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  • Personal Narrative: Jason's Last Day Of School Before Graduation

    On an ebullient morning Jason wakes up to get ready for school. This is Jason’s Last week of school before graduation this Saturday and his dad is so proud of his only son graduating. Jason’s mother passed away about 5 years ago. He tells his father all the time that my mom is my motivation to work hard at what I want. Rev. James, Jason’s dad, is in the car waiting to take him to school. Jason finally makes it out the house and they proceed to the school. Awaiting him to get out the car is Jason’s friends, who have been friends since there were in elementary. The bell rings, for the students to report to class. Lunch time has arrived and they all meet up for lunch, and Jason asked what are you guys parents getting yall as a graduation gift.…

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  • High School Graduation Day

    the crowded hallways and the drama for a piece of paper? To most people that is all high school is for them. Going to school for thirteen years to be able to walk across the stage to get their diploma, it is time. For some of us, high school was a blast and for others, it was a struggle just trying to graduate. But no matter who you were, being able to get dressed up and walk proudly across that stage on graduation day was the best moment of your life. Being back at the bottom of the totem pole…

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  • Graduation Speech: Groundhog's Day

    I bet you people are very curious about me. I am yours truly, Punxsutawney Phil. Y’all celebrate my special day that people label Groundhog’s Day, which is very important. I am very anxious to tell everyone if it’s going to stay winter for 6 more weeks or if it will consequently be spring. Being from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, I’m very enthusiastic around this time of year. I’m a special type of squirrel, and my favorite type of food are berries and different types of vegetation. Usually my…

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  • Graduation Speech: From Cardboard To Brick

    strongest class that year. She got a grade below me and that was enough to beat her. But it was not until I was in 12th grade, a week before graduation that I was officially told that I was the valedictorian of the class of 2013. The writing process of my speech was a more complex one than others because I tried to involve most of my classmates and teachers because I did not want to leave them…

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  • Video Analysis: Rites Of Passage By Morani

    If they decide to go to college it will most likely be another four years to graduate again. Even a promotion from bagger to cashier at a store could be viewed as a rite of passage. You show promise as a responsible bagger, then you are trained to be a cashier, and later thrown into the work. All three parts, all rites of passage have different meaning levels to each person who experiences them as well. The Bikers who travel ten days across the states are on a rite of passage that is meant to…

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  • Are College Graduates Are Not Prepared For You Essay

    and do not know basic life skills needed to be independent because these were all done by their parents so that they could just focus on school. This is magnified even more after graduation. Mom and dad can not hold your hand and walk you through a sheltered life anymore. The other type of parent I see far too often, especially where I come from, is the kind that just wants to be their child’s best friend. Most of the time when I see this, the child is given what they want and never really…

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  • Graduation Speech: Scottsbluff High School

    Scottsbluff High School has been an amazing place to attend for the past four years. I have always loved the atmosphere this school has offered along with the staff and other students. Like every other high school in America all seniors look forward to graduating. This is the last step in completing the first of many parts in my life. As graduation approaches all seniors are looking forward the lasting tradition of how our school sets up its graduation. From the walk in to the walk across…

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  • Motivation In High School

    with a job and they just become so bored with it that they want to leave. Others, like me, and possibly you reading this, had it during high school. Everyone always talked about getting infected with the horrible “senioritis” disease. Well I got infected early with the “junioritis”. I was tired of the people I was forced to be around day to day, I didn’t care about any of my classes, and the dark, gloomy, plain repeating sight of the halls inside Canyon High School were exhausting to look at. I…

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  • Icu Narrative

    couple of days pass and he was still in there. I went up there almost every day. One day I left to go home and take a nap and go back to the hospital. While I was taking a nap, my phone started ringing and woke me up. I answered my phone, and the news on the other end of that phone was not the news I wanted to hear. He was gone. I screamed to the top of my lungs. I didn’t know what else to do. My body was frozen and in shock. What could you do? As a senior in high school, you would have never…

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  • Graduation Maya Angelou Analysis

    Graduation plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Whether its graduating from kindergarten, from high school, or from college, it is exciting, nerve-racking, and when it is done and over with, a relief. Graduation is important because it the first step to lead us to our goals and what we want to achieve in live. Maya Angelou was excited to graduate the eighth grade and move on to the next step in her life. Maya Angelou was born in 1928, she was a poet, writer, and civil rights activist.…

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