Preventing Teen Pregnancy

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In the last twenty years, health professionals have worked to help prevent teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is a major issue. Most teens do not realize all the responsibilities they would have if they became teen parents. Because teens do not think about pregnancy, they are more likely to have unprotected sex. In this experiment, teens were given a doll to take care of so they could understand the responsibilities of parenting. Researchers hoped this experiment could be used in the future with all teens to help prevent teen pregnancies.
The U.S has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates, which has caused health professionals to work harder to prevent pregnancy in teens (Price & Robinson, 2000). Research has found that sex education
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Before they were given the dolls, they were given written and verbal instructions on how to take care of the baby. The dolls weighed seven to eight pounds and were twenty inches long. There was a computer chip in the dolls that controlled when the baby cried and recorded how well the teen took care of the baby. The dolls had three different levels of difficulty, easy, normal, and cranky. Easy babies slept most of the time, normal babies slept part of the time, and cranky babies hardly slept. I am curious as to what the dolls were set to for this experiment because the article does not say. When I had to take care of a baby doll, you did not know what setting you were going to get. Our dolls were set to cry at random times and some cried more than others. The dolls would cry for different reasons such as if they were put in any position other than on its back or seat upright. They would also cry without stopping for thirty seconds if it was handled roughly. In class, our teacher made everyone rough handle their baby so we would know what would happen. It is a very stressful time because the baby does not stop crying. It would cry if it needed care like feeding or comforting. The doll recorded how many rough handles there was and the total amount of crying

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