Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention In the United States of America there are about 820,000 teen pregnancies a year. I believe that this problem can be prevented by abstinence and responsibility. Teen pregnancy is when a female under the age of 20 becomes pregnant. There can be many dangers and problems to a teen pregnancy. Although over fifty percent of teens are sexually active there are many preventives to causing pregnancy. Personally I disagree with teen pregnancy, but there are some people who do agree. I disagree with it because it is unsafe and can have bad effects on the teen mother. Some people agree with it because they believe that it is not harmful, and that it has no bad effects on the teen mother. There are also many preventives for teen pregnancy. I disagree with teen pregnancy knowing that it can be very dangerous to the mom and baby. Teen pregnancy is very common to many teens in America. When a young person becomes pregnant it is a danger because if you are too young your body may not be ready to carry a baby. It is especially dangerous to teens that do not have the support from their parents and may have no way of going to the doctor for monthly checkups. When you become pregnant it is important to go to the doctors …show more content…
The reason that they think it is fine is because, they compare it to back then when there was not any proper technology to check up on the pregnancy, and that most of those babies came out healthy and fine. There are also a lot of clinics and programs that are willing to help out teens who are going to be mothers. These programs help them get through and also can help pay for their needs. They also believe that teen pregnancy is no different than pregnancy at a more acceptable age. Any pregnancy can go wrong no matter what age you are, and any baby can come out premature. Teen pregnancy can be safe at times , but no matter what any pregnancy can cause

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