Rite Of Passage In Video: Rites Of Passage

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A rite of passage is a ritual that takes place in honor of moving up an important step in life. There are three parts to a rite of passage, separation, liminality, and reintroduction. In the video “Rites of Passage” the Morani villagers display all three parts. The Morani are split into large groups by age range which represents separation. Liminality, is shown when the groups must learn and all by considered ready to move to the next level. Finally, the third part, reintroduction, is when they are moved to the next level where the cycle continues over again. These rites of passage take place around every seven years of their lives.
Similarly, education throughout the modernized world seems to follow a similar pattern. At age five or six,
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Personally, I would like to point out how high school graduation is extremely important and that it should not be overlooked as it was also presented in the video. High school graduation is something that not all people experience. For one person, it could be the first time anyone in their family finished school. The person could have been valedictorian or maybe the person did not experience graduation at all and received a GED. Everyone’s rite of passage is different even if it is a similar thing. Other rites of passage that I have experienced are turning sixteen and being able to drive, but not wanting to drive. Then at age seventeen finally getting my license, which meant I had more responsibility and had to drive myself places. A year later turning eighteen, a symbol of being an adult, then graduating high school. After high school, I went to college and then transferred to a different college. This summer I have been taking the state teacher’s tests which will show whether I am qualified to continue onto the professional courses for my major. This is personally a stressful and important test. In a year I will turn twenty-one, however I do not care for alcohol so this is not a rite of passage for me as it is for so many others. Then, I will attempt to finish my schooling in the four years if none of my courses get messed up. Eventually, I hope to get a stable job which will be a rite of financial passage. With that rite of passage I can save to buy my own house, my own place that I can call mine. I’d even like to continue my education to become a professor or gain the title of Dr. After schooling, gaining shelter, and financially stable income can allow me to focus on marriage and family. Then after decades of life, retirement will be in my sights. Following retirement comes

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