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  • Qualitative Interview Essay

    METHODOLOGY: This study is based on qualitative interviews of my friends and family, that included both my parents and a 19-year-old White American, originally from New Jersey- who currently studies at Emory University with me. My parents, on the other hand, were raised in India, both in two major metropolitan cities of Mumbai (mother’s place of birth) and Bangalore (father’s place of birth). The first step in my study involved me gathering data on the family lives of my three respondents and myself. The data I gathered was over a time frame of a day. Whereas, my respondents that I chose purposefully were long familiar to me. My familiarity with them gave me a good understanding of their family backgrounds and didn’t prohibit them from…

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  • Fidm Research Paper

    My mother would often tell the story of when I was learning to ride my bike. I would fall down, get up and do it over again. I was determined to ride my bike home. I did. My mother would tell me this story every time I called her after I had fallen in one way or another. My mother passed away last year and although I still fall trying to pursue my dreams, I hear her words pushing me forward. Upon attending Fidm I plan to utilizing all of the colleges resources to refine and broaden my…

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  • Joann's Fudge Short Story

    that they have been waiting for for what seemed like hours. Me and my huge family, Mom, Dad, me, Ellee, Casey, and Nora, of six were at Mackinaw City for a fun vacation so we were visiting Mackinac Island. “Let’s try Joann’s Fudge!” I demanded a little rudely. “Pleeaasse?” I add sweetly. “Sure.” Mom replied. “Yes!”…

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  • Benefits Of Code Switching

    definition of code-switching, I thought to myself and said I cannot deny that at all. Code-switching is the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation. Since finding out more about this topic, I have examined myself as I used it. There are plenty of ways that it can be utilized. Code-switching is associated with social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. It may be used by the following: iMessage, FaceTime, Skype, and…

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  • Morph Syntactic Analysis In English

    phonetics. The double R’s in very are an example of the stress placed on the word. The word cluster of tobe (to be) were repeating throughout the writing sample. The general area of punctuation was limited in this…

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  • Moving To Hawaii-Personal Narrative

    hardest decision that changed my life and that was the day I moved to the mainland from Hawaii. I’ve hesitated to do so but something was telling me to do it to better my life. I kept telling myself, “Volmer!, it’s too risky, but you have to trust your instinct and go”. Being away from my family is very hard but if I didn’t make these decisions, than I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. Do I have any regrets? My answer would be no. I know one regret that I have is moving away from my…

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  • Pediatric Endocrinologist

    disorders, diabetes, obesity, etc. I chose this career because my aunt is a To begin with, some strengths that make a person best for the job are having a good-natured personality, being able to accept delayed satisfaction, enjoy interacting and directing care for people, tolerating the faults of others, being comfortable around children, accepting schedule disruptions, and enjoy teaching people. There are certain skills and talents that would make me fit for the job, because I enjoy teaching…

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  • Michelle Agins Analysis

    November 9th 2016 was a mournful day for the majority of the people that I know, including myself. I believe that Michelle Agins analysis may have been accurate only in alignment with the sample that she has chosen. When first listening to this article I was astonished at the fact that those who “persevere” as opposed to the “coddled” were less affected. Her article may have said one thing but the looks of my Facebook account, and the depressing look I watched in my morning commute to work said…

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  • Three Track Phenomenon Analysis

    Three Track Phenomenon While thinking of the term “literary mixtape,” a mental list is developed of all the possible examples used to define the term. My mind travels to Brown Sugar when Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs first fell in love with hip-hop. I also think of the soul songs infused in the speeches of President Barack Obama. Maya Angelou’s mixtape is composed of her numerous speeches, poems and books, which moved the nations. Theopilus London once said, “Mixtapes are very personal, and they…

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  • Why Be An Honorable Citizen

    Why is it important to be Honorable Citizen? Can I offer you a perfect solution for the problem of country's economy and problems? Can I provide to a perfect country where everyone has perfect living conditions? No and no. To create a perfect country we would need to be perfect and unite. There are many people out there who needs clothes, are homeless and striving with hunger. They didn't choose to be that. The living conditions and the family history tends them to be that. We have so much…

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