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Donna Wagnaar works as an ESL teacher at Kishwaukee College. When you see her, probably won’t notice how special she is. When you meet her, you will never imagine the great work she is doing. Donna’s passion goes beyond her necessities. She sacrifices himself for the good of others.
Donna has more than twenty years of experience in the foster care system, and for many years she was involved in different groups. She worked with kids with disabilities, teens with dysfunctional families, and even kids who no longer had a parent or guardian.
“It was not easy for me to get away from these kids,” she said. She always wanted to do more than an office work. Donna wanted to protected those kids in necessity until the found a better way.
Fifteen years
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When you become foster or adoptive parents you get on a roller coaster and every day is different. Some days are better than others. These classes will describe foster children as kids with severe behavior problems, bed wetting, sexually inappropriate acting children, who are not going to act like your own children. They will steal, lie and have attachment disorders, so prepare yourself!” “You will leave the class, fearful of these kids and unsure that you have the ability to help or take care of any of these …show more content…
At this time she is in the process of adopting Grant. This time the process will be different than the first time. They had a previous experience and know how hard it can be.
“We know this will be a long process,” she said, “but we are on our way. We already had the social worker visit, our home study, and we hope we can finish our background check soon.” She knows that the DCFS has a stricter control, and the process is not the best. She said, “Sometimes it looks like they do not even want the kids to be adopted, but we know that all work is for the kids to be safe.”
Donna’s seems fully committed to her dream. Her family is not receiving any money from the government. She and her husband are making a tremendous effort to provide all the necessities for her family of eight. Donna said, “I 'm surrounded by many friends who believe in the same dream. Here in Sycamore and DeKalb are many families in the same situation, who do not receive any money, but God always

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