The Importance Of Teenage Knowledge

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The program that we will be launching will be called Teenage Knowledge, and is set to be launched in Inner City Chicago, on June 25th, 2016. We have many high expectations for this program and we hope that with this in place in one of the lowest income areas of Chicago that this will drastically reduce the ever so high rate of teenage pregnancy. Unwanted teenage pregnancy is an epidemic that has always been an issue in the world, but in the last ten years, has begun to run rampant in low-income areas. Our target population in teenaged males and females aged between 13-18. Teenagers at this stage of life are in their adolescent developmental stage, and there are heaps of changes, social, emotional and cognitive, that their bodies and minds …show more content…
“…found that as young people reach puberty, they are not only adapting to new biological, physiological and social roles, they are also doing so with a lack of information, knowledge and support. Positive sex education means avoiding blaming or shaming adolescents about their sexual feelings and responses; it also means avoiding delivering messages that sex is not enjoyable.” (Giami, 2006). The city of Chicago has many great schools, but one aspect of teaching and learning that we are lacking is positive and enforceable sex education. With the lack of education on the sex education front and also the lack of sex education from educated adults, children are going out and learning about sex in the worst possible way, with experimentation. With this being the case, teenagers are not making the right decisions about how they should handle themselves when they do not have someone watching over their shoulders. Adolescents are not educated on contraceptives or other forms of safe sex or birth control, which results in unwanted teenage pregnancy. Another issue is that most teenagers are not given the opportunity to go to the doctor to get birth control, which would also reduce the risk of

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