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    I had learnt the lesson that life is not a bed of roses. It is really full of dangers, difficulties and disappointments. To cut a long story short, I have been leading a free, vagrant life. I have been with old and young, rich and poor, men, women and children. I have been with doctors and cobblers, cycle-merchants and lawyers, students and company managers. It is impossible to recount all the adventures. I have had all the ups and downs. Now I am old and weak. Time was, when I was young, fresh

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  • Essay on Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

    ESSAY ON BEN FRANKLIN’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography is an inspiring tale of his personal, as well as public achievement throughout his life. Franklin’s life embodies the exemplary model of a life composed of discipline, self-reliance and self improvement. From his humble beginnings as an apprentice candle and soap maker in his father’s business to a successful business man, author, philosopher, civil activist, politician scientist, inventor, and diplomat, above all Benjamin

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  • Sociological Autobiography

    didn’t want to get into trouble and from then on stuck to focusing on making sandcastles. I quickly forgot about the trucks, and never again did I think to play with anything remotely like that. Little did I know it, but that was one of the first examples of gender roles that I had been exposed too. Growing up, my label of a female has given me both advantages and disadvantages. Having a younger brother has given me a clearer view of how parents and family members socialize the both of us to act male

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  • Irish Autobiographies Adapted for Film Essay

    began to be reaped around the early 1990s with Peter Sheridan's award winning My Left Foot taken to be the leading example. What is significant about the type of film that heralded this success and what forms of Ireland and Irishness did they represent to an international audience? The adaptation of Irish literature to film has produced many interesting results, yet autobiography in particular continues to demand a high level of both critical and popular attention. The direct adaptation of any

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  • Sexual Autobiography

    Sexual Autobiography Shaping my sexual behavior was generally influenced by my mom. I learned to be dependent on men and use safe sex through media. Gender sex roles also placed me to be secretive with my sex life and nurturing. My body image makes me insecure when it comes to intimacy. There were no specific sexual guidelines that my family made me follow. I was raised in a family where I was able to explore and have my own opinions about sexual situations. Not having guidelines or a path made

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  • Autobiography of Malcolm X Synopsis Essay

    An example of this is how he told us, “I carried a hardly noticeable little flat, blue-steel .25 automatic. But for working, I carried a .32, a .38 or a .45.” Malcolm wanted the world to know his story, 100% of it, from his love life, his thug life, his good times to his bad times, and that was what mostly made the autobiography special for me. Also, Malcolm had a persuasive, entertaining, strong yet easy to understand language that he used in his speeches which I believe helped him in gaining the

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  • Essay on Math Autobiography

    volunteered at the school for so many years that I was offered a part-time position as a teacher’s assistant last year. It was then that I decided to go back to school and follow my dreams of becoming a nurse. Not only for myself, but also to set an example for my children. I started my journey here at Ivy Tech last January, and I plan on continuing my education to become a Nurse Practitioner once I have earned my associate’s degree through this school. So far my favorite course has been Interpersonal

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  • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Essay

    Following Benjamin Franklins death April 17,1790, a year later, there was the publication of his autobiography and was entitled ‘’Memories De La Vie Privee” in paris, March 1791. Later on there was a translation of the same in the English version named ‘’The Private Life of the Late Benjamin Franklin” initially written by him (Franklin 58). Benjamin Franklin was successful in his attempt to self improvement because he put so much effort in his work and put less time to leisure because he

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  • Essay about The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    was mostly because he and his wife, Deborah Reed, loved one another. This was uncommon. At the time, marriage was not as focused on the love between two people as it is now. It was more of a contract. His relationship is briefly described in his autobiography. However, part two mainly focuses on his virtues, morals, and values. Franklin describes the importance of each of his virtues individually. He includes a “picture of a checklist he used to keep track of his progress to moral Perfection (Moss and

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  • Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face Essay

    to whom? Displeasing to whom? The words used to define ugly are in themselves subjective terms. Ugliness is a social comparative, although it has been instilled as a physical category. Grealy erases all physical markers of ugliness in her autobiography and institutes the second definition of image, which is "to describe in speech or writing." Grealy separates her face from her image: "And then I experienced a moment of the freedom I'd been practicing from behind my Halloween mask all those years

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  • An Autobiography as Defined On TwoMajor Theories of Development

    Example: Infant achieves gratification through oral activities such as feeding, thumb sucking, and babbling. 2. Anal Stage: (2 – 3) a psychosexual stage of development during which pleasure is focused on the anal zone. The process of elimination becomes the primarily focus of pleasure. Example: The child learns to respond to some demands of society (such as bowel and bladder control). 3. Phallic Stage: (4 – 6 years) Freud speculated that at this time we fantasize about sexual relations with our

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  • Autobiography Essay

    The article also went on to say that the corn fed or grain fed cows are equally in the same situation. They are fed antibiotics, but according to farmers they are closely monitored to not allow the cows to become sick. The article also goes on to say that researchers from California State University in Chico and the California Cooperative Extension Service completed a three decade study on grass fed vs. grain feed beef. What they discovered is that grass feed beef was better in saturated fat and

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  • Autobiography Essay

    I obtained an unsatisfactory result due to a Military coup on May 25, 1997. During the interregnum, I attended the Freetown Bible Training Centre for four months but my aim was to be self reliant I then became an apprentice to one Mr. Conteh a television repairer. Whilst with him, I reserved some money which I used to pay fees needed for entry the Government Technical Institute at Dockyard, Kissy Freetown in September, 1999. I was admitted to the Electrical and Electronics Department and I later

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  • Autobiography Essay

    Why not?” I applied with a company called Atrex, Inc. that actually mounted antennas in trees for a local cable provider called Wireless One. I managed to BS my way through the interview, and soon I was keeping up with the senior installers. It didn’t take long for my boss and I to become buddies, so naturally I moved through the ranks quickly. Over the next couple of years I learned the ropes in the cable TV business. I traveled around for most of ’96 and ’97 going where the work was. I tried to

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  • Essay on Examples of Examples


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  • Example

    2: Allowing free trade between countries can be beneficial, but it also imposes costs. Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to research the costs and benefits of allowing free trade. Discuss aspects of free trade that some may consider unfair. For example: a. Distribution of costs and benefits of free trade. In other words, does everyone share in the gains and the costs equally? b. Competing with different labor restrictions (or lack thereof), such as slave or child labor. c. Differences in environmental

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  • Example Essay example

    Honesty and Professionalism!” § slogan: “…We offer comfort in the city…” Support: Of course the best method to boost sales and attract more customers, the method, which can be run simultaneously, is offering discounts and gifts. For example you can offer free croissant to every sandwich meal or give free mint chewing gum after the meal. Discount on complex meals such as business lunch is good tactics too. Approach: What about how to tailor to different consumer tastes and

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  • Essay on The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    Within a few years he had established his own business. Several years later he started publishing a newspaper and was granted the honor of printing up the states currency. During this time he formed a book club, where a group of men would meet to discuss books. This eventually lead to organization of the first public library. Through the years, Benjamin Franklin created many things, including a new stove, to reduce the excessive smoke production caused by current models. His interest in science

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  • Autobiography of Black Hawk Essay

    This land was to become free for all whites and Indians were to move west of the Mississippi river. Black Hawk and many others became once again displeased with the American government whereupon they refused to leave; instead they formed a band of fellow Indian tribes to withstand settler movement. Black Hawk did not encounter much opposition until 1831 which brought about the beginning of the Black Hawk war. The governor of Illinois wanted to flee away Black Hawk and his followers so that white

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    In this example the topic of drugs has been narrowed down to illegal drugs and the detriment has been narrowed down to gang violence. This is a much more manageable topic. We could narrow each debatable thesis from the previous examples in the following way: Narrowed debatable thesis 1: At least 25 percent of the federal budget should be spent on helping upgrade business to clean technologies, researching renewable energy sources, and planting more trees in order to control or eliminate pollution

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  • Autobiography of a Yogi: Summary Essay

    One very interesting discussions in this book is the one about the differences between a Yogi and a Swami. Also, even after reading this book, one can still be the same person as before but definitely, there will be lot of gyaan gained. One thing is assured that Reading the book will still maintain your sense of humour in tact. There is town here called MiddleSex and and an hour down the road there is another called Climax. :-) Am not sure if there was something at some distance before the first

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  • Autobiography of a Face Essays

    Yet, one feels deeply sad for her simply because she is a mother with five children, a job, and constant money problems. She was a victim of depression even before Lucy's illness, driving into the city five days a week for Lucy's chemotherapy and radiation treatments, watching her child suffer day after day. A strong sense of satisfaction came when Lucy describes the joy and delight she felt on the fourth day following her weekly chemo treatments. With all her suffering, Lucy was awakened to all

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  • Religious Autobiography Essay

    At Whispering Winds I connected with classmates I never spoke to or fixed relationships that were broken before. Here is where I felt the need of God, because I was going through a tough time with my grandma being dead and not wanting to talk about it. Though I had my parents for support I needed more and for the first time I had turned to God. Through my Grandma’s death I knew God was going to be in my life for the rest of my life, and also believe he led me to attend my junior retreat. During mass

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  • Philosophy Essay examples

    xxxvii); o know about the various forms of literary expression (spirituals, work songs, poems, sermons, slave narratives, autobiographies, short stories, novels, and plays) that capture the African American experience; o be able to distinguish between oral and written forms of African American literature; o become familiar with representative primary texts of African American literature; o be able to identify the distinctive elements of literary genres; o have an

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  • Essay on Autobiography About Myself

    I have attended inter school Cricket tournament, inter school extempore speech in English, and inter college Badminton tournament. I am a member of a social cultural organization. Now I am doing a job. The more day I am working the more I am learning about life. Religious I am a very religious minded person. My parents gave me a tutor to learn about the HOLY QURAN and SURAS in my childhood. I usually try my best to maintain my NAMAZ and ROJAS (fast). Try not to lie , and give honesty to

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  • Autobiography Essay for International College Application

    This is why I believe being an international student in the University of Hong Kong should not be hard for me. Moreover, having spending a year in an English speaking country and studying in a normal high school instead of a language institution, I had overcome the obstacles of learning in a non-native language. In fact, I did well academically in Charles O. Dickerson High School in the U.S.. Aside from academic success, I have also realized that I must work hard so that I can obtain the dream career

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  • Example essay

    is the ability to send a message to someone to ask them to call you later regarding something important. At the same time, it doesn't interrupt them with a phone call; It allows them to respond back to you when it is most convenient to them. An example of an opportunity where I found texting much more convenient than voice messaging is when my good friend got engaged and I was trying to reach one of my other friend’s to let her know, but she wasn’t picking up her phone. I realized that she was at

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  • Ben Franklin Autobiography Summary Essay

    Franklin’s lack of perfection is regularly displayed in his acquaintances such as the dealings of William Keith. Keith the governor was a very clever gentleman. Keith is proof that showed Franklin you cannot always take people at face value, but Franklin did not learn this lesson very well; because he continually entered into friendships and partnerships without real discernment. A young Ben Franklin really demonstrates his lack of ability to learn lessons quickly through his dealings with people

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  • Biography of George Cohan Essay examples

    starring actor. He was also selling original songs and sketches to other acts. In addition, he topped this all by managing the family's business affairs. He was now 20 years of age, and in complete control of the act. Isidore Witmark, in his autobiography, has pointed out that the young (and also mature) George Cohan was an opinionated, brash, cocky youngster with a very high opinion of his own gifts. In 1899, George married his first wife, Ethel Levey, a popular singing comedian. She became the

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  • Ebusiness Assignment Essay examples

    when business is done in person, for example in store buildings, stores and etc. However the word “clicks” relates to the clicking of a computer which means all the transactions are done via online. Example of brick and click companies would be a book store, which sells their products in stores which means you can buy your book in a store and as well as online, where you can purchase your books through internet and download them to your device, as for example: IPad or MacBook. The other type is

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  • Ethical Systems Essay examples

    With utilitarianism you want to have the best outcome for the largest group of people that you can. This is an example of the teleological system because the outcome is going to be natural and is going to benefit the greatest number of people. A really good example of utilitarianism is the placement of CFC on daily used household products. This allows people to know and understand that the product they are getting ready to use is going to slowly deplete the ozone layer. France made CFC propellants

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  • Carts of Calorado Essay examples

    C- Decision Carts of Colorado: Do not buy The example of vertical integration has not been a success for PepsiCo. Internal customers do not like to be told what to buy and most of all where to buy it. Moreover, the example of Pepsi with Burger King and Wendy might happen again as numerous competitors of PepsiCo are customers of COC. By being bought by PepsiCo, COC might lose its

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  • Compassion Essay examples

    In addition, by his example, we are inspired to be merciful and compassionate to one another. In the book, The Road, the story tells the tale of a boy and his father, traveling south to escape the hard winter that is falling in a world devastated by an unnamed apocalyptic event, most likely a nuclear war. Along their harsh and dangerous journey, they encounter other survivors, most are of the unsavory variety, be it cannibals, thieves or rapists. McCarthy uses his book to examine why it is that

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  • Chapter Questions Essay examples

    9. Explain the concepts of hazards and critical control points. Give at least three examples of each. - Contamination, such as cross-contamination from soiled cutting surface; torn packaging that permits insect infestation; working on food without washing hand; spilling cleaning chemicals on food. - Growth of bacteria and other pathogens due to conditions as inadequate refrigeration or storage, and holding hot foods below 140F (60C). - Survival of pathogens or the continued presence

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  • Myths of Aging Essay examples

    An example of ageism against the young would be being told that since you are young you are inexperienced, immature, uneducated. An example for the ageing would be being told that you old-fashioned, feeble, behind the times, not important. As we all know both of these examples couldn’t be further from the truth. The myth that chronological age is the most important determinant of someone’s age is everywhere in our society these days. All one has to do is turn on the TV or flip through a magazine

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  • Capital Punishment Essay example

    the cross, and is the primary symbol of Christianity. For many Christians, this is enough to condemn capital punishment. Those in favor of capital punishment most often build their views with a few verses in the New Testament. For example, in Romans 13:3-5, the apostle Paul appears to advocate the death penalty as an appropriate method to punish criminals: "For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Do you wish to have no fear of the authority? Then

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  • Municipal WiFi Essay examples

    withstanding harsh climatic conditions and a good example is the case where the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It was only the wireless mesh network that had not been destroyed. The other communication systems had been broken down, and this makes Wi-Fi highly reliable in carrying VoIP traffic and other important data (Russel 1). Free networks have their disadvantages, which brings up the question of whether or not Wi-Fi should be pursued. For example, operating and regulating the network can prove

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  • Swot Analysis Essay examples

    The SWOT analysis for individuals can be used while a ... Examples of a SWOT Analysis Examples of a SWOT Analysis. A SWOT analysis is a method used in business planning. It is a summary of the company's current situation. The strengths and weaknesses of a ... Purpose of SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used by business managers where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats a business faces are identified. The ... How Can SWOT Analysis Help You

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  • Rhetoric Neutrality Essay examples

    Using a the London Underground map as an example again, Keys are included for each tube line and so the user can easily look for the key that reads what they are looking for to then view it on the map. If these were written, it may prove to be difficult to read. The structure of displaying information is also a visual rhetorical device, such as diagrams, pie charts, and tables. The graphic designer will again, have to think of the best arrangement of organising information in a way that the viewer

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  • Research Essay examples

    most evident feature is how a loss creates a greater feeling of pain compared to the joy created by an equivalent gain. For example, the absolute joy felt in finding $50 is a lot less than the absolute pain caused by losing $50.  Consequently, when multiple gain/loss events happen, each event is valued separately and then combined to create a cumulative feeling. For example, according to the value

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  • Psychoanalytic Personality Essay example

    defense mechanisms are repression, denial, and rationalization. The word repression is the ability to relegate painful memories to the unconscious. An example of regression is a daughter witnessing her father committing murder over 21 years ago. Denial is another defense mechanism that is the refusal to accept reality to a painful event. An example of denial is a drug addict saying that they are not using. The final defense mechanism is rationalization is that a student playing games on Facebook instead

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  • Informative Essay example

    3. Write a 100-word paragraph for each element that describes: * how you used the element in your speech to connect with the audience, * why you believe it was effective, * be sure to cite in your paragraph specific examples you heard and saw while watching the video to support your opinion of the element’s effectiveness. 4. Select two content elements AND two delivery elements listed above that, in your opinion, were least effective in connecting with your audience and creating

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  • Sociology Essay example

    at what functions crime serves for society as a whole and ignores how it might affect different groups or individuals with in society. Crime doesn’t always promote solidarity; it may have the opposite effect leading to people becoming isolated for example men may force women to stay indoors for fear of attack. Merton’s theory of anomie argues that people engage in deviant behaviour when they are unable to achieve socially approved goals by legitimate means. Merton adapted Durkheim’s concept of anomie

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  • International Finance Essay examples

    All rights reserved. 7-4 Daily Resettlement: An Example  Suppose you want to speculate on a rise in the $/¥ exchange rate (specifically you think that the dollar will appreciate). U.S. $ equivalent Wed Tue 0.007142857 0.007194245 0.006993007 0.007042254 0.006666667 0.006711409 0.00625 0.006289308 Currency per U.S. $ Wed Tue 140 139 143 142 150 149 160 159 Japan (yen) 1-month forward 3-months forward 6-months forward Currently $1 = ¥140. The 3-month forward price is $1=¥150. 7-5

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  • Essay on Examples of Book Review

    Also, watch for an example of book review comments for my first mystery/suspense novel, River Bones, which should be released about March 2008. ________________________________________ The Ka A paranormal Egyptian fantasy Egyptian magic interpreted from hieroglyphs by a modern-day archaeological team activates ancient spells and rituals that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. _______________ The following is an example of book review brevity, but it says everything the reader wished

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  • Legalization of marijuana Essay examples

    than alcohol, and marijuana use has positive attributes, such as its medical value and use as a recreational drug with relatively mild side effects. The information the source provides should be consider credible because not only do they provide examples from history but statistics also. The source may be slightly bias but it is important to consider because personal opinions should matter when making the laws for our country. That’s why America is a democracy right? I will use this information is

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  • Bond Valuation Essay example

    at a price above its par value; required rate of return (rd) coupon rate (rk); it is called a premium bond. Valuation of bonds on the date of their issue =valuation of bonds at the beginning of an interest payment dates Bonds with annual coupons Example: (Tool Kit 4 Chapter) A bond has a 15-year maturity, a 10% annual coupon and a $ 1,000 par value. The required rate of return or the yield to maturity on the bond is 10%, given its risk, maturity, liquidity and other rates in the economy. What is

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  • Christians and the Environment Essay example

    God stated that all was going to happen, but we have the choice to change what happens or improve what happens. We have become dependent on the environment and when it is all taken away from us we do not know where to turn. For example, we can start growing our crops, which is why God made rain to help grow grass, plants and trees. If we start using our natural resources then the environment will be as God created it to be. As Christians we can help the environment in so many ways. We have

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  • Anaylsis Essay examples

    constantly smoking and seems to be tempting towards Vincent. Her make-up shows that she hides her true motives, so it is very hard to trust her. The lighting in most of these scenes was shot in low-key lighting, which is another aspect of noir style. One example of this is at the restaurant. For a public place, it is very dimly place. Also, the scene where the boss’s wife overdoses on Vincent’s drugs, he takes her to his drug dealer’s house, which also dimly lit. However, since Tarantino is utilizing other

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  • Freshwater Mussels Essay examples

    It is inevitable that mollusks are going to be exposed to water born chemicals. Once exposed uptake is very rapid and very easy. Most of the chemical pollutants in the San Francisco Bay, for example, are organochlorine insecticides otherwise known as chlorinated hydrocarbons (West Coast Mollusc 1988). Examples of these compounds include benzene hexachloride, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, and toxaphene. There are other unnoticeable pollutants that are found in commercial plastics such as Phthalate esters

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