Graduation Speech

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From Cardboard to Brick

It was a cool night in October of 2011 when I was told that I was in a close race with a classmate for the number one spot in the class. She was beating me because her classes weighted more than mine, so I decided that year to do everything that was in my power to beat her to it. All it took me was one class and it was my strongest class that year. She got a grade below me and that was enough to beat her. But it was not until I was in 12th grade, a week before graduation that I was officially told that I was the valedictorian of the class of 2013. The writing process of my speech was a more complex one than others because I tried to involve most of my classmates and teachers because I did not want to leave them
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I was not given nothing to signify that I was actually number one other than the opportunity to give the speech after such great keynote speaker, in the audience there was going to be state and local representatives. Before graduation my classmates and I were in a small room were we all enjoyed ourselves talking about our experiences together. We each took pictures of one another. Then all of the sudden I see that one of my classmates gown the much shorter than him and I had one the was bigger than be me so I asked him if we could trade so we could look better. The trade actually happen but later I felt bad because the one he gave me was dried clean and ironed and the one he had now was not. About 30-40 minutes passed before they called us to the front and played the usual graduation song. The junior marshals were guiding us to our seats one of them was taller than everybody on the class. even if we had basketball players graduating who were over 6-5 he still stood above them. As I was walking I was thinking to myself please God don’t let me down right now, I was really nervous as the everybody got called. As the speakers spoke, and people cheered for them. It was time for my fellow classmate Danielle to sing a song for the class she tried to get through it but the emotion that ran through her was to strong what cause her to tear up on stage while she was …show more content…
The language barrier was I really big thing for me, I never imagined I was going to beat people who were born in USA to the number one spot. I never thought it myself but I did after I saw my grammar and spelling plus my handwriting. Even though the days prior to graduation I was told that it was not only determined by GPA but by community service and leadership but I knew the person who told me that was not with me she wanted Danielle to win, because she had all the qualities she was asking for. Graduating high school was a big accomplishment but it wont be as big as me graduating college that is my next step. Thomas Carlyle once said “nothing builds self-esteem and self confidence like

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