Let's Pretend This Never Happened Analysis

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1) I have never chosen to read a nonfiction book on my own time because when I think nonfiction I oftentimes think of something boring and dry. The ones I have read have been strictly informational and in general very uninteresting. However, I am excited to read a biography as as of late there have been quite a few I have wanted to read and I think I will find them more interesting than what I traditionally associate with nonfiction books.
2) I am reading the memoir Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. I think a memoir can be desireable as it is a direct reflection of someone's experience which can be more relatable and raw rather than someone simply listening off facts and details. I think from reading a memoir one can learn
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They were the parts that made me ME.” I think this quote is important because it extenuates the importance of accepting yourself for who you are despite the flaws you might have as those are what give you character. I think this is an important reminder for anyone as often times we get lost in what everyone else thinks instead of focusing on what that makes us become. “That night I looked up at those same stars, but I didn't want any of those things. I didn't want Egypt, or France, or far-flung destinations. I just wanted to go back to my life from my childhood, just to visit it, and touch it, and to convince myself that yes, it had been real.” This is my favorite quote in the book as it is just really powerful. I think a lot of times people overlook how special and important the small things are and when you grow up you begin to wish you would have appreciated those things more. “A friend is someone who knows where all your bodies are buried. Because they're the ones who helped you put them there. And sometimes, if you're really lucky, they help you dig them back up.” I like this quote because I think it embodies Lawson's view of life in the sarcastic, funny but also true

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