Morph Syntactic Analysis In English

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Morph syntactic Analysis:
12th Grade Male from Mexico #2

Introduction This Morph Syntactic Analysis project allowed me to explore the word formation of an ESL student. The student I examined was a twentieth grade male from Mexico. The Spanish aspects of his prior knowledge may have affected his English composition. The analysis features morphology and syntax areas of language. Noun phrases, corpus, verb phrases, verb tense, sentence composition, orthography, and other parts of speech were areas of concentration during this process.

Assessment Procedure

I began this process by reading his composition without any pretext. Next I printed the selection and counted the precise amount of words he wrote. As I identified the multiple aspects
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The sentence composition was limited to an average of 8.476 words per sentence. The sentence structure in sentences 10-21 were more difficult to decipher. The basis ideas he was trying to convey were lost, due to the lack of standard sentence structure. There were recurring spelling errors. The main two spelling errors were very (very) and santaclos (Santa Claus). It appeared to me that these spelling were based on phonetics. The double R’s in very are an example of the stress placed on the word. The word cluster of tobe (to be) were repeating throughout the writing sample. The general area of punctuation was limited in this …show more content…
Register refers to field, tenor, and mode (Freeman &Freeman, 2014.) In this particular writing selection, the content seems to be divided into three separate registers. The first section, sentences 1-9, could be defined as a narrative. The information in this section is personal and family related. The second section, sentences, 10-13, could be related to a diary entry. It is personal and speaks of wishes for the future. The last section, sentences 14-21, exhibit an academic air. The terminology and subject matter lends itself to an academic setting.

Instructional Recommendations
Based on what you have described so far, you will now provide instructional recommendations for working with this specific EL and with all ELs for improving the grammaring of the morphosyntactic structures that you have identified in these writing samples. For many students, this will probably be the most extensive part of their paper.

This activity challenged me to grasp my previous knowledge and develop a skillset of understanding and application of morphology and syntax. I have more knowledge and ability to analyze my ELLs writing ability. This analyzation of writing will benefit the students current level and their level of progress as they develop as an English speaker. As challenging as this activity was for me, I feel that I have a more comprehensive knowledge of analyzing writing

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