If I Had a Million Dollars Essay

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  • The Short Story Li Chang's Million By Henry Felsen

    In the short story, “Li Chang’s Million”, by Henry Felsen, the theme would be that not everything in life turns out to be what you expect. Sometimes in life when you are planning on doing one thing, life turn around and something you didn’t expect to happen will happen. In the story the main character went to a store in China and began criticizing everything in the store to insult the owner, that’s when he saw Li Chang. This is shown by, “I looked up with a smirk still on my lips, hoping to discomfit the man. But he had moved, and when I looked up, I gazed into a pair of hurt, sad eyes...It was his work I had criticized.” Originally by finding fault in everything in the store he wanted to make the man uncomfortable and insult him a little.…

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  • Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay

    Today all different types of sports are broadcasted on television. The media talks about Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and other popular athletes signing million dollar contracts. Yet most sports enthusiasts never stop to think, “Wow! That’s a lot of money”. Why do athletes get paid so much? Why is someone worth millions of dollars?” (Wilbon). Popular sports athletes deserve million dollar salaries, because these are the players we watch, we cheer for, we buy jerseys,…

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  • Explain Why Pro Players Are Not Overpaid

    reason i feel they are not overpaid is they had earned to be there they had earned to be playing on that field. Also the better you are the more the teams are going to want to pay for you to be on their team. I also know that athletes had injuries that can cost up to $70,000. Like Paul George when he snapped his leg is basketball that costed approximately $65,000 dollars for surgery. One example is Tom Brady he is a 5 time super bowl champ quarterback. He is so good he gets paid over 35 million…

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  • United States National Debt: Cost Benefit Analysis

    The United States National Debt is more than 20 trillion dollars and continues to grow each day. It is by far the greatest in the world and has increased by almost $1 trillion dollars each year since 2007. Despite the past presidents who attempted to help lower the debt, it has continued to abruptly grow. This continuous growth is what shut down the government in its tracks in 2013, and surpassed our countries new debt ceiling. The government shutdown and fear of being thrown back into a…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Rented Altima

    The Rented Altima The weekend had finally arrived. My wife and I got up early Saturday morning and headed to Enterprise to pick up a rental car for our family vacation. We left in a 2013 Nissan Altima and headed back home to pack our luggage. While heading home, my wife opened the glove compartment and found a bright yellow sticky note with the words, “Open up the compartment where the spare tire goes.” We were both curious. As soon as I pulled up to the house, I got out and opened the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Affordable Care Act

    The Medicare-For-All policy is one of the many bills Bernie Sanders is trying to pass, if elected as President. The Affordable Care Act is a little similar, and has gotten our country so much closer to gaining the Medicare-For-All policy. More than seventeen million Americans have gained health insurance from the Affordable Care Act. Millions of low-income Americans have coverage now, thanks to expanded eligibility in Medicaid, that exists in thirty-one states. Kids can now stay on their…

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  • Million Dollar Throw Character Analysis

    In the book Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica, a character that could be considered a best friend is Abby McCall, who is an artist. Abby McCall is best friends with the main character Nate Brodie, the star quarterback on his school football team. Abby can be considered a best friend because she always stood by Nate’s side, and helped him through tough times. An example that depicts Abby’s role as a supportive best friend reads, “That throw is the thing that we all gotta believe in, Brady,…

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  • Why Different Careers To Get Paid

    Salary is the important considered factor which affect people life. Difference career get paid differently. In the real world, some special sport professional get a million dollars a month while other crucial occupations get paid less than them. Some may think that it is justify but others argue this point. Before choosing the side, I have to discuss both opinion. On one hand, people accept that professional sport player should get paid a lot because they had to spend the whole life practicing…

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  • Greek Life In University Essay

    The minute I stepped foot on the University of Alabama campus I was welcomed by the 40,000 square foot sorority mansions and I knew I was not in Chicago anymore. Based on the sheer size of the organizations, I could already spot the difference between Greek life in the South and Greek life in the North. Southern Greek organizations are larger, more formal, and more financially prosperous than they are in the North. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I joined Sorority life at…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Is Donald Trump A True Leader?

    University. He began his triumph with his father Fred Trump, he helped him build his real estate superpower by giving him a “small loan of a million of dollars” Trump says. It’s small because a million dollars is small compared to his wealth that he has currently built. This empire of his began…

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