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  • The Importance Of Lying

    someone of their autonomy and is irrational. Central to the core of this school of thinking, nothing supersedes a person’s right to choice as it is a key factor to the source of morality: rationality and autonomy. Deontology follows a system of absolute laws, one of which is that lying is absolutely not acceptable no matter the situation. Lying is irrational when considering Deontology’s Categorical Imperative: “Act only on that maxim you can will to be a universal law”. In a world where everybody lies, it would make no rational sense to lie as no one would believe you. This in and of itself would mean that a Deontologist would arrive at the maxim that lying is impermissible…

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  • Importance Of Lying

    Lying is Nobel only when it is not for selfish reasons; if it is for the betterment of someone else that is a true Nobel act; nobility establishes relationships, deception, and beauty. Lying is a false statement that is intended to deceive someone however all forms of deception are not lies. The information given to someone is untrue, it is intended for the other person to feel trusted when they are with them. A lie communicates some sort of information, now a lie can also have truth in it too,…

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  • Utilitarianism In Lying

    The action can be determined by the person’s motive. If the person acts of good will and from duty, their motives were good is their intentions. According to Kant, lying does not accord with the duty and therefore would not be morally worthy. That the person’s motive is to simply follow their duty and not indulge in themselves. Kant believed lying was always wrong. A Kantian would find the act of lying despite an agent’s motive. According to Kant, “A good will is good not because if what it…

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  • Child Lying

    First and foremost, I would like to make it apparent to you that I am incredibly sorry for lying about the status of an assignment in one of my classes, AP Human Geography. I understand now that what I did was foolish and selfish. It isn’t fair to you as a parent to have your child lie to you, especially in the manner that I went about doing so. What I did was incredibly selfish, but I know my actions are inexcusable. The purpose of me writing all of this is, to put it quite simply, apologize…

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  • Lying In The Crucible

    When she was asked to confess to witchcraft, she was not able to do so. She chose to tell the truth and say she was not a witch rather than to lie and confess to witchcraft to save her life. She knows that lying is a sin and since she is a good puritan woman, lying is the worst thing she could have done in that situation. I am similar to Rebecca in this way because I do not like to lie. If I am ever in a situation where I have the opportunity to lie, I will still tell the truth. In the end, it…

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  • Benefits Of Lying

    Being in a standpoint of having to decide while if you should deceive or not could be a very complex situation. Especially when you want to protect a loved one from getting hurt. But the thing is should covering the truth with dishonesty and lies be the best decision to protect that special person? Should deceiving be more important than your integrity and values? Is lying even the best solution or is their never a well justified reason of lying? At times you feel that their is no more options…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Lying

    understandable concern but, lying is not always a bad thing to do. In our society I firmly believe that lying is acceptable. I believe that lying is justified when it can be used to protect and care for others.Lying is allowable because, it is up to each individual to chose what to believe.It talks about lying or not and it is backed up by experts.about lying should we do it or not? For example, if your friend gets in a fight and the teacher asks you who it was what would you say will you lie…

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  • Causes Of Lying Essay

    Cause and Effect The actions we take, and the things we do as a human being almost always depends on the situation we’re in. None of us would call ourselves habitual liars, but we lie on a daily basis, good or bad. We tend to think that lying could make the situation better, which is a huge reason why we do it. However, some lying can actually damage the entire situation as a whole, and actually make it many times worse than it originally was. One of many bad lies, is cheating. It’s fairly…

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  • Mazur's Lying Analysis

    honesty is the foundation for morals in his article “Lying” by stating, "This apparent conflict between virtues is managed by most ethicists through a concept called the unity of the virtues. This doctrine states that the virtuous person, the ideal person we continuously strive to be, cannot achieve one virtue without achieving them all." The essence of virtue ethics is that, "to be virtuous is to be ethical," meaning that one who possess many virtues is moral. The person who everyone must…

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  • Importance Of Lying In Sports

    Sports coaches shouldn’t tell sportsman they will make it to the top when they not Many sports coaches around the world tell their players they have the potential to make it the top even if they don’t. This is wrong as lying is unethical, the sportsman are given false hope and if the sportsman finds the coach is lying the relationship is significantly lowered. This is wrong as they are others ways to motivate sportsman rather than lying to them. Firstly, lying is unethical and well-known as a…

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