Teen Pregnancy Argumentative Essay

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Imagine having to wake up for school every morning and having to worry about yourself your having to worry about where your child will be going while your at school. Many teens are now getting pregnant before they even graduate. I know you may think it is fine but it is not teens aren 't ready for children. Being a teen mom messes with the finances and sometimes the decisions they make while pregnant aren 't too swell. Teen pregnancy has a great impact on the economy and their life style, and they should really think about having a baby or even having sex before they are ready for the consequences that go along with it. Statistics for a teenage pregnancy is outrageous. Most of the teen moms are less likely to graduate, most likely to rely …show more content…
I’m sure there are many more but these are the most common and main ones. Premature labor is when your labor starts before your 37th week of pregnancy. Ways to tell if you are going into labor is one contractions when you have four or more in one hour, pressure or pain on your back, cramps like as if your on your period, and pressure on your pelvis as if the baby is pushing out (Pregnancy). Premature labor is never really a good thing. It could mean that soothing is wrong with your baby, like it not getting its right nourishment or that it just can’t stay in there any longer because of illness or other things. You might need to have go into labor early if there is a discharge that is any different from your usual discharge especially if its watery or bloody. You could also go into labor early if the movements of the baby have decreased like if you have felt less than 10 movements in a 12-hour period (Pregnancy). There is so much that could go wrong for you to be going into labor. Symptoms for preclampsia would be high blood pressure, pain in you lower belly, quick weight gain, headaches, and not having much urine when you use the restroom. Preclampsia is most common in teen parents (Pregnancy). These symptoms are similar to premature labor so if you are wondering whats going on just go see your doctor or maybe even ask your parents to help out. Try not to be around smoke as …show more content…
Being a pregnant teen is hard to know when your pregnant so you just need to stay away from alcohol and drugs or just be careful with them. Their have been more than half of the pregnant teens have reported using alcohol or drugs (Characteristics). Drugs and alcohol are bad for you anyways so it would be just best if you stayed away from it all. I think if you are sexually active you need to make sure every so often that you aren’t pregnant so that way you know if you could use alcohol or drugs you know if you even do either one. If you drink while pregnant it could lead to fetal alcohol syndrome and that could lead to retardation or face deformities. Alcohol could cause low birth weight or a delayed growth. Drugs could cause the baby to be addicted to that drug you used while pregnant or it could cause brain damage or maybe even a miscarriage (Our). A lot of things could be bad for the child but these are the main two and you see what they can do your baby if you use them. I would think twice about using either one of these while pregnant just make sure your child comes out healthy. With teen pregnancy having a great impact on the economy and what their life is like, they need to really think about getting pregnant before you are ready. So with that being said I suggest for you if you are a teen is that you really need watch what you do and try not to get pregnant unless you are wanting a

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