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  • Peter Lik: Panoramic Landscape Master

    quality, and it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so, as he currently holds an impressive four spots on the top twenty for most expensive photographs ever sold, including allegedly, “Phantom” the most expensive photograph in the world, sold at a mind blowing 6.5 million dollars to a private collector. Quite impressive for a self-taught photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who when asked what his favorite photograph is, humbly always replies, “I haven’t taken it yet.” Since his 8th birthday, in the mid 60’s, where received his first camera as a gift from his parents, a Kodak Brownie Box Camera, that he used to take his first ever photograph, a spider web at his family home, he’s constantly worked to improve his craft. Family vacations in his youth helped him find his niche and love, taking photographs of the landscapes and the ocean. He continued in his early adult life where he took road trips into the Australian Outback, with a friend, Michael Plumridge, another famous Australian photographer with a huge portfolio. It was a chance he took going to the United States in 1984 that lead to his discovery of his first panoramic camera that completely opened up his world and imagination. While on a one year trip around the country in an old beat up van, it was in Alaska where he learned about large format photography and he found his calling. He later returned back to his homeland and continued to experiment with the unique panoramic format to great effect, creating his…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

    Wyatt King Mrs. Misselhorn 6th Hour Language Arts 29 March 2017 Should Kids Have a Summer Break? For centuries kids have had most of the summer off. That time in between school some call heaven. For people that don’t know what heaven is its twelve weeks of break from school. During that time, kids can have fun, make memories with their families, and relax from loads of homework. Without that break between kids won’t be themselves. They won’t have time to make memories with their families,…

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  • Essay About Learning Loss

    Summer Learning Loss School serves a variety of purposes in society, from providing the foundation for students to gain critical knowledge that they will need before they enter the real world to creating a place for students to interact and learn how to build relationships with one another. The very foundation of the human race’s dominance or superiority over all other species in life is the intellectual knowledge we have obtained over a period of time. With that in mind it is very important…

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  • Uc Davis Spring Break In College

    Yet, I am writing to point out problems with the quarter system. Similarl to many aggies, in my first college year, I had a hard time adapting to the university life because of the quarter system. To succeed in university, every UC student must spend a lot of time adapting this depressive and painful system. However, after acclimating this schedule, students still need to bear massive stress and many inconveniences that are brought by quarter system and may influence their moods and health…

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  • Rfpr Case

    Our new client, the hotel’s owner, was waiting for us as we walked into the lobby for the first time. He appeared tired and frustrated. He said, “Please help me get back my successful hotel.” His 235 unit, full service hotel had had its economic rug pulled out from underneath. This two story property was built on a site selected for its proximity to a large GM manufacturing plant. As a result, our client had enjoyed two decades of profitable RevPAR. Each week a small army of suppliers,…

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  • Fall Experience

    diversity in the environment plus the perfect weather accompanying this amazing time of the year. I was eight years old when I first traveled to the United States. It was on the winter of the 2000. My parents decided to come on winter, so that my sisters and I could have the opportunity to see the snow. The moment when I met the snow for the very first time; was kind of shocking. I spent the first eight years of my life watching it on movies, but having no idea how it would feel like to touch…

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  • Summer Break Benefits

    they wait for the final bell to ring, the signal that announces the start of summer break…but it never comes. As “horrifying” as that sounds, that has been the norm for 10% of publicly-enrolled students, or about 3,000 schools residing in the United States according to the educational company, Niche on their statistical data about year-round schooling. This issue has been debated time after time and is widely loathed by many adolescents; most who have never experienced the benefits that emerge…

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  • How To Write A Life Changing Moment Essay

    During summer, teenagers and younger children seem to have a great time catching up with family, friends, or anyone who they have not communicated with as frequently due to the pressure and stress of the school year. With summer comes many life changing moments for teenagers as they approach another year in high school. While some of these life changing moments assist teenagers in becoming a more mature version of themselves, some life changing moments leave teenagers hanging, hopelessly waiting…

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  • 12 Month School Year Research Paper

    Ariana A 12 month school year! Are you one of those students that is lagging or failing in school. Well, a 12-month school year will help you get your grades up. The problem is that students are lagging behind in school, just because of summer vacation slide. ……. The solution is to get your child to go to a 12 month school. They still do the same activities as a 10 month school, it's just that there is no summer break.…

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  • Summer Budget Proposal

    According to Pahl and Richter (2007), threats are possible events or forces outside of the organization’s control that must be plan for or agree upon how to mitigate. One of the biggest threats that PCA faces is low enrollment during the summer months. It is unfortunate that in the general area, parents do not seek summer child care. Because summer months’ fees are usually higher based on summer activities, parents tend to find alternative child care which means that children will not be…

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