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  • William Shakespeare Biography

    What was Shakespeare Biography? Who was William Shakespeare? Where was he born? Where did he go to school? How did William Shakespeare live his life from the beginning to the ending? William Shakespeare’s life became a great mystery with lack of evidence to support any findings. His schooling, his family and parents will be revealed in my paper. Who were William Shakespeare’s parents? The parents of Mr. Shakespeare were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden Shakespeare. Mary Arden married William

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  • Nelson Mandela - Biography Essay

    sources. You need in-text citations. In APA: (last name author, year of publication). Check APA Guidelines. References Apartheid in south africa. (n.d.). Retrieved from Nelson mandela. biography. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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  • A Foggy Biography Essay

    Despite the thought of purity, Plath was very troubled in her life. The biography of Plath in The Norton Anthology of American Literature explains, “Plath’s well-known autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, has nothing of the brilliance of her poems, but it effectively dramatizes the stereotyping of women’s roles in the 1950’s, and the turmoil of a young woman only partly aware that her gifts and ambitions greatly exceed the options available toward her” (2598). In other words, she didn’t talk about

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  • The Biography of Buddha Essay

    This is important to consider when discovering Buddha’s biography because while it appears at first that Buddha progressed linear in his quest for Buddhahood, it is actually perceived more as a repeat to Buddhist. It is believed that there where over 300,000 Buddha’s prior to our Buddha. This does not diminish his achievement of enlightenment but demonstrates how Buddhist view the world, and will help people understand the reasons behind the lack of linear progressive single sacred text about Buddha

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  • Essay on Working Around the Limitations of Biography

    Among the school's greatest accomplishments was the rejection of traditional biography which isolated the individual, the end of the taboo surrounding unwritten evidence, and the enforcement of a dialogue with the sister disciplines in the human sciences.[3] The founders of this theory pursued the idea of a total history which, when all facets of a society were combined, created a historical reality. They made a serious attempt to combine scientific history and historicism.[4] Regardless whether

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  • Biography of Edwin Powell Hubble Essay

    fact farther and outside our Milky Way, as he calculated from his measurements that the Andromeda Nebula was approximately 900 000 light years away. This number through further analysis was later found to be approximately 2.4 million (Edwin Hubble Biography, 2014). All of this lead to the highly opposed conclusion of Hubble’s: that there are many other galaxies out in space and that the universe is not confined within our galaxy but rather goes beyond the Milky Way. In the midst of his new and highly

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  • biography of Alan Turing

    A Biography of Alan Turing, with Mathematics. From the middle name one may suspect a certain class value,although the "Math" bit is a strange coincidence. His father went to Oxford and then worked for the Indian Civil Service. His mother's father also worked in India. He was born in 1912, their second son. 1926 his father retired so perhaps he had something of normal family life from then on. Went to Sherborne, one of older public schools. Whilst there he became a close friend of Christopher

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  • Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe: a Spiritual Biography

    January 30, 2013 Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe: A Spiritual Biography In the seventeenth century, a form of writing emerged as the idea of religion began to change. Many writers used “spiritual autobiographies” when writing nonfiction pieces. Spiritual autobiographies and later, biographies, were particularly popular because of the emphasis on the Bible in the late 1600s. The concept of spiritual autobiographies and biographies continued well into the 1700s when Daniel Defoe was making his

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  • Essay about Film: A Biography of Mohandas Gandhi

    Although this was an extremely eye-opening movie, there were actually quite a few weaknesses but of course some strength throughout the film. This film is a biography of Mohandas Gandhi. But this film is very much about India as much as it is about Gandhi. Almost everything was centered on Gandhi as it should be. As they showed Gandhi’s impact on India, they failed to show the complexity of India’s history while under the rule of the British. The movie tried to give a portrayal of India’s history

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  • A Brief Biography of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Essay

    commit this act. At the grand jury they were released because William Marins, the only survivor, wasn’t able to identify the men as the ones from that horrible night. The two men were arrested again and taken to jail in October 1966 (Rubin Carter Biography). The men were tried by an all-white jury of triple homicide. Rubin Carter and John

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  • Biography Essay

    Part of my choice was affected by J.M Darhower’s line. And believe me, it was the best choice I’ve ever made; America’s intensely changed my life. From that point on, I use her quote as a motivation for me to live. I became brave enough to take the risks and challenges in everything I do, because if I don’t try, I would never know how far could I go and achieve. More than a year after our moving, my first brother dropped out of college and went back to Vietnam. A couple of months later, my second

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  • Biography Essay

    خ الفن‬ ‫والفلسفة في (جامعة فينا) ولكن ما كان‬ ‫مشغوفاً بالتوصل إليه هو جوانب محببة‬ ‫إلى نفسه من احلياة, كان مشغوفا أن يصل‬ ‫بنفسه إلى مثل روحية حقيقية كان يوقن‬ ‫أنها موجودة لكنه لم يصل إليها بعد.‬ ‫كانت العقود األولى للقرن العشرين تتسم‬ ‫ب ��اخل ��واء ال ��روح ��ي ل��أج �ي��ال األوروب� �ي���ة,‬ ‫أص�ب�ح��ت ك��ل ال�ق�ي��م األخ��الق �ي��ة متداعية‬ ‫حت��ت وط��أة التداعيات املرعبة للسنوات‬ ‫التي استغرقتها احلرب العاملية األولى في‬ ‫الوقت الذي لم تبد فيه أي روحية جديدة‬ ‫7‬ ‫حممد اأ�صد يف الطريق

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  • Biography Essay

    Апсары уносят Сакунталу из дворца, и только спустя долгое время найденное рыбаком кольцо возвращает царю память, а с ней и горестное раскаяние. Проклятие, введенное Калидасой в сюжет мифа, коренным образом меняет соотношение и смысл событий. Мотив этот заимствован из эпоса. В эпосе ("Махабхарате") все непредвиденное, неожиданное, необъяснимое, включая перерождения и смерть, мотивируется обычно проклятиями мудрецов-аскетов. Проклятия эти имеют власть даже над богами и в этой своей функции непреложной

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  • Biography of Michael Jackson Essay

    effects, and a voice-over by actor Vincent Price. The video for “Thriller” became immensely popular, boosting sales for the already popular album. (Michael Jackson Biography) It stayed on the charts for 80 weeks holding the No. 1 spot for 37 weeks. Thriller earned 12 Grammy Award nominations and won 8 of those awards. (Michael Jackson Biography) Jackson received Grammy Awards for best rhythm and blues song, best pop vocal and best rock vocal. The songs that won him those awards were “Billie Jean,”

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  • Biography Maria Montessori Essay

    a very impressive record. At this time anything over a 100 was considered brilliant. Maria scored a 105 (Kramer, 1976). Shortly after, she was chosen as a representative of Italy at two different women's conferences (Maria Montessori: A Brief Biography). The first was in Berlin in 1896 and the second in 1900 in London. In November of 1896, she was asked to replace a surgical assistant at the place she was a medical assistant the previous year, Santo Spirito. While there she cared for patients more

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  • Political Biography

    Conor Samuels 9 March 2010 Professor Simon PSC 101 Political Autobiography In my life I have never had any political enforcement or strict religious influence. My parents were very lenient when it came too political preaching. I was taught to be a caring and respectful individual. My political understanding and beliefs have been molded from my early political memories and socialization experiences. As a young adult I have always strived to become knowledgeable about political

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  • Biography of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

    Now that we have talked about Edgar Allen Poe’s early life let’s move on to his childhood. The editorial team of Edgar Allan Poe’s biography states that from 1815 to 1820, the family lived in England. While in England, Poe got a good education at a school outside of London. Poe attended the grammar school in Irvine, Scotland for a short period in 1815, before rejoining the family in London in 1816. There, in London, he studied at a boarding school in Chelsea until summer 1817. In 1824, when

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  • My Biography Essay

    An actor varies her intonation, or an illustrator changes a line – and the story is new. In college, I studied illustrated books from an academic standpoint. I went to Vassar, where children's book writer Nancy Willard was on faculty. She introduced me to illustrator Barry Moser, and the interview he gave me was the centerpiece of my senior thesis. While I was there, I spent three years as a student assistant in Vassar's lab pre-school, and after graduation found work as an assistant teacher in a

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  • Essay on John Gotti Biography

    It was rough and they were tough and that’s all.” That about sums it up in a nutshell….and Gotti’s path was set. By age 18, Gotti was ranked by the police department as a lower-level associate of the Fatico crew. His confident, self-assuredness made him attractive to older gangsters and Gotti was a favorite student of the local heads of the Mafia. Before he was even 20 years old he had made quite a favorable impression on the Gambino family. Between the ages of 17 – 21, John Gotti was following

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  • A Biography of George Lucas Essay

    Shooting took months of eighteen-hour days, with Lucas overseeing the tiniest details until, at one point, he was hospitalized for hypertension. Lucas thought that the film would bomb at the box office, but a friend called him and told him what a success it was. People got out of the movie, and then got in line again. Star Wars grossed over $400 million dollars on it's initial run alone. It also created a giant merchandise business. The stress of directing Star Wars led Lucas to hire Irvin Kershner

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  • Biography of Toni Morrison Essay

    Branching Out Morrison became a professor at Princeton University in 1989, and continued to produce great works. In recognition of her contributions to her field, she received the 1993 Nobel Prize in Literature, making her the first African-American woman to be selected for the award. The following year, she published the novel Jazz, which explores marital love and betrayal. At Princeton, Morrison established a special workshop for writers and performers known as the Princeton Atelier in 1994.

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  • Shirley Jackson Biography

    Shirley Jackson was born on December 14, 1916 in San Francisco, California. She was the daughter of Leslie Hardie (President of Stecher-Traung Lithograph,Inc.) and Geraldine Bugbee Jackson. Miss Jackson attended the University of Rochester from 1934 to 1936. She graduated with a BA from Syracuse University in 1940. Shortly after graduating, she married Stanley Edgar Hyman, who was a literary critic and was on the faculty of Bennington college.. They moved to Vermont and had four children together

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  • Essay on Biography of Adolf Hitler

    Reinhold would sell and Adolf would paint the only problem was that Hitler discovered that he was cheating him. After 3 months Hitler broke their partnership. While he was at the Mannerheim he always interrupted talks about politics or Jews. He was always fascinated in politics and hated Jews more or same. He had such strong animosity to them. He blamed everything that is wrong with the Earth. I have a feeling that if he was alive today, he probably blame global warming on them. The harshness

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  • Biography of Abigail Adams Essay

    They also learned basic arithmetic to help prepare them for their role as housewives, when they would be required to balance budgets and settle accounts. Although some Massachusetts towns did have primary schools for girls, called "dame schools," most families took responsibility for the education of their daughters at home. The Smith girls were fortunate to have a father who loved learning and reading and who encouraged his children to share in this passion. To help with their education, William

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  • Essay on Jeremy Bentham Biography

    DeGeorge quotes Jeremy Bentham definition of Utilitarianism as followed: “Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that holds that an action is right if it produces, or if it tends to produce, the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people affected by the action. Otherwise the action is wrong. “(DeGeorge 44) This principal is based on factual thinking while excluding personal feelings, values and morals in the process of problems solving. The goal of this theory is to calculate the

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  • Micheal Jordan Biography Essay

    Young Michael was one of five children -- he had two brothers, Larry and James, and two sisters, Delores and Roslyn. Growing up, Michael Jordan adored baseball, but also played football and basketball. He was a very good pitcher in Little League and threw several no-hitters, coming one game away from leading his team to the Little League World Series. In 1975, Michael was named "Mr. Baseball" among players in his age group by the Dixie Youth Baseball Association. At one point, while pitching for

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  • Barry Humphries's Biography Essays

    A famous one is that he pointed at an audience suddenly and said “I'm trying to find a word to describe what you're wearing... affordable!” It is his strangeness that develops a love-hate relationship with all his audiences. His strangeness does not end with his uproariously funny performance, but also his hilarious dressing. Every time when he is on show, he must dress up exaggeratedly as Dame Edna Everage, a housewife living in Melbourne, or Sir Les Patterson, a foul-spoken Australian cultural

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  • Biography of Abraham Maslow Essay

    It was during this time that he came in contact with many European intellectuals that were immigrating to the US at that time—people like Adler, Fromm, Horney, as well as several Gestalt and Freudian psychologists. He served as the chair of the psychology department at Brandeis from 1951 to 1969. It was here that he began his crusade for a humanistic psychology—something ultimately much more important to him than his own theorizing. He spent his final years in semi-retirement in California

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  • Jeremy Lusk Biography Essay

    He sustained devastating head injuries, severe brain damage and irreparable spinal cord injury. It was apparent that Lusk would have minimal quality of life if he survived; nonetheless, doctors performed a five-hour surgery at Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital in San José in an attempt to save his life. He entered into cardiac and respiratory failure and died the next day.(New York) His full-face helmet sheared apart on impact with the landing surface and stopped the forward movement of his

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  • Cam Newton Biography Essay

    Stevens 5 Cam continued to play at an extremely high level all season (Gene). Two of his more high profile games were against LSU and Alabama (Gene). Against LSU, Cam had a play that is commonly referred to as his Heisman trophy sealing run (Gene). In the third quarter with the scored tied at 10, Cam took a snap and ran 49 yards for a touchdown, breaking multiple tackles along the way (Gene). While playing Auburn’s archrival Alabama, Cam and the Tigers fell quickly behind to a score of 24-0

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  • Babe Ruth. Biography Essay

    Ruth and other baseball legends made a special appearance at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 29, 1947 (Schumach). The entire day's receipts were turned over to the foundation. With this action sweeping the nation, an international youth baseball and softball league was created in 1954 to honor the player's memory. Today, the Babe Ruth League boasts more than 1 million-plus players on 56,622 teams worldwide (Varni). This story is told in the case of Johnny Sylvester. He was a little boy who’s life seemed

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  • Emily Dickinson Biography Essays

    Like Henry David Thoreau, she simplified her life so that doing without was a means of being within. In a sense she redefined the meaning of deprivation because being denied something--whether it was faith, love, literary recognition, or some other desire--provided a sharper, more intense understanding than she would have experienced had she achieved what she wanted: "heaven,'" she wrote, "is what I cannot reach!" This line, along with many others, such as "Water, is taught by thirst" and "Success

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  • Bill Gates: Biography Essay

    As of December 12, 1996, Gates' Microsoft stock holdings totaled 282,217,980 shares. In 1995, Gates wrote The Road Ahead, his vision of where information technology will take society. Co-authored by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's chief technology officer, and Peter Rinearson, The Road Ahead held the No. 1 spot on the New York Times' bestseller list for seven weeks. Published in the U.S. by Viking, the book was on the NYT list for a total of 18 weeks. Published in more than 20 countries, the book sold

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  • Biography of Allan Pinkerton Essay

    From 1873 to 1876 one of his detectives, James McParlan, lived among the Molly Maguires in Pennsylvania and secured evidence that led to the breaking up of this organization of coal miners supposedly engaged in terrorism. During the strikes of 1877 the Pinkerton Agency's harsh policy toward labor unions caused it to be severely criticized in labor circles, although Pinkerton asserted he was helping workers by opposing labor unions. Pinkerton wrote The Molly Maguire’s and the Detectives (1877); The

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  • Essay on Eric Whitacre Biography

    Instead of letting the piece "lie under his bed, dead", as Whitacre said, he talked it over with his wife and decided to ask his friend and poet Charles Anthony Silvestri to compose a poem to set words to the piece. Silvestri was a trusted lyricist for Whitacre, writing lyrics for Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Lux Aurumque, Nox Aurumque, and Her Sacred Spirit Soars, all celebrated Whitacre pieces. Tony incorporated a lot of the same ideals of Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, the biggest

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  • Essay on Steve Jobs Biography

    He then for 18 months instead just dropped in on creative classes such as calligraphy. He crashed on the floor of his friend’s dorm rooms while he continued to drop in on classes, returned coke bottles for money, and got his weekly free meal at the local Hare Krishna Temple. Jobs had later said "If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts." In 1974, Jobs took his first professional job as

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  • Bob Marley Biography Essay

    While living in the US Bob worked as a DuPont lab assistant and on the assembly line at a Chrysler plant, under the alias Donald Marley. When he had collected enough money to further finance his music he returned home to Jamaica to continue his music career. Upon returning to Jamaica, Marley became a member of the Rastafari movement and started his dreadlocks. The Wailers music had evolved from Ska to Rock Steady. This conflicted with Dobbs who wanted a Ska band. So The Wailers left Dobbs and decided

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  • Biography of Charles Darwin Essay

    Henslow told Charles about an unpaid position available for a Naturalist on the H.M.S. Beagle. The Beagles plans were to sail around the world on scientific expedition. Charles excepted the offer and thus, began a turning point in the life of Charles Darwin. Throughout the voyage, Charles was brought into contact with many examples of nature. This gave him an opportunity to observe and study the wide range of natural phenomenons. These studies contributed to his theory on evolution. In 1837 Charles

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  • Biography of Benito Mussolini Essays

    Under the German dictator’s influence, Mussolini began to introduce anti-Jewish legislation into Italy. Mussolini’s desire to be just like Hitler became so extreme that he launched a surprise attack on Greece. In October 1935, Mussolini launched an invasion on Abyssinia. Even though Abyssinia was part of the League of Nations, the League was very slow to react. The League was so slow that Mussolini took his time in amassing his troops on the country’s border. This attack was a fatal blow for The

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  • Biography on Benjamin Franklin Essay

    He took a boat to New York where he had hope for a job as a printer. That door never opened so he walked across New Jersey, and later arrived in Philadelphia. Franklin found work as an apprentice printer there. He did very well and the governor of Pennsylvania promised to set Ben up a business if he would go to London and buy fonts and printing equipment. That plan fell through and he soon returned to Philadelphia. Franklin attempted to run a shop, but soon went back to being a printer’s helper.

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  • Constantine The Great: Biography Essay

    From the on Constantine viewed himself as “an emperor of the Christian people”. After his victory over Maxentius, Constantine became the dominant figure in the empire and because the Roman Senate welcomed him, the remaining emperors had next to no choice in declaring Constantine the senior Augustus. It was then that Constantine ordered Maximinus to cease his repression of the Christians; however, despite his revelation towards Christianity, Constantine still remained, for some years, very tolerant

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  • Biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine Essay

    After many long discussions, Eleanor decided to join Louis on the journey west (“Eleanor”). They travelled together on the Second Crusade to Jerusalem and Constantinople (“Eleanor”). The crusade began to fail and Eleanor and Louis’ relationship took a turn for the worse (“Eleanor”). In 1152 Louis and Eleanor separated. The King took custody over the two daughters (“Eleanor”). Being married at such a young age causes pressure. Eleanor is almost thirty now and runs into a new king. Eleanor again

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  • Biography of Niccolo Machiavelli Essay

    It was during his exile in San Casciano, when he was desperate to get back into government, that he wrote his principle works: the Discourse on Livy, the Prince, the History of Florence, and two plays. Many of these works, such as The Prince, were written for the express purpose of getting a job in the Medici government. The second major event was the diplomatic mission to France in 1500 where Machiavelli tried to persuade Louis xii, who provided the troops for the assault

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  • Essay on Biography of Clara Schumann

    This method proved to be highly effective; Clara could identify any key that was played with her back turned from the piano (Harding, 15). Her father also encouraged her to not only develop her memorization skills so she could play complex pieces without the help of music, but also her improvisation skills, giving her the ability to wow her audience (Harding, 28). However, despite his strict teaching methods, Wieck taught all of his pupils that “piano playing must be a pleasure!” (Harding, 11).

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  • Essay on Biography of Princess Elizabeth

    But the change of official religion (known as the Reformation ) had far reaching effects on England. For centuries, monks, nuns and friars had been an integral aspect of English life, but with the oldChurch, this way of life came to an end. The monasteries were closed, and the monks, nuns, and friars, were forced into the towns and cities. They were granted a life pension so that they could look after themselves, and many found a new livelihood, but others fell into poverty and became beggars.

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  • Biography of Abraham Lincoln Essay

    She was buried with her baby that was born dead. In 1830 the Lincoln family moved west to Illinois. The next year Abraham moved to New Salem by himself. He lived there until 1837. While he was in New Salem he worked several jobs including operating a store, surveying, and serving as postmaster. Everyone liked his character, especially when he wrestled the town bully. He then earned the nickname “Honest Abe”. He was a big man that stood nearly six feet four inches and weighed around 180 pounds

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  • Essay on Biography of T.S. Eliot

    Eliot dropped the Merton College in the middle and married Vivienne on 26 June 1915 in a secret ceremony. He settled in London with his wife and supported himself with his small teaching jobs. Not long after he became a bank clerk until 1925 when he became future lifelong friends with an American poet named Ezra Pound (Gordon 244). Pound acknowledged Eliot for his brilliant works on poetry, and worked to publish Eliot’s poems. Eliot’s belief was poetry should be aimed on the complexities of modern

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  • Biography of Karl Marx Essay

    Even in college, Karl and his father maintained a very close relationship. This relationship can be seen through this letter written by Marx’s father in November of 1835: I wish to see you in you what I might have become, had I first seen the light of day under move favorable auspices…it may be unjust and ill-advised as well to put one’s greatest hopes in a single person and thus perhaps undermine one’s own equanimity.6 However, Marx took up drinking and found himself

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte Biography Essay

    In 1796, Napoleon took over the Army of Italy. They were weak and struggling greatly, but with the help of Napoleon they quickly turned around. With his guidance, they won several important victories against the Austrians, helped expand the French borders, and showed Napoleon’s true leadership abilities. As if his image couldn’t look any better, he married Joséphine de Beauharnais. They got married on March 9, 1796. Napoleon was shortly on the hunt again. This time he would take his army to the Middle

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  • Essay on Biography of Jules Verne

    With his new wife, Jules then visit Scotland and England and was inspired to write his book, Voyage en Angleterre et en Écosse (Backwards to Britain). He soon had his first and only child, Michel. On January 31st, 1863 Jules Verne’s writing career truly started after Cinq semaines en ballon (Five Weeks in a Balloon) was published by Jules Hetzel. Although the book did not sell well, it created a partnership between Hetzel and Verne which would in one year give him the opportunity to publish some

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