Example Of Sociological Autobiography

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Sociological Autobiography It all began with my birth, on June 1st, 1988. I was born from my mothers womb into the world and immediately I was labeled, placed into a category. The medical staff in the labor room pointed to my genitals; and pronounced my sex, the biological distinction that confirmed me being a male. Then all of my family, a social institution found in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another. Where ecstatic of my gender, being a personal trait and social position that members of society will treat me as a male. The socialization, a lifelong social experience by which I will develop human potential and learn culture will be one of a boy. First, The Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget developed …show more content…
It was during this stage that I understood how I wanted to be portrayed in the corporate world. It was with interactions of co-workers that i developed my self image. The social experience that I have encountered at work some bad some good would lead me to understand exchange of social experiences. The second part of Mead’s theory would be the looking glass of self, it means a self-image based on how we think other see us. At my work I want to be identified with being dedicated and dependable in my field of logistics. The third stage of Mead’s theory would be (the I and the Me) Mead called the subjective side of the self the “I” that is how I see myself in an environment. I strive to be seen as an dedicated and inspirational individual at work. The other part of the self works as an object, the way we imagine others see us. The interaction and feedback that I get from my manager would be a mirror image of what I portray myself to be. The final stage of Mead’s theory would be development of the self. The development of self in the workplace would be taking the role of others when they are absent being able to multi-task and also accomplish their jobs. It’s through the different roles that I obtain, that I was able to shape my own socialization in the

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