Why Marijuanas Should Be Legal Essay

  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    Marijuana is a word that usually comes with a negative implication. Texas is one of the most conservatives states out there and has strongly been against the legalization of marijuana for years. I don 't participate in the use of marijuana, but with that said I don 't see the predicament with marijuana. The year is 2015, circumstances are changing, and we as a state should adapt and embrace these changes. Texas should legalize marijuana and here 's why. Legalizing marijuana should be permitted based

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    legalization of marijuana. On one side, some say that marijuana is a gateway drug, and that it is harmful to one’s body. On the other side, some see it as nothing but a plant, or in some instances, medicine that can change someone’s life for the good. While looking on the internet for a good article to debate against, I stumbled across an anti-marijuana post. The author of the article, John Hawkins, an anti-marijuana supporter, wrote about five different reasons as to why marijuana should remain illegal

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    Introduction: For a long time, it has been known that Marijuana has a therapeutic value for various patients. However, in the 1970’s it was made illegal by the federal government because it was classified as a highly addictive drug with big medical value. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for researches to conduct any research in the past. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that scientists discovered that marijuana lead to a response in the endocannabinoid system. This system plays a pivotal

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

    1 Danielle Cook English 1010 February 22, 2010 Why marijuana should be legal Some people ask why marijuana should be legalized. But, perhaps, we should ask why marijuana is illegal? Contrary to public opinion and current law there are more reasons for marijuana to be legalized than for it to remain illegal. Marijuana cost taxpayers billions of dollars, it is less harmful than other pharmaceutical drugs including alcohol

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  • Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

    This paper includes the reasons why medical marijuana should be legalized in the United States of America. Medical Marijuana could serve many purposes in healthcare today. It has effects that are the same or better than medicine and treatments that are available today. There are many Americans against this idea of legalization because of those that might over use this drug. If it can be considered a controlled substance and treated that way in health care. We can overcome the taking advantage of

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal? Essay examples

    This does not apply to marijuana, since the individual who chooses to use marijuana does so according to his or her own free will, and the government also may have a right to limit individual actions if the actions pose a significant threat to the individual. But this argument does not logically apply to marijuana because marijuana is far less dangerous than some drugs that are legal, such as alcohol and tobacco. There for the most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes

    was, “just too young to understand”. As I got older, I began to understand why my elders reiterated this point numerous times. Because drugs can indeed terminate in death, but not every drug. The drug I am specifically referring to is marijuana. Now that I am old enough I am able to comprehend what effect drugs can have on an individual. I do not understand why marijuana isn’t legal for medicinal purposes. Seemingly, Marijuana has been tested and proven to provide a prodigiously positive impact on the

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  • This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere Rhetorical Analysis

    Cannabis, commonly referred to as “Marijuana,” was once a very hot-button issue in our society. Our nation was divided on how to respond to its increasing presence, as whether to criminalize or legalize it. The “War on Drugs,” raged by the government, won and it was labeled and placed alongside other schedule one drugs, such as Heroin and Cocaine. Nowadays, support for its legalization for recreational and medicinal use is at an all-time high, and is continually rising. I chose to do my rhetorical

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    Drugs are bad for everybody that’s common sense, right? Marijuana, however, isn’t a drug it is a plant. It can be used just like cotton and other plants used to make materials. The only difference is that it is more durable than the others. Marijuana only has two known chemicals in it. Those are Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the only mind altering chemical, yet it has no negative effects. Marijuana has many other names, such as weed, hemp, cannabis, THC, smoke,

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    is able to gain insight on different perspectives, such as in how one becomes a marijuana user. In fact, most marijuana users do not like it the first place, but will after many tries because they would have then learned the proper way to get high. Therefore, the marijuana users have to “learn to recognize the effects and connect them with drug use and then learn to enjoy the sensation they perceive” (5). The marijuana does not just work, as users have to have a specific perception of the drug for

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  • Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

    Imagine living in Colorado and walking outside to the fresh smell of … Marijuana? Yes, marijuana. Colorado voters made history in November 2012, when they approved Amendment 64 by 55% of the vote. Amendment 64 meant that adults twenty-one or older would be allowed to privately use, home grow, and have a limited possession of marijuana. Amendment 64 also established regulations for tax distribution from the sales of marijuana; similar to the alcohol regulations that started in October 2013. There

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Marijuana has the potential to actually be safer than alcohol or cigarettes. While it may seem hard to believe, no one has ever died directly from marijuana itself, as in an overdose. Also, the main chemical in marijuana, THC, is far less potent than that of alcohol. “A fatal marijuana overdose in humans would take 40,000 times the amount of THC that it took to get them high in the first place,” according to the New Health Guide (“New Health Guide”). Say that someone could get drunk on three beers;

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  • Should Marijuana Be Illegal?

    history of marijuana and when it became illegal to grow and use. I am also gonna tell you the medical benefits it has and why it should be legal for recreational use. Then I 'm going to tell you why people think marijuana should be illegal and why their argument is wrong. “In 1545 the Spanish brought marijuana to the New World. The English introduced it in Jamestown in 1611 where it became a major commercial crop alongside tobacco and was grown as a source of fiber” (History Of Marijuana). By 1890

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Legalize Marijuana One of the greatest debates across this country right now is the topic of whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana is currently legal in some forms in 23 different states. The majority of those states have legalized marijuana strictly for medicinal reasons, while in only four of those states is recreational use of marijuana legal. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is commonly perceived as unattractive and useless to most Americans. They see it as addictive and

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  • Essay on Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

    reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal. Some people ask "why should marijuana be legalized?" but we should ask "Why should marijuana be illegal?" From a philosophical point of view, individuals deserve the right to make choices for themselves. The government only has a right to limit those choices if the individual's actions endanger someone else. This does not apply to marijuana, since the individual who chooses to use marijuana does so according

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  • Dangers Of Marijuana Essay

    The Use of Marijuana: Dangerous or Safe? The use of Marijuana is a very controversial subject, and a lot of people go by agree or disagree and that marijuana is safe, or not for their health. In Paul Armentano article “Marijuana Has Been Used for Centuries and is Relatively Safe”, he gives several examples as to why marijuana is safe, is good to use for medical needs, and he provides facts for the benefits of marijuana use, including the medical benefits of pain

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  • Vidal'sDrugs : Case For Legalizing Marijuana?

    In the argumentative essay “Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana”, Vidal explains how to stop most drug addictions by simply making all drugs available while selling them at government cost. Legalization of marijuana could bring impairment to the people who choose to use it. While driving under the influence, collisions are more prone to happen. However, marijuana in America should be legalized because marijuana will create more job opportunities and money for the state, be used for medical purposes

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  • Should Marijuana Should Be Legalized VsArticle Analysis

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized or Not? Jacques’ article ‘This is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere’ provides a list of reasons why marijuana should be legalized, mainly focusing on the positive aspects of legalization, while Hawkins’ article ‘five Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal’ highlights the negative qualities of marijuana that are frequently looked over. The well written article by Renee Jacques was more persuasive and convincing than the article written by Hawkins John. It has

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  • Marijuana Essay example

    would happen if we lived in a society where everything were legal? Would it be possible to have organization and live in a utopia-like society or would everything be mass chaos? What if only the non-harmful illegal subjects were made legal? If something is truly non-harmful then why is it illegal? These are all very good questions. One substance in particular that is illegal but has not been proven to be harmful is marijuana. In 1970, marijuana was officially illegalized when the Substance Abuse Act

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  • Legalize Marijuana; Annotated Bibliography

    Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance in United States and in many other countries; this is a statement that seems to be in each article that is written about the legalization of marijuana. This is a subject that has been up for debate for quite a few years now. There are many people who support the legalization of this drug and are strongly convinced that marijuana is not a drug in which one should be punished for, but rather a drug that should not be frowned

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Legal vs Illegal Certain subjects continue to appear in the news, and marijuana is one of them. No matter which side people are on when it comes to controversial issues there will always be someone to disagree with them. Marijuana is one of the most current controversial issues because four states out of fifty have legalized it for recreational use, and most Americans disagree on whether or not the other 46 states should legalize it. Renee Jacques, author of “This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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  • Should Marijuana Be Illegal?

    Here is a thought: why should marijuana be illegal? Is it because it gives you a high? Consider this drinking enough alcohol could lead one to be in a toxic state, some people are prone to alcoholism, also if you drink too much it can make it dangerous to drive. Similarly the same with tobacco, smoking can become addictive and has been proven to cause many illnesses, even to those around it. Marijuana should be placed in the same category as alcohol and tobacco: a legal, and regulated intoxicant

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in the United States? Marijuana finds it’s way into almost everyone’s lives at some point. It is a very prominent issue in society today. Should use of marijuana be legalized? Although many people on the opposing side of this debate have made many slanderous claims, statistics and studies have proven them false. Many argue that legalization is evading America’s responsibility to protect young people and it is sending the wrong message. But the

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

    watch it all happen. We are living in a prohibition of sorts right now, not with alcohol but with marijuana. Marijuana legalization is a very important issue. Legalization could either threaten the safety of you and your family or redeem a long lost liberty and usher in a new era of freedom… Depending on who you ask. Proponents of marijuana legalization will list off some of the following pros that marijuana legalization can bring: Economic Potential, Personal Freedom, Reduced Organized Crime, Racial

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  • Marijuana Essay

    The Legalization of Marijuana Do you ever think that maybe our government isn’t as foolproof as we would like to think? Maybe our government isn’t always looking out for people’s health as much as how much money it can make? The fact is, tobacco and alcohol are the two of the leading causes of death in America and are legal. While marijuana has virtually zero deaths yet remains illegal because the government can’t profit from making it legal. Hash, tree, reefer, cannabis, gong, chronic, pot, herb

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

    though Marijuana is a very problematic drug in society today, many feel that it should be fully excluded from the criminal justice systems. It should as well be treated in the same manner as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other legal drug. Knowing that these are life threatening substances; it is relevant to ask why marijuana isn’t legal. It’s commonly failed to understand why most drugs are legal in today’s time even though they have similar, or even worse effects on the body than marijuana. It’s

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  • Marijuana Laws Restrict The Growth And Use Of Marijuana

    Marijuana is “ the dried leaves and female flowers of the hemp plant, used in cigarette form as [a] narcotic or hallucinogen.”(“Marijuana”) In the 17th century, marijuana production was encouraged and supported by legislation. Later, “during the 19th century,[marijuana] use became a fad in France and also, to some extent, in the U.S.”(“ Marijuana Timeline”). During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the drug raised fears linked with illegal immigrants and criminal activity. (“Marijuana Timeline”).During World

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  • Research Paper Marijuana Legalization

    Abstract Marijuana is the people’s drug of choice; it’s the most popular drug of all the drugs. Made famous in movies (Cheech and Chong), hit an all-time boom in the 60’s when smoke to rebel against law enforcement. It is popular even though it is illegal in the United States; I explain in this paper why we should take advantage of its popularity and help our struggling economy. How we can use the way Amsterdam regulates its recreational marijuana, and implement it in the United States. Violence

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    legalization of marijuana will be changed in the next ten years. It could be changed to making marijuana illegal everywhere, it could be changed to having all types of marijuana legal, but either way something will be done. As of right now it is the state’s decision on what they want to do about marijuana. Four states have it legalized for recreational use, with an age limit and the number of ounces that can be possessed. Twenty-one states have it legalized for medical uses. As of right now marijuana is the

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Many Americans believe marijuana should be legalized for all uses. There are also Americans who do not think marijuana should be legalized. There are many reasons why marijuana should be illegal, from harming individuals to leading to other drugs becoming legal. Some may disagree by saying marijuana is for someone’s own enjoyment and does not harm anyone else. Or saying legalizing marijuana will not harm the society, but will help it. These are a few points made, you may agree, disagree, or just

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Medicinal Marijuana The legalization of marijuana has been a highly controversial topic in the past few years, due to it being a “gateway drug” so to speak and hasn’t been used in the best manner. However not everyone uses it for the sole purpose of just getting high, some people need it for medical reasons. The marijuana when legalized will not just be for sale on the streets, you will have to get a prescription for the medical marijuana. So the fear of people having the convenience of just leaving

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

    and forth for why or why it shouldn’t be legalized for centuries. Before making a conclusion, research is highly needed. Many people argue that marijuana is an abomination that shouldn’t be used because of things like the dangers of marijuana and how it can end your life. Many other people see the greater good of the drug and how it can be used to treat many diseases and sicknesses and can also help stress and ease minds. Now no one has ever died of Marijuana overdose and marijuana can be addictive

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  • Legalization of marijuana Essay examples

    Annotated Bibliography The topic I chose is the legalization of marijuana. My research was enjoyable because I love reading on a topic that I fully support and agree with. The four sources I found are very persuading and contain strong points. I used the web for research but as I found sources, I made sure they were credible sources since this is such a debatable issue. Jacques, Renee. "This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere." The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 24 Oct. 2013

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    them all out to be the same. I could never understand why someone would go against the law and jeopardize their life just to use drugs. They failed to actually tell the truth, with Cannabis being less harmful than the others and even less harmful than something that is legal, Alcohol. Now being a young adult and having my own personal experience with Cannabis and knowing its effects, I wonder why it’s illegal in the first place. Marijuana is important to American culture and has become more popular

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes?

    It’s an idea that has always caused an argument in the medical field. Should marijuana be used for a medicinal purpose? It has become legal in 23 states, including the capitol of our country Washington D.C. However, marijuana without medical use is still legal. Many physicians question the use of marijuana for a medicinal purpose. Others think that it should be legal for medicinal purpose. Physicians that oppose it are saying that there is harmful side effect, and it isn’t all “good” as people say

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  • The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    of Legalizing Marijuana A new culture fueled by a large cloud of smoke has emerged in the last 50 years. It is changing the way Americans think. Most rap artist rap about it, Bob Marley created a red, green and yellow image around it, and now the State of California and Colorado are making headlines with it. Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug used in the United States of America (Nathan, David L., 2013). Alcohol and tobacco are completely legal, where marijuana is not, not even

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  • The Article 'DonT Legalize Marijuana' It's Addictive?

    “Don’t legalize marijuana. It’s addictive” by Andrea Barthwell and Robert DuPont, published by The Seattle Times, calls for marijuana to not be legalised. Barthwell and DuPont, believe that marijuana needs to not be legalised. That all the talk from baby boomers saying marijuana can’t be addictive, because it’s just an herb (“Op-ed: Don’t legalize marijuana. It’s addictive”), is false and can lead to high levels of addiction. They do a great job at showing how addicting marijuana can be and have

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

    Marijuana is currently an illegal drug that is widely used in the United States. It is very popular with adolescents and young adults, who may actually use the substance on a day to day basis. The substance is still not legal in majority of the States, although recently there were some States that got the law passed to have Marijuana legalized in their region. Even though some States legalized the drug, there are still States that would never want to legalize Marijuana.

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  • The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

    The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic in recent years with twenty-three states and the District of Columbia having laws allowing medical cannabis and 4 states allowing recreational cannabis. While still illegal on the federal level, activists argue its medical and industrial uses, how the state of the federal law infringes on the country 's right to free will, the financial toll the war on drugs creates , and because of the prohibition neglects regulation of marijuana it is predominant

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  • Essay on Marijuana Should Be Legalized

    use drugs even though it’s illegal. Why would someone go against the law and jeopardize their life just to use drugs? The drug being talked about is marijuana, and surprisingly it is all around us. Marijuana is even referred to in today’s media sources that people enjoy, like music, movies, and TV shows, do not even bother to leave the drug out of their system. Why is it that this drug has become illegal all over the world? The debate to legalize marijuana in the United States of America and other

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Essay

    Legalizing Marijuana The purpose of this paper is to discuss marijuana and compare both sides of the issue of legalizing marijuana. We have two factions fighting each other; one those who are pro marijuana and those who are anti marijuana. These two factions have been fighting on this issue on the halls of justice for years. Pro marijuana legalization groups such as the Physician's Association for AIDS Care, National Lymphoma Foundation argue that marijuana should be legalized in order to

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Legalization of Marijuana One of the thigs that has held constant in the news for years and years is whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana is currently legal in some forms in just under half of our states. While only a few of those states allow marijuana to be used as a recreational drug, some of them do. Marijuana tends to have a bad connotation to it, similar to almost all drugs. People see it as a way to escape reality and also be rebellious. Due to that perception, those people

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    single person who has died from marijuana (also called/known as weed, cannabis, and pot) and there are more than 600,000 people who die annually from cigarettes and 800,000 people who die annually from alcohol. Most of these deaths are caused by lung cancer from cigarettes and car accidents from being drunk. This resource essay will analyze why marijuana can actually help people and is not damaging like the legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, and how America should worry about the legalized drugs

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  • The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

    The legalisation of Marijuana has been a hotly debated topic for decades. In the eyes of many Marijuana is believed to be the weed from the devil’s garden, while others believe it is completely harmless. Marijuana should be legalised for medical purposes and remain illegal for recreational use. Medical Marijuana should be legal because of its power to act as an effective painkiller and can greatly assist with mitigating the effects of many diseases. Marijuana should remain illegal for recreational

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes?

    dangerous by a few people, that dangerous product is known as marijuana. I personally have never experimented with the plant but have done enough research to determine that this plant should be legal for medicinal purposes only. Some of the dangers of marijuana would be that some people claim you can get addicted to marijuana and that smoking it is dangerous to the user. It is true people use marijuana for recreational purposes, but marijuana has more pros then cons because the medicinal uses help people

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?

    dying or overdosing from marijuana? No, because no one has ever died or overdosed from marijuana. When it comes to smoking cigarettes and tobacco, more than 480,000 deaths occur per year and; around 88,000 deaths per year due to alcohol. Yet cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol are legal and marijuana is not (Smoking & Tobacco Use). I support the legalization of marijuana for several reasons. Marijuana is not harmful; it does not cause cancer and does not lead to death (Marijuana Use and Health Effects)

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  • Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

    Cannabis Medical cannabis refers the use of cannabis to treat diseases or improve symptoms. The use of marijuana as a medicine has not been severely tested, often due to restrictions because of the side effects that come with smoking or using medical cannabis. Since medical marijuana can damage your lungs they should take advantage of the other ways to consume the THC needed. Medical marijuana can be smoked, eaten (edibles such as cookies or brownies), vaporized (heated until the active ingredients

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Is Marijuana really as bad as people portray it to be? The answer is no. Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial subject. Many benefits come from the legalization of Marijuana like reduction of inflammation, a decrease in pain, muscle control problems, controlling epileptic seizures, cancer, and also can treat mental illnesses and addictions. Also, Marijuana can boost tax revenue and is immensely good for crime rate. What drew me to this topic was that, because

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Marijuana The legalization of Marijuana for recreation or medical usage has been a long argument for a long time. Many states have and are thinking about allowing a bill to be passed for allowing the use of medical marijuana purposes. There is one state that has made it legal for all use and that is the state of Colorado. To legalize marijuana in states for medical purposes could be one of the best things for people in the United States. To use marijuana for medical reason would be

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  • Medical Marijuan A Better Option

    Medical Marijuana: A Better Option to Pain Treatment over Prescription Opioid Narcotics Medical marijuana is a much healthier alternative to narcotics in most cases for the use of treatment of pain for epilepsy, nausea relief, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and cancer.  Two of the main cannabinoids in medical marijuana are: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidoil (CBD).  CBD is the compound that has significant medical benefits and the fact that CBD-rich cannabis is

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