Transitions In Willy Russel's Educating Rita

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Educating Rita – Exploring Transitions
Good morning/afternoon Mr Hope, and class. Have you ever wondered what exploring transitions means? Well It basically refers to ways individuals experience the journey into new phases of life and a new social context. The transition from one way of life or social background into another can change the person who is moving as well as those they meet along the way. This is deeply portrayed in Willy Russel’s “Educating Rita” which depicts the characters experiencing their own transformation.
The transitional journey involves learning, understanding and gaining knowledge with difficult and challenging consequences, which can be both positive and negative. Several barriers and issues may exist and overcoming
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The two main characters, Rita and Frank undergo a transformation involving personal improvement and mindfulness. This is shown in Act 1 Scene 5 when Rita emphasizes how important the course is to her; “I’m busy enough finding myself, let alone findin someone else and it’s providing me with life itself”. This demonstrates Rita’s struggles and difficulties with the issues and consequences of transitioning. Then again, as contrast to Rita, we have Frank, who sees moving into the world as a negative experience due to drinking to escape his issues and responsibility. The alcohol acts as a symbol which represents a mask to cover his problems.
As the individual progresses into new transitions, it is essential to overcome the restrictions that they are confronted with, both physically and mentally. This is portrayed in “Education Rita” as Rita tries to overcome against the uneducated working class stereotype in the middle of her life in England. Her desire and craving to discover her true capacities beyond her class’s limitations are exemplified when she states “I don’t want to have a baby yet. I want to discover myself first”. This use of colloquial language reveals her poor educational status but also her desire to
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Although their relationship had its ups and downs, Rita had finally taken in everything from Frank and he is uncertain to acknowledge it. "I've got what you got Frank, and you don't like it." Toward the start of the play, Rita wanted to change herself. In knowing this, to give her options, she used education as a way for doing this and to for fill her dreams which we see towards the end of the play. She has gained what she wanted to accomplish. Frank feels that she “found a culture... a better song to sing” but yet has just adjusted to the stereotypes this new world Rita is experiencing. Overall, I would say Will Russell probably intended “Educating Rita” to explore the growth and change in perspective individuals experience as a result of transitioning into a different

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