Teen Pregnancy Definition

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As a teen, becoming pregnant is the last thing thought about. When teens do not take the proper precautions, this can cause a human being to be conceived. When people are together and do not use protection pregnancy will most likely occur. Young adolescents don’t think of the consequences in the heat of the moment. At 17, a young man becomes a father after over counter pregnancy test and Dr. Office appointments. It is real there is a baby.
Nobody knows or really thinks about how serious becoming a teen parent really is until it’s too late.
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One third of children being born by teen mothers never even see their father. (Teen facts chapter 5 pg.37). Children being born without a father tend to have more problems dealing with violence, stress, and abuse. A lot of parents don’t live with each other due to having Gov. Assistance. If she is a single mother she will be able to receive welfare or any other Gov. Assistance. After a young father has a child, he usually has another but most of the times it’s not by the same mother of his 1st child. (Roca, 2013) RACE AND RELIGION
Race has an influence of pregnancy rates. Pregnancy rates among African American teens traditionally are higher than those of whites. (Boehlke, 2013). Statistic’s prove that Hispanics have the highest birth rate among teens followed by African Americans. 15-19 years of age Hispanic females had the highest birth rate. (46.3 births per 1000 females). I believe African Americans and Hispanics have more teen pregnancies than whites because they don’t have access to things they need and also don’t have the funds to get what is needed.
Religion beliefs has an influence on teen pregnancy. U.S. states whose residents have more conservative religious beliefs teens to have higher rates of teens giving birth. Religious families are more against the contraception among their teenagers than they in discoursing sexual intercourse
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