which puzzled her when I asked what memories she had as a child. My grandmother had sat

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  • My Father And My Grandmother

    Two relatives of mine shaped up my life greatly: my father and my grandmother. Much of the reason why I’m a motivated, challenged person is because of my father. He would tell me stories of how his mother would motivate him to work hard at school. He was such a competitive person, whether it was education or sports. He would receive the top marks at his classes, and he would then go on to move to the United States in 1983 to continue his studies. He became a graduate of Columbia University with two

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  • The Death Of My Great Grandmother

    death of my great grandmother. She was so awesome and a very sweet lady. She also was a great role model to me. Over the years it has gotten easier to talk about her death. It all started on a Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for school. My grandma came in to my room and told us “go say bye to your Nana because she isn’t going to make it past today.” All I could think of at that moment was how I was no longer going to see her and have her for the good and the bad moments in my life. I can

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    remember waking up to my Dad crying out and repeating the same line, “Mom! No, Mom! Wake up!” and before I even had the chance to open my eyes I knew the one thing I dreaded the most happened, on March 11, 2011, my grandmother passed away. The tears were running down my face and I couldn’t get them to stop. It was a Friday the day she died and every Friday hasn’t been the same since. Friday is a day for me to reminisce on the memories my grandmother and I shared. My grandmother was like a second mother

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  • My Interview With My Grandmother

    2016, I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Koehler, via phone to learn more about her life as she grew up as well as how she feels today about growing older, what she wishes she had done when she was younger and what she will do in the future. I choose my grandmother due to the fact that there is a lot of information that I did not know about her life; I felt that it would be a fascinating experience to learn more about my grandmother as well as being able to answer inquiries that my children may have

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  • My Life Of My Grandmother

    village, in Mexico, where there were no health care professionals. My grandmother was one of the ladies in the village who would take care of the sick. She taught everything she knew to my mother. I remember, one day, my mother asking me to accompany her some ware. It was late at night, all of the dogs would bark at us as we walked by. I did not know where we were going. We came to a house where there was a child that was sick. I realized my mother had been asked to come and give the child a shot. I do

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  • My Mother Is My Grandmother

    has a grandmother. Childhood and life of each person not the same, so grandmother also different. No matter what happens to me, memories of her grandmother and the grandmother 's name from the most sacred things that I keep in my entire life with her, the women in my life important is my grandmother. She was my pride and she is also in principle affect my life from childhood to now. I have a whole childhood memories associated with her that until now and the future I will never forget. My mom has

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    “You’re my new grandma,” uttered by an innocent five year old child to her already smiling grandmother. At a very young age, my grandmother and I had a bond. Not exactly the type of connection that a child has with their own grandmother or grandfather, but I had a very special type of bond with my own grandmother. She is a very sweet lady who takes in her children and grandchildren whenever they needed something or someone. My grandmother is my calming ocean and vice versa. My grandmother was

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  • My Grandmother As A Woman

    enough my plan is to go visit my grandmother after this semester, to get her to record our history for the future generations in our family. Anyway, my family narrative focuses on the women in my family. I have always viewed my grandmother as a woman that personified strength and survival. As a young girl, she had to drop out of school to take care of her numerous siblings and her mother who got sick. Growing up in Berryville, Virginia has been all she has ever really known. My grandmother

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  • Personal Narrative : My Grandfather, Thaddeus, And My Grandmother

    In my young age, I always heard stories from my father. From the boring, old “When I was your age...” ones, and to the great exciting ones. These stories sailed through my mind like ships on endless voyages. They were my favorite and often were about my grandparents. They would play dangerous games that my parents would not think of letting me wrap my mind around today. My favorite ones involved my grandparents in their lives before they came to California. My grandfather, Thaddeus Jude Troxclair

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  • My Grandmother From My Family

    up I knew my grandmothers from both sides of the family because they were still alive. I did not see my grandfather from my parental side because he died before I was born, but I was able to see my grandfather from my maternal side. Also, I felt the tenderness of my grandfather’s love before he passed away when I was aged 4. I can remember whenever he came visiting to my house he brings plenty of candies; he also gave me money to buy more if the once he bought were not enough. I chose my Grandmother

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  • Interview : My Grandmother And My Mother

    Interview I interviewed my grandmother. My grandmother is 76 years old and she has been retired for 14 years. My grandmother and I interviewed via FaceTime due to schedule conflicts and distance. My grandmother is married and have been married for almost 38 years. During the interview, I noticed my grandmother was very happy talking about her life and accomplishments. She seemed to beam when talking about her children, grandchildren and her faith. However, there were some topics that did seem to

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  • My Grandmother By Pilar Gundlach

    up to? Or still look up to? For the longest time and still today I look up to my great grandmother. Her name was Pilar Gundlach, but I called her Lola, which means “grandmother” in Filipino. She was born on October 11, 1933 in Pampanga, Philippines. My grandmother went through a heavy amount of difficulties as a child. She was born during World War II and was a pre-teen through the Japanese occupation. After meeting my great grandfather and quickly marrying him at twenty six years old, she followed

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  • My Family : My Grandmother

    soul and make them hate themselves. Sadly, my relatives specifically my aunt did not feel that way. Last year my aunt died of breast cancer and it affected my mother badly even though they were not on good terms. My mother ultimately forgave her before she died so she can find peace and move on. Did her sister ask for her forgiveness though, that is something that mother has not told me. I was extremely baffled when my mom asked me to forgive her as well. My reaction was full of anger and disgust. How

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    Mamita I was crying on my grandmother’s shoulder excessively for about an hour before I could speak, “Why did he leave grandma? Why didn’t he say goodbye?” I couldn’t breathe as I said this, it felt as if my whole world was crashing down. My grandmother was hugging me wiping away my tears when she began to say, “mi amor (my love) I wish I could answer that question. He’s my son and I don’t even know why he left to Florida” as my grandmother said this I could see the pain in her eyes

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  • My Mother And My Grandmother

    It took my mother and I twelve years to come to this city, to Miami. We left Cuba when I was only eight years old. My mother had found a way for us to leave our home to join my grandmother, who was back then, living in Montreal, Qc, Canada. It was great for a while, the three of us together again. Until the day my grandmother couldn’t take it anymore, she was not legal, she had no papers at all. My grandmother left us again. She heard of some people who could get her to Miami without having to present

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  • My Experience With My Grandmother

    Education has been an important asset in my life spanning back to my childhood. My grandmother was an educator that stressed the importance of an effective education. She was my primary provider as well as my first teacher. She taught me courage, empathy, strength, compassion, and love. I adored her motivation to beat the odds regardless of her circumstances. As I reflect on my childhood, I remember traveling far from my home to a better school in a diverse neighborhood. I remember the long rides

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  • Personal Narrative : My Beloved Grandmother

    On April 16, 2015, my life as I knew it crumbed at my feet. I received the devastating news that we all encounter throughout the duration of our lives: “Grandma died.” On April 16th, my beloved grandmother passed away, exactly one week before my 16th birthday. On April 16th, I lost one of the women who I cherished the most. It was a typical Thursday. I awoke to the chirping of my alarm clock, went to school, ate the lunch I managed to get together two minutes before the bus left, rode the bus

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  • My Family History : My Grandmother

    Chapter One I was born on December 21, 1992, However, that is not the beginning of my story. My family history began far before 1992 in a small town called Holyoke Massachusetts in the year 1936. It just so happens that both of my grandparents on my Father 's side were born in March in 1936 in the same town. My grandmother was a first generation American her parents had emigrated from Poland in the early 1900 's, they wanted a better life and at that time, there were rumors of World War II making

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  • My Narrative : My New Narrative

    that was taken at the beginning of the course really reflects what my narrative was before taking the course. From the beginning I knew I wanted to live in a world where countries worked together regardless of difference. Nearing the end of the course this idea has not changed, but it has evolved with me throughout the course. Many of the ideas of the continuing revolution contributed to what is now my new narrative. My new narrative primarily focuses on the use of ecological consciousness, deep democracy

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  • My Great Grandmother, My Grandmother And My Mother

    over time. To prove this, I interviewed my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. I asked them what their opinions of single parent families and stepfamilies were; I was really surprised at the results that I received. My great grandmother is ninety-five and she has actually been married several times. Most of her remarriages stem from her husbands passing away. My grandmother, her daughter, has had several step dads. When I asked my great grandmother what her personal views on blended families

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  • Graduation Speech : My Grandmother

    June 24, 2013, the day my grandmother died for stomach cancer. My grandmother was a wonderful person. She was funny, sweet, kind, little blunt but overall loved you for you. One thing she wished for all of her grandkids was that all of us would go to college. When my mom told me that my grandma wished we would go to college it made my motivation to go to college even stronger. I’ve seen first-hand what not going to college can do to a family financially. What it can do to someone with their job.

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  • My Mom And My Grandmother

    My mom and I had raced to Kansas City from our house upon receiving a call from my grandma, saying that my great grandma was probably going to pass soon. This moment in time, my great grandmother was laying in the hospital bed with a weakening heart beat and a sluggish look on her face. I was standing at the foot of the bed with my mom to her side holding her hand. Her son, my grandfather, was at her other side. Along with his sister and my grandma. We all knew that she was about to pass,

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  • Personal Narrative : My Grandmother 's Voice

    My Grandmother’s Voice As a child I was always confused by the characteristics of my grandmother, whom I called Mommom. I was born an analyzer. My determination of whether someone was a friend or foe was always by process of careful analysis. Not that I would ever come to a conclusion of this analysis within a short meeting. My analysis of a person always had much thought and consideration. However, I found it difficult to analysis my Mommom when I was growing up. She was firm

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  • My Experience With My Grandmother

    In my life I have had many experiences with The Elderly. My Grandmother who is in her 70’s has taught me a lot about life. She has a lot of good advice that she likes to share with me, such as never stopping on the train tracks with your car and to never use your Iphone before you go to bed or it will take you longer to fall asleep because of the light. My Grandma has always been a big inspiration in my life she not only offers me very positive and useful life advice but, she was always positive

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  • My Grandparents And My Grandmother

    The two older adults I choose to interview were my grandparents. My grandmother, Mae, is seventy-seven years old and was born in Korea on May 19th. My grandfather, Paul, is seventy-nine years old and was born November 12th, in Mississippi. My grandmother is full Korean and my grandfather is full African American. I’ve heard the heard the stories of my grandmothers childhood ever since I, myself, was a child. My grandmother grew up in Korea and honestly did not have much of a childhood. Since she

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  • My Grandmother Is Very Clumsy

    Unshakable Family The sound of loud sirens and flashing colorful lights outside my window woke me up instantly. I sprung out of bed and rushed outside to meet the ambulance speeding down my gravel driveway. When I got outside, I heard my mom call my name from the inside of my grandparents house. I wondered what it could be. Both of my grandparents are in very healthy conditions. Although, my grandmother is known to be very clumsy. Her finest stories always seem to be from when she is on a mission

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  • My Memories Of My Grandmother

    one familiar smell can bring back so many memories? The smell that can bring me back to my past and fill my heart with joy from the memories. The biggest memory that peppermint brings back for me is my Grandma. My Grandma was an amazing woman, she always wore a certain perfume and still to this day I am not entirely sure what the perfume was but it had some type of peppermint fragrance to it. My Grandmother and I used to do everything together, whenever I walked into the house to sit and visit

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