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  • Vandalism And Graffiti Art

    a felony is vandalism, destruction of property. One way to commit vandalism is by doing graffiti. Is all graffiti an act of vandalism though? A certain type of graffiti in a certain area could easily be allowed. “Graffiti art”. Graffiti art is not just plain old spray paint markings or gang related tagging. Graffiti art is an impressive skill or gift that have the ability to send messages to the public. There are many aspects of graffiti that allows itself to be seen as art. Why should the law bother with amazing pieces of work when there are bigger issues to worry about? How is something classified as art? The author of the article states that “people have been finishing the sentence ‘I don’t know what art is, but….’ with ‘I know what I like’ or ‘I know it when I see it” for a long, long time” (Doyne). How can something be interpreted as art more specifically? Some people may think it would be something on the lines of a work bringing out emotion or expressing one’s self. Shannon Doyne questions that “is it something perfected by a person, has it remained valuable throughout the years, sends messages related to the time era is was made in, is somewhat popular to people, has lost all value from everyone–or something else?”. The definition of vandalism is “a criminal act involving the destruction or unlawful alteration of property belonging to another individual or entity” (Vandalism). According to this article there are different motives to committing vandalism. The…

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  • Cultural Deviance Theory Analysis

    destruction/damage/vandalism were found in a study conducted in the city of Central Falls. Literature Review: For this particular study, I have chosen Cultural Deviance Theory. In today’s society, more criminal acts are encounter as the population grows and different cultural standard encounters. Central Falls is a city populated by people of distinct races (Hispanic/Latino, White, African American and others), where the encouragement toward the youth changes by the culture. Many intrigue their…

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  • The Effects Of Bullying In The United States

    progressively grown into what is it today. From 1976 through 1989, students began to pick out the weak student because he or she was an easy target. Bullying in this era was more violent than it is today, the bullies would hit and kicks and physically hurt their victim. Over time the physical side of bullying has lost its edge and it has become more of a social fear. From 1990 through 2001 the bullies would do their bullying from the safety of their computer screen. As technology grew so did…

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  • Property Destruction Significance

    damage resulting from other personal or domestic disputes, road rages, vandalism, revenge, or other violent behavior that damages another person’s property. In Pennsylvania the crime of property destruction can be found under Title 18 Section 33, and follows what was previously described in regards to what classifies as property destruction. Also, in Pennsylvania the charge and potential penalty you will be facing for this offense depends on the extent of the damage done in the act of crime. A…

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  • Definition Of Neighborly Essay

    college neighborhoods. College neighborhoods have a reputation of being disorderly and having apathetic behavior. Many students may not be prepared for the responsibilities of living on their own. There are programs in some universities that help students acclimate themselves to real-world living situations. These programs have shown that communicating the issues of discourteousness among neighbors in a college setting helps to develop more favorable living conditions. College students should…

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  • Discourse Essay: Graffiti's Impact On Society

    society evolves and is ever changing so does the art. Graffiti is a direct reflection and our response to the way we interpret the world around us. It is the outlet and driving force of social issues, a voice that remains nameless in a world where branding and commodity is the principal of capitalism. Everyone needs to hear some positive words now and then, so seeing a little random piece encouragement can go a long way. Graffiti is a entranceway for society to express their freedom of speech…

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  • School Uniforms Pros

    uniforms are one step that may help break the cycle of violence, truancy and disorder by helping young students understand what really counts is what kind of people they are.” This quote changed perspectives in schools for the safety and discipline of the kids. Many people, mostly students, disagree with school uniforms and may have different opinions and perspectives. Mostly public schools are the ones who make uniforms mandatory. Charter schools are the ones that do not require uniforms to be…

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  • The Reflection Of The Vandalism Incident At Occidental College

    sometimes startling, questions posed in class encourage us think beyond the box and push ourselves further to examine the ethical issues of a variety of topics. During the first official class of the semester, we were thrown a curveball with questions like “is it wrong to have sex with a dead chicken?” or “is it wrong to have sex with your siblings?” The class discussion, an endless back and forth between students debating the ethicality of these subjects, pointed to how our ethical decisions…

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  • Deterrence Theory Of Criminology

    family lost their apartment I had to experiences that no one should experience this led to my adaption as a rebellion. Strain theory will usually occur throughout everyone’s life at least once. If events that occur are extremely life changing usually some type of crime will naturally follow. As I was being deviant in my young age this led to me to know other deviant children or even criminals at this point. As I mentioned the time where someone I knew another kid that got arrested for…

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  • Factors Of Children In Delinquency

    Sierra Purden CCJ 4700 Summer 2016 Assignment Three Introduction: The constant desire to know what causes children to engage in delinquency is a passion that many criminologists have chased for years. Two of the most commonly known factors of such delinquent potential stem from a lack of educational advancements and a low income household or support system. These two independent variables change the likelihood of a student turning to mischievous deeds and activity. The dependent variable in…

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